The World’s Priciest Toilets

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    The toilet you see to the left there may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but it’s actually a fairly common sight in Japan. The “Washlet,” a brand of bidet toilets put out by Japanese company Toto (not to be confused with the band of the same name), features a heated seat, built-in bidet with temperature control and a “self-cleaning wand.” But you don’t have to go east for this kind of bathroom experience — the company now sells these and other luxury toilets in the U.S., where this model retails for $880. But the Washlet — which may be test-squatted at select sushi restaurants in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta — is not the most expensive toilet available from Toto, and nowhere near the most expensive in the world. Here are five of the world’s priciest toilets. Photo Credit:
    Toto Intelligence Toilet
  • Toto Intelligence Toilet

    Price: $6,100 The Japanese are a health-conscious lot – surgical masks are a common sight during flu season – and now they’ve taken their preoccupation to the bathroom. The toilet subjects you to a battery of medical tests while you sit, from taking your blood pressure to calculating your body mass index and blood sugar. The test results are automatically downloaded to your home computer, which can then be e-mailed to your physician. Alas, it’s not available in the U.S. … yet. Photo Credit:
    Dagobert Wooden Toilet Throne
  • Dagobert Wooden Toilet Throne

    Price: $14,123 Inspired by Dagobert, a French Merovingian king, this throne is constructed of solid ash and includes a candleholder as well as an ashtray. A musical chime plays when the lid is raised, and pulling the chain rings a bell – presumably to summon a servant. Photo Credit:
    Waza Miyabi Bamboo & Plum
  • Waza Miyabi Bamboo & Plum

    Price: $6,900 With more emphasis on form than function, the golden plum and bamboo design of this toilet apparently justifies its $6,900 price tag, making it the priciest of Toto USA’s collection. It’s so pretty, it almost seems like a shame to use it. Photo Credit:
    Hang Fung Gold Toilet
  • Hang Fung Gold Toilet

    Price: $5.8 million This fully functional, 24-karat solid gold toilet is the most expensive toilet in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Built by Hong Kong entrepreneur Lam Sai-wing as the centerpiece of his Hall of Gold, it was worth $5.8 million at last count (that's obviously not it at the left; Lam rarely allows pictures). But don’t expect to buy it for your home anytime soon: Even as he melted down the gold sink and other appliances in response to rising gold prices, Lam nevertheless refused to sell or liquidate his prized throne. Photo Credit: macaron*macaron
    Inax Regio
  • Inax Regio

    Price: $6,500 For some reason, no one thought to invent a toilet with a built-in digital music system that plays music while you sit. Fortunately, Japanese company Inax has now stepped in to fill that niche. The stylish Regio features a bidet and an illuminated bowl, plus a system for eliminating bacteria. If you’ve got a few million yen to throw around, you can get the gold-plated version. Though I’d imagine that would be cold to sit on. Photo Credit:
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