The World's Richest Politicians

  • The World’s Richest Politicians

    It's not easy being a billionaire politician. You're regularly suspected of buying your seat, or exploiting it to grow your own finances. And even when you try to do good, give to charity, or sell off your assets, you're made to feel bad because your net worth ranks you among the richest 1% in your country. But don’t feel too bad for the mega rich public servants on our list. They could live quite comfortably if they chose to leave politics, but they all currently hold their offices and clearly relish their controversy and status. So, who are the richest politicians in the world? We scoured Forbes' list of the world's billionaires, and found the ones who also happen to hold a public office. Click 'next' to see what we found. Photo Credit: neubie
    1. Michael Bloomberg - $18 billion
  • 1. Michael Bloomberg - $18 billion

    Currently serving his third consecutive term as Mayor of New York (after successfully campaigning to extend term limits), Bloomberg is the founder and controlling owner of Bloomberg L.P., a financial news and media company. He is the eighth richest American, the 23rd richest man in the world, and draws $1 a year for his work as mayor - the rest of his $195,000 yearly salary remains with the city. Photo Credit: shankbone
    2. Savitri Jindal - $12.2 billion
  • 2. Savitri Jindal - $12.2 billion

    An Indian Steel Baroness who served as Minister of Power until 2010, she is currently an elected member of the Legislative Assembly of Haryana, one of the wealthiest states in India. She became the richest woman in India and the world’s 44th wealthiest person after the death of her husband, Om Prakash, in a 2005 helicopter crash. She is the Chair of O.P. Jindal Group, a steel and power conglomerate founded by her late husband. Photo Credit: denharsh
    3. Silvio Berlusconi - $9 billion
  • 3. Silvio Berlusconi - $9 billion

    The Prime Minister of Italy is also the country’s longest serving and most controversial. He owns three of Italy’s television channels and the largest Italian publishing house. Berlusconi also has controlling interest in some of some of the biggest finance, banking, and insurance companies in Italy, in addition to the soccer team, A.C. Milan. Photo Credit: spiritolibero85
    4.Serge Dassault - $7.6 billion
  • 4.Serge Dassault - $7.6 billion

    Serge Dassault, 84, is a conservative French politician and heir to Groupe Dassault which, among other things, controls many important French newspapers and magazines, including Le Figaro and L’Express. In 1998, he was sentenced to two years probation for his involvement in the Agusta corruption scandal involving the purchase of helicopters for the Belgian Army.  He became a senator in 2004. Photo Credit: besoindair
    5. Suleiman Kerimov - $5.5 billion
  • 5. Suleiman Kerimov - $5.5 billion

    A member of the Federation Council of Russia, Kerimov sold off most of his Russian assets shortly before the global financial meltdown and purchased stakes in some banks that would suffer huge losses, including the now government-owned Royal Bank of Scotland. His net worth continues to be speculative since his current assets appear to have been financed by significant debts. Photo Credit: borisv
    6. Saad Hariri - $1.9 billion
  • 6. Saad Hariri - $1.9 billion

    Hariri is the current Prime Minister of Lebanon and son of Rafiq Hariri, the assassinated former Prime Minister. A graduate of the School of Business at Georgetown University, he inherited $4.1 billion after his father’s death and runs the family business, Saudi Oger, a mid-east telecom, construction, and real estate empire. Photo Credit: 46primeministergr
    7.  Andrei Molchanov - $1.8  billion
  • 7.  Andrei Molchanov - $1.8  billion

    Born in 1971, the construction magnate is a member the Leningrad Oblast Federation Council centered in St. Petersburg. His LSR Group, controls the majority of St. Petersburg’s construction and building materials production market. His company controversially demolished a fine 18th century barracks in St Petersburg, after it was quietly delisted by the city authorities, the upper house of parliament. Photo Credit: jimg944
    8. Kostyantin Zhevago - $1.2 billion
  • 8. Kostyantin Zhevago - $1.2 billion

    A member of Ukraine's parliament, the 36-year-old oligarch began his career as finance director of the bank Finance & Credit at 19. His financial holdings include stakes in mining, shipbuilding, car production, as well as a Ukrainian soccer team. Since 2008 his financial holdings have suffered from the global economic downturn but he remains the youngest billionaire in the Ukraine. Photo Credit: thisisbossi
    9. Sebastian Piñera - $1 billion
  • 9. Sebastian Piñera - $1 billion

    The right-leaning reigning president of Chile earned a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard and his business interests include the national television company, Chilevisión, LAN Airlines, and various Latin American business and utility conglomerates. He was reported to be worth $1 billion in 2009, but since becoming president-elect, Piñera has sold a number of his investments (including a big stake in Chile's main airline) and put a reported $400 million in a blind trust. Photo Credit: efrei
    10. Asif Ali Zardari - ????
  • 10. Asif Ali Zardari - ????

    The current President of Pakistan who came to power after the assassination of his wife, Benazir Bhutto, Zardari is said to be among the richest people in Pakistan with a fortune rumored to be between $1-$4 billion. He earned the nickname, “Mr. 10%," for his reputation of demanding kickbacks on government contracts. Recently, he disappointed and angered many when he traveled to Europe as monsoon flooding was devastating the northwest region of his country. Photo Credit: opendemocracy
    11.  Muammar al-Gaddafi - ?????
  • 11.  Muammar al-Gaddafi - ?????

    As the “supreme leader” of Libya since a coup in 1969, reliable information about his riches is not publicly available, but they are estimated at about $1 billion.  In 2009, he was elected and served for a year as chairman of the African Union. That year, he also ordered 250 limited edition Choppard Swiss watches in honor of his 40 years in office, worth over $6.6 million. Photo Credit: blatantnews
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