Worst Tippers in America and Their Vile Notes

  • "I give God 10%, why do you get 18" (??)

    NEW YORK (MainStreet) — When Pastor Alois Bell replaced her tip with this self-satisfied note, she accidentally ended up giving voice to an entire generation. Across the Internet, service workers have responded to Bell's receipt with a revelation: for a surprising number of people, it's not enough to leave $0 for a tip. They have to leave nasty words to remember them by too. Somehow, for a few, the tip line has become an in-restaurant comment section, an opportunity for them to vent racist, homophobic or otherwise vulgar things without fear of repercussion. Here are a few of the remarkable, interesting or otherwise terrible notes that diners have decided to leave behind in place of a few bucks.
    The Would-Be Pundit
  • The Would-Be Pundit

    The text: Crystal, Your service was great. The reason for no tip – I am starting my own Redistribution Plan Like Obama – started 11/6/12 – I no Longer Tip or Donate to charity. I give the money to my church instead & wounded warriors. Thanks for Understanding P.S. Please Don't Be offended I will Redistribute my own money as I see fit! Take a minute to read it, because this receipt is the gift that just keeps on giving. I feel bad for Crystal. It's not just that she had to serve someone both rude and cheap (as we'll see those diners are all too common). Nor was it bad enough that this person couldn't understand the difference between proper and common nouns. No, the worst part of this receipt comes at the end, where our diner pleads with her talented waitress not to take offense at the rambling, semi-political, error-riddled tirade. Well, offense taken anonymous diner. Don't try to blame this on politics, religion or the Wounded Warriors. It's not economic redistribution to tip your waitress; it's common courtesy. And as far as charity goes, that $2.13 per hour waitresses make before tips leaves someone pretty damn poor.  
    March of the Atheists
  • March of the Atheists

    The text: I'm tired of people like you shoving religion down my throat by telling me to have a blessed day!!! It's the third exclamation point that makes it work. This tip comes to us courtesy of the opposite school of thought from Bell's original screed. This time we have a team of uptight atheists deciding to come down - and hard - on a waitress for telling them to have a blessed day. Is it really that terrible a way to wish someone a pleasant afternoon?   We all know that person who can be a little overbearing about his faith, but this waitress was being polite, even kind in her own way. There's nothing wrong with that. A note to this group who took at being cheapskates: if you don't want someone shoving their beliefs down your throat, start by not berating them with yours.
    Sometimes They Have it Coming
  • Sometimes They Have it Coming

    The text: Don't be ignorant. Not every story of tiptotalism leaves us rooting for the server. Sometimes the person has it coming. After all, tipping doesn't just reward good service; it also punishes bad. Give lousy service, and get a lousy tip. Or, in this case, be a crazy racist, get a lousy tip. This receipt came courtesy of an Asian Reddit user, whose waitress called him Jackie Chan when she thought he couldn't hear her. He could and left behind a small reminder about basic manners.
    Why Bother? She'll Only Spend It on Food
  • Why Bother? She'll Only Spend It on Food

    The text: Stop eating bitch. First, this receipt is a good opportunity to remember the all important lessons of Eats, Shoots & Leaves. Punctuation counts, since I doubt this writer meant to tell a waitress to stop eating bitches. Second, and let's be honest, when it comes to weight anyone who's eating at Applebee's is throwing stones inside a glass house. I don't dislike the place, but it's little more than fast food with a hostess stand. You're certainly not being health conscious by eating there, so taking shots at someone else for weight issues isn't just mean; it's hypocritical. It is also mean, though. What did this waitress's weight have to do with your meal, anonymous diner? Nothing. Maybe there's more to this story than we know, but unless she sat down and ate the food off your plate, there's no excuse for this kind of behavior. And even then...
    With Friends Like These
  • With Friends Like These

    The text: Your tip is Justice for Trevon [sic] Martin!!! We didn't get Justice so you gets [sic] no tip!! The worst part about political rants on a tip line is that they are 100% crap. This waiter had nothing to do with Trayvon Martin, and the diners didn't either. They didn't leave this note as a desperate cry for social justice; they did it as a chance to feel smug while pocketing a few extra dollars at the end of their meal. How do we know they're not bitter relatives spilling over their pain onto a cocktail napkin? For starters, I suspect an uncle would have spelled Trayvon correctly. I suspect he also wouldn't have used this family's tragedy to take a cheap shot at a waiter.
    How I Absolutely Didn't Meet Your Mother
  • How I Absolutely Didn't Meet Your Mother

    The text: Here's your tip 772 – 285 - **** - Travis Oh, Travis... First, speaking guy to guy, a general piece of advice: a girl who's interested will give you her number. If you have to give her yours instead, she's not going to call. If you have to leave your number unsolicited on some thermal paper at the table, she's not going to call and you might end up on a law enforcement watch list. Second, who is giving out the dating advice that led you to believe girls like a guy who is unbelievably cheap? I have no idea how much the meal cost, but Red Robin's not a famously expensive restaurant. My guess is that your tab was in the $20 to $30 range. Please take it from me: the young lady did not see this as creative or in any other way admirably attractive. She just saw it as a guy stiffing her four bucks on a tip. Let's all establish a general rule. Kate Upton can leave her phone number in place of a tip. For the rest of us, it's 15% or better.
    The Sympathy Card
  • The Sympathy Card

    The text: Single mom sorry Thank you it was great Honestly, if this entry were some Dickensian tale of poverty and woe, I might have some real sympathy for the anonymous diner. A single mom making the best of a $3 sandwich would deserve a break. By the time you can go out and spend $138 on dinner, however, the hard luck story is over. Tipping comes included with the price of the meal. If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford this restaurant. Don't try to use the kids as an excuse for being cheap or make up for it with a backhanded compliment down at the bottom. In fact, the final note simply adds insult to injury. It was great, just not great enough to part from a little extra money. Enjoy your studio apartment.
    Hoaxes, Hoaxes, Hoaxes
  • Hoaxes, Hoaxes, Hoaxes

    The text: I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life. On the other hand, some of the most famous stiffed-tip stories have turned out to be hoaxes. Most notably, New Jersey waitress Dayna Morales made the news recently when she posted a receipt from a couple who refused to tip on a $93.55 check. Instead of a gratuity, the customer left a message which Morales said alluded to her lifestyle as a lesbian. In response, the New Jersey waitress received an outpouring of support and over $2,000 from strangers visiting her restaurant to make up for the absent tip. Unfortunately, it turns out Morales may have made the whole thing up. The original couple evidently recognized their signature on the receipt all over the nightly news. They've come forward claiming that not only did they not leave a hateful message, but that they actually left a relatively generous $18. They also have the customer copy and a credit card bill for $111.55 to prove it. Like the infamous "Get a real job" and this racially incendiary note, it looks like Morales's claims may be worth little more than the paper they're printed on.
    Full Circle
  • Full Circle

    The text: I give God 0%, so you get 28% To leave us off on a kind of nice note, a few people have decided to push back against the wave of lousy tipping and hateful messages. It would be nice if this diner could have left off the religious backhand. After all, Christians in general absolutely don't deserve to get tarred with the same brush as Pastor Bell. Most of them are just as outraged as anyone else in fact. Still, there's a lot to be said for good intentions. Kudos to this diner for going above and beyond the call of duty. --Written for MainStreet by Eric Reed, a freelance journalist who writes frequently on the subjects of career and travel. You can read more of his work at his website www.wanderinglawyer.com.
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