Who's Hiring Full-Time: Amtrak, Apple, Limbach

  • Whos Hiring Full Time

    Unemployed? Worry not! Every Monday, MainStreet finds companies that are hiring full-time workers—right now.
  • Amtrak

    Who They Are: National railroad company operating numerous passenger train routes.Where They Are: They have more than 500 destinations in 46 states.What They Want: There's a variety of positions available, including foremen, electricians, engineers and ticket clerks. They are also currently recruiting Amtrak police officers nationwide. Coolest Job: They need a Director of Credit Card Security who will be responsible for managing Amtrak's credit card security policies and programs and will lead the company's anti-fraud efforts. The position pays at least $92,000 a year and requires a bachelor's degree, related professional experience and data security certifications. Apply here.Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL)
  • Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL)

    Who They Are: Tech company famous for its Mac computers, iPods and iPhones.Where They Are: Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., with retail locations nationwide. What They Want: For corporate jobs, tech professionals are in high demand. They also have lots of openings at their retail stores, ranging from store managers to Genius Bar staffers. Talk about a cool perk – here's your chance to officially call yourself a genius. If you own an Apple product, you know a Genius is someone who repairs and troubleshoots Mac computers and other Apple products. Coolest Job: They need a User Experience Prototyper who will help design the look and feel of Apple products and applications. This job involves both creativity and technical skills, and requires a mastery of the Mac OS X platform, plus three years of programming experience. Apply here.Photo Credit: Apple
  • Limbach

    Who They Are: One of the oldest mechanical engineering firms in the U.S.Where They Are: Based in Pittsburgh; they are hiring for locations throughout the country.What They Want: Engineers and energy services sales team members (their engineers earn an average salary of $80,000 a year).Coolest Job: All current job openings relate to building, engineering or related sales, and many involve HVAC. For example, they need an HVAC Project Manager in Philadelphia. This person would be in charge of the entire operation. Apply here.Photo Credit: Limbach
    Bonus Cool Job of the Week
  • Bonus Cool Job of the Week

    The city of Oshkosh, Wis., is looking for a parks director. This person would oversee Oshkosh activities at their parks, golf courses, aquatic center and other facilities. The job pays between $75,000 and $95,000 and requires a degree in a related field, plus professional experience.Apply here.Photo Credit: City of Oshkosh
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