We're not a bank,
just a way better way to grow your funds.

Large corporations turn their money into more money.
Isn't it time for your business to do the same?


We're not a bank,
just a way better way to grow your funds.

Large corporations turn their money into more money.

Isn't it time for your business to do the same?


Up to 3.00% APY on your not-so-idle funds

Do more than just save, like you would with a typical savings account

Professionally managed by our team of experts

We hail from Coinbase, Deutsche Bank, and Fortress – to name a few

Easy to use, with no hidden fees or lockups

Funds are liquid and take less than 10 days to withdraw


Our approach to higher yields


A partnership-focused investment approach

We partner with financial institutions that specialize in short-term, US Dollar-denominated loans.

Our involvement eliminates any need for you to deal with an independent due diligence process.


Our active management approach

We're actively managing our relationships with our financial partners, while always exploring new investment opportunities with meaningful risk-adjusted yields.

This allows us to allocate your funds dynamically based on market conditions.


Higher returns on your hard-earned funds

Put your dollars to work immediately and begin accruing interest upon receipt.

Your investment details are accessible via your dashboard and funds can be withdrawn when you need them.

No hidden fees or lockups.

Our expert financial investment team

We've combined the capabilities of Fortune 500 finance companies and premier investment banks to bring meaningful returns to the startup and small business community. 

With decades of financial experience at Coinbase, Climb, Fortress, and Deutsche Bank, our team has the know-how to strategically and responsibly manage your investment.  

We're not a bank, but you can bank on us to handle your company's hard-earned funds.

The reviews
(and the returns) are in.

Ansel Parikh Headshot
Ansel Parikh
Co-founder, Finch
"Our lifetime yield on millions of dollars was only $3,045.17.
Putting in just 17% of our assets with MainStreet Yield, we earn double that amount in the first month. It's shocking how much we were leaving on the table."
Christopher Gonzalez - Headshot
Christopher Gonzalez
Head of Finance,
"So many companies earn almost next to nothing on their deposits, and the only treasury management solutions widely available have so much red tape around deposit limits, management fees, and withdrawal fees.

MainStreet Yield is simple, there's no red-tape or fees, and the yield is above-market — it's incredible."

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