14 Appalling Pet Stories

  • Pet horror stories

    We asked for your pet horror stories. Here they are, plus some other tales of pet ownership woe we found across the Web. Try not to let this dissuade you from owning a pet, as it can be a rewarding (albeit often expensive) experience and a positive experiment in personal responsibility. But remember, when you find yourself at your wit’s end, shattered by grief, or completely broke, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Photo Credit: Ivan Mlinaric
    Hungry hamster
  • Hungry hamster

    Melissa was 13 when she received her “cute cuddly little hamster” from the local pet store. Thinking ahead, Melissa bought the hamster a virile mate as well, to keep it from getting lonely. Flash ahead a month or two: “I saw that Lisa had some movement under her. Aww, babies, how precious! The cubs grew quickly and less than a couple months later, there was a new batch of babies! I was so excited and started adding on rooms with the tubes leading to additional cages. One day as my best friend and I were eating our popsicles in my room, I moved aside some saw dust to show her the cubs, making sure not to touch them. To our horror, Lisa ate her little cub! We were so disgusted. From then on, she never kept one of her cubs alive.” Gross. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Thunderstorm terrors
  • Thunderstorm terrors

    From Brenda: “We had a tree fall through our roof during a thunderstorm over a year ago. Our Boxer, Bella was so traumatized by this event that every storm thereafter she had severe anxiety. She has clawed through dry wall in our house trying to escape one room to another during a storm. When a storm lasted for an hour or more the stress would cause her to have seizures.” Poor little Bella. She needs a sound-proof room. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Expensive cat
  • Expensive cat

    From Mara: “We had our house on the market ($300k home), when we decided to leave town for a mini vacation. Harry, our cat, has a history of peeing on your personal belongings if he is mad at you. You know like, find YOUR jacket, pillow, clothing, etc. to pee on! So, we closed all of the doors on the upstairs living areas before we left. And (!) to make sure he was happy, we had someone coming to check in on him everyday. One day before we returned, we had a showing. Harry was unhappy about a showing the day before so he decided to use the downstairs bedroom as a litter box. The folks that came for the showing ended up buying our house, but it cost me about $20k because the house smelled so bad the buyers thought the would NEVER get the smell out. Needless to say, he was a very naughty kitty! But we love him anyway. He is BY FAR the most expensive cat I have ever owned.” Mara, you should have called their bluff and told them a cat-lover was coming to look at the place the following day and was expected to make an offer. Play hardball. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Monkey business
  • Monkey business

    One popular blogger explains that owning a pet monkey could be “awesome.” But a reader swiftly reminded him that monkeys are not meant to be pets. “Just last week a little boy here was bitten to the bone and seriously injured by his family's ‘pet’ lemur,” the grave commenter posted. So if you want a lemur or other monkey type creature, maybe you should settle for the Lemur Kingdom DVD box set instead. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Dog mauling
  • Dog mauling

    Newsday reported that “an 8-month-old boy was attacked and killed by the family's pet Doberman Pinscher" in 2008. The dog was apparently provoked when the baby “touched the dog’s paw.” Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Tenuous turtle health
  • Tenuous turtle health

    Michael Musto, Village Voice columnist, shared his (real or not) pet horror story with his readers: “My one and only pet was a turtle named Engelbert who elevated my childhood by giving it a greenish glow of quiet dignity. I tended to Engelbert--changing his water, sprinkling in his food--with a due diligence that was rewarded by his steadfast refusal to make a single sound of discomfort, or any sound at all, actually. Especially one day when I went to check on Engie and found that his shell had mysteriously softened into liquid and he had basically turned into turtle soup. Without any warning, the freak had croaked on me! I was devastated!” Always sad when a pet leaves us for the big terrarium in the sky. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Dog killers
  • Dog killers

    A teenage gang allegedly lured away a neighbor’s dog and basically tortured it: “The gang left poor Barney tied in the woods in near 90-degree heat for a day and a half. Wednesday morning, Donna discovered him dumped on her front porch, near death. Barney had Kerosene in his eyes, ears, and nose and was very dehydrated. Her veterinarian revived the dog, cleaned him up, and sent him home after two days on intravenous fluids, but Barney's survival was in doubt. Donna had a $500 vet bill, and Barney's $60 electronic fence collar was missing. Donna had called the police, but she told them that if Barney lived, she would not file a complaint.” The dog ended up dying shortly thereafter and the owner filed criminal and civil complaints. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Dog garbage disposal
  • Dog garbage disposal

    From Bobbi: “We had a Labrador Retriever puppy who not only ate the carpet at the top of our stairwell landing, but he also managed to eat photos that were on the refrigerator with a magnet - including a one of a kind black and white photo of my husband's father when he was younger.” Take him to obedience classes. Seriously. Can’t have your dog eating everything in the house—plus it’s not healthy for him, either. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Caused a divorce
  • Caused a divorce

    From Paloma: “I am a professional animal communicator. When I started learning animal communication, my then husband thought I was going crazy. I tried to explain to him that it is nothing unusal, but since he never really had an intense relationship with any animals (he grew up without any pets), he started to get concerned to the point he decided that either I quit doing animal communication or he was gone ... well, I have been doing animal communication for over 10 years now ... and the divorce was 9 years ago ... I never regretted the decision.” Alrighty then. Ace Ventura, pet detective, had trouble keeping his relationships going too, we hear. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Profoundly expensive rabbit
  • Profoundly expensive rabbit

    “My wife and I bought a pet rabbit in 1988. He died in 1998. We spent over $5,000.00 on vet bills and supplies. A rabbit. I cannot imagine a dog,” writes a Free Money Finance reader. $5,000 is enough to max out your Roth IRA for one year—but instead, you spent it on your beloved rodent. Let’s hope that came out of a rainy day fund, or Suze Orman may strangle you. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Food for thought
  • Food for thought

    A recent Ford Motor Company (Stock Quote: F) and Harris Interactive survey shows that more than half (56%) of American adults are more likely to give their dog the front seat than make them ride in the backseat. Which means if their spouse is also in the vehicle, chances are pretty good they are forced to take backseat to a dog. Plus, 19% of U.S. motorists have allowed the dog to ride on their lap. Not exactly the safest move, as a dog can get in the way of the steering wheel or distract you. Especially a big dog. We sure do love our animals. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Crazy Cremation Strategies
  • Crazy Cremation Strategies

    Getting your recently departed pet cremated isn’t a new idea but people are coming up with new and interesting ways to store their pets’ ashes. One guy designed an urn that actually looks like the animal in question. We found the patent and found one for sale for $355. Photo Credit: U.S. Patent Office, Charles J. Johansen et al
    Crazy Animal Breeding
  • Crazy Animal Breeding

    We reported on this some time ago, and it's not completely terrifying, but we thought it was worth noting that someone out there is breeding giant rabbits. There are also glowing fish, enormous cows and fainting goats (they’re less likely to run away because they pass out when they get excited). Farmer Frankenstein? Photo Credit: Jordan Grant
    Never Can Say Goodbye
  • Never Can Say Goodbye

    Finally, we find this pretty horrifying, though we know many of you think it's normal (even though it's not). if you absolutely refuse to let your dead pet go, you can have it stuffed and put into a position that you like. It’s pretty amazing what they can do with dead pets the days, but it ain’t exactly cheap. Xtreme Taxidermy in Romance, Ark., charges $500 for the first 10 pounds your pet weighs and then $49 for each additional pound. But we gotta say, their work is pretty impressive. Photo Credit: Beverly & Pack
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