The Worst Anniversary Gifts

  • Searching for Meaning?

    Anniversary gifts can be tricky to shop for, so if you could use some tips on how to make a meaningful statement in celebration of a happy couple, it may help to know first what you shouldn’t buy. Good intentions might guide your buying decisions, but some gifts could be inadvertently insensitive or simply aren’t right for an anniversary. Photo Credit: Rennett Stowe
    Against the Grain
  • Against the Grain

    If the couple you’re shopping for is on the conservative side, you might want to steer clear of silly, brightly-colored and outrageous gifts and stick to the more traditional stuff like a bronze or bronze-colored gift for an eight-year anniversary or silver for a 25th anniversary. But if you’re bored by those basic guidelines, there’s a more modern list of gift themes for various anniversary years, including crystal for a three-year anniversary and watches to celebrate 15 years of wedded bliss. Photo Credit: Capture Queen
    Gift Cards
  • Gift Cards

    Gift cards, even for the couple’s favorite stores, probably aren’t a good idea if you want your gift to be thoughtful. They may make shopping for an anniversary easier, but not much shows a lack of thought more than gift cards and cash. Plus, some gift cards may still come with excessive fees, so the value of the card could go down if they’re held for a while. Photo Credit:
    Only a Gag Gift
  • Only a Gag Gift

    Gag gifts can be great for birthdays, but they may not be a good idea by themselves for an anniversary present. His and hers anti-aging creams tied together with a bow may make a funny statement, but you might want something more meaningful so that a joke isn’t all you have to offer. Photo Credit: Andres Rueda
    A Good Luck Token
  • A Good Luck Token

    Of course you wish your favorite happy couple good luck in their lives, but a good luck charm or token, like a horseshoe or four-leaf clover-themed gift could actually imply that the couple is going to need luck to stay together. Photo Credit: hillary h
    Spicing Up Your Love Life
  • Spicing Up Your Love Life

    Kama Sutra body products seem like a luxurious gift, with honey and cocoa flavors and scents, but even if you’re shopping for a couple of close friends or even your spouse, these gifts could easily send the wrong message. Kama Sutra products might suggest that the couple’s spark has gone out, and they may need help adding more fuel to their fire together. You don’t want to give a gift that might cause enough strife that it could end the marriage. Photo Credit:
    Hair Removal Tools
  • Hair Removal Tools

    One would hope that husbands know that anniversary gifts should be meaningful, even if they’re not quite useful. One husband thought a hair removal tool would be a nice anniversary present for his wife, according to The Romantic, a blog providing dating and romance advice. He was wrong. Maybe a new drill makes for a good Father’s Day gift, but even the most efficient, waterproof epilator with multiple attachments is likely not a good anniversary gift. Photo Credit:
    Household Appliances
  • Household Appliances

    As much as one or both spouses might love to cook, household appliances that require elbow grease might be a bad anniversary gift idea. While they’re fair game if they’re on a wedding registry for a couple who is just starting to build a life together, they may not be the most thoughtful when you’re shopping for an anniversary gift. Plus, if that couple was recently married, they already have enough toasters and bread makers from the wedding. Photo Credit: Jodiepedia
    Wedding Gifts
  • Wedding Gifts

    A number of anniversaries may be coming around in the next few months which also means wedding season is heading our way. If you're shopping for a wedding gift for a soon-to-be married pair, check out MainStreet's story, The Worst Wedding Gift Ideas. Photo Credit: sonictk
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