The Worst Secret Santa Gifts Ever

  • Secret Santa Sadness

    Sadly, I’ve never gotten a really horrible, weird or inappropriate Secret Santa gift. The worst was probably un ugly plastic clock. So I’ve been lucky. However, one year a member of the MainStreet team got a rotisserie chicken from a supermarket ... gift wrapped. It got us thinking ... what are some of the worst Secret Santa gifts ever? So, we put the word out and folks hit us with some great stories. Enjoy. Photo Credit: dearbarbie
    The Bottle Cap Necklace
  • The Bottle Cap Necklace

    Allison from Virginia writes with a tale of arts and crafts gone horribly wrong. “My first year working at my current job we had a small team Christmas party with gift exchange. Being just out of college, I bought my person a Starbucks card and put in it a tiny makeup bag that I thought suited the person perfectly. My person brought me a necklace that his wife had made that was literally a soda bottle cap filled with hot glue and glitter and attached to a dog tag chain. It was the worst gift and something that might have been appropriate if I was in middle school.” Photo Credit: epic beer
    Rubber Bands & Paper Clips
  • Rubber Bands & Paper Clips

    Crystal from Houston got this super thoughtful gift: “I received a paper clip necklace and a rubber band stress ball that was handmade! Seriously? Using the company supply room for gifts? LOL! Guess they didn't like me much!” Photo Credit:
    Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em
  • Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em

    Liz from New York relays this story from a friend of hers: “A friend of mine participated in his office Secret Santa and gave a $25 gift certificate to Sephora. He received a pack a cigarettes and he doesn’t even smoke!!” Photo Credit: clurichaun
    Aussie Alcoholic Nerds
  • Aussie Alcoholic Nerds

    Teena, all the way from Sydney, Australia, shared this little gem. Good on ya’, girl! “I organize a regular monthly lunch for my webmaster friends I've met online... We've been meeting now for two years, and this was last Sunday — our Random Santa Xmas Brunch... Seven of us could make it, so we had to bring a gift that was $15 and suitable for a man or woman. Between the seven of us, this is what the gifts were: 3 USB flash drives, 3 bottles of wine and 1 USB keychain... I had to laugh — most of us got the a similar gift to the one we brought! It made me think we are all techie nerd alcoholics.  Hahahaha.” Photo Credit: dizfunk
    A Girdle
  • A Girdle

    Josephine from New York has a good one ... and she’s also clearly got tons of self-restraint: “I actually received a girdle once. Yes, I'm not kidding! I was working on Wall Street and a bunch of the guys got together and thought it would be really funny to watch me open this in front of the whole office. They're lucky I had a sense of humor and it helped that I was really thin.” We work on Wall St. Why are we not surprised? Photo Credit: x ray delta one
    The Profile Photo
  • The Profile Photo

    Karl, from New York, understandably was extremely let down by his this Secret Santa experience: “It was my first year working for the firm and being a new employee I only assumed that these kinds of activities were approached with a certain level of thought and creative planning. I spent quite a bit of time scouring stores and thinking of a creative gift for my colleague that fit within the insanely low budget, and was excited to see her reaction as she opened the carefully wrapped gift. When it was my turn to open my gift, I found a simple and small gift bag waiting for me.  You can imagine my surprise as I reached into the gift bag to find an autographed picture of my "secret snowflake" (a grainy folded printout of her MySpace profile picture). The shot is one of those extended arm self portraits in which she was sweating profusely and making a kissy face at the camera. Also inside was a lame, no-name, CD that seemed to be thrown in as an afterthought. Never one to be ungrateful for a gift, I promptly took the photo and tacked it up in my cubicle for all to admire.” Sadly, Karl has long since lost the photo, or else you’d be looking at it now. Photo Credit: StarMama
    The Mislabeled Mug
  • The Mislabeled Mug

    This one is from Kinsey in Vermont. “My best friend once received a mug that said, ‘Best Aunt Ever.’ Too bad she wasn't an aunt.” At least she wasn’t a he. Photo Credit: Tracy Hunter
    Ridiculous Regifting
  • Ridiculous Regifting

    Leslie from California has a pretty great one. Stay strong: “I worked at a PR agency for about six years before branching out to start my own firm. The entire time, I worked very closely with my boss — who last year selected me in the secret Santa drawing. It was a small agency of less than 15 women, and she knew me well — spoke with me daily, etc. So she knows that I am a “plus sized” woman. Very plus sized. That is why it was so ... um ... “amusing” — when she gifted me two size EXTRA SMALL tank tops and a fuzzy pink scarf. She is very petite herself, and it was obviously a re-gift. But come on… it became the embarrassing office joke of the year. Ouch!” Consider returning the favor this year and give her some of your stuff. It would be a classic office moment. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    The Hot Dog From Hell
  • The Hot Dog From Hell

    Mandy from Florida has got a real doosie. I think this one is my favorite: “At a Sunday school secret Santa I got a hot dog bun filled with cat food, topped with ketchup, and wrapped.  Really.” Simply amazing. Photo Credit: moohaha
  • Salty

    Michelle from Colorado, who may or may not be a lover of horses, sent in this one: “I got the funniest Secret Santa gift once. It was a horse lick. You know, a huge piece of salt that hangs in their stall for a horse to lick on. It was used and completely disgusting. I’ve never had a horse of my own, rode one once... but the gift was hilarious!” Be honest, Michelle. Did you taste it? Just a tiny little taste? Photo Credit: wlodi
    Creamed Corn
  • Creamed Corn

    Peter from Wisconsin was the giver of a particularly corny gift one year: “The worst secret Santa gift I have ever given was a can of creamed corn. I worked with a rather crazy group of co-workers so it made for a good laugh.” Creamed chipped beef would have been better. Photo Credit: TooFarNorth
    The Clip-On Tie
  • The Clip-On Tie

    Scott from New Jersey shares a nice story from yesteryear. “When I was in grade school all of my friends were getting cool things like Hot Wheels from their Secret Santas. When it came time to open my Secret Santa gift in front of the class, I did so with great anticipation and excitement until I unveiled my gift... just what every hot-blooded ten year old boy wants... a clip-on tie.  Huh???  It's been nearly forty years and I still haven't forgotten it.  All my friends felt so bad for me.  Now there's a gift that never got used!” This clearly scarred you, Scott. It’s time to let this one go. Put on the tie, wear it to work and reclaim your life! Photo Credit: mr. throk
      Wicked Cruel
  •   Wicked Cruel

    Last but not least is Sean from Massachusetts. I think it’s fair to say that this one takes the cake for most evil Secret Santa gift: “This is the saddest and worst secret Santa gift ever. In our office was the assistant to the head of human resources. She had a dark and gloomy interior office with no light… She had only one personal item in her office. It was a clock that didn't work. The time was stuck at 12:47. Not sure why she kept it, not sure why this was the only personal item that she brought into her office to enliven the interior. But there it was.  So I stole it. I wrapped it and gave it as a secret Santa gift. You should have seen her face when someone else received her only depressing item from her office. She lost her mind and ran to my office as I lay on the floor laughing uncontrollably… I tried friending her on Facebook, but she won't have me. Another friend gone :( “ Yeah, it’s a real shocker that she doesn’t want to be your friend. Why don’t you try keying her car and punching her mom in the face and see if she’ll be your friend then. Happy holidays, everyone. Be sure to check out our 15 shocking medical miracles for even more holiday cheer. Or see how these angry humans have destroyed their computers. Photo Credit: Getty Images
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