Which Cell Phone Company is Best?

  • Good cell-phone service? Or all bad?

    In the January issue of Consumer Reports, they share the results of an annual survey where more than 50,000 readers rate their wireless service. According to the article, “only 54 percent of respondents were completely or very satisfied with their cell-phone service. That’s a tepid showing compared with most other services we rate.” So, tepid or not, which carrier got the highest marks? Click Next to find out. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Verizon dominates
  • Verizon dominates

    According to Consumer Reports, “You should probably pick Verizon if it’s available where you live. Aside from its high ranking overall, Verizon was above average on every attribute in our overall summary Ratings, including customer support, voice connectivity, and data services. Verizon also has one of the biggest networks in the industry.” I would join Verizon, if only they would do two things for me: 1) carry the iPhone on their network (only AT&T does at the moment) and 2) get rid of the spokesman with the thick black-frame glasses and “The Network” behind him. He has jumped the shark. Photo Credit: Eric Hauser
    T-Mobile in second place
  • T-Mobile in second place

    “T-Mobile was the next-best competitor to Verizon in overall satisfaction, though it got lower marks on voice, messaging, and Web and e-mail services,” according to Consumer Reports. Oh, only lower marks on voice, messaging, Web and e-mail… no big deal. Except for the fact that, well, it sounds like pretty much all the areas in which a cell-phone service is supposed to excel. What else is there? Photo Credit: jugglerpm
    Sprint is better… than AT&T
  • Sprint is better… than AT&T

    “Sprint, the clear worst carrier last year, is now locked in a fight for last place with AT&T. Though Sprint got marks similar to T-Mobile’s for satisfaction with voice, messaging, and Web and e-mail services, it scored well below T-Mobile for customer service despite claims of improvement over the past year,” the Consumer Reports article reported. Sprint also has a knack for annoying advertisements. Tip: put all the money you must be handing over to some cocky ad director straight out of film school toward improving your customer service capabilities. I’ll invoice you for that pearl of wisdom at some point, Sprint. Photo Credit: hyku
    AT&T gets the thumbs down
  • AT&T gets the thumbs down

    “AT&T’s main weak spot was voice connectivity—the ease with which people could place calls free of static and without being dropped,” Consumer Reports explained. Text messaging is great, but hey, it is still nice to be able to place a real call from time to time. Call me old-school, but I think that’s important. Photo Credit: frotzed
    Prepaid services popular in these times
  • Prepaid services popular in these times

    According to the Consumer Reports data, it also appears that customers are drawn to prepaid basic carriers like moths to a flame. With these services, you pay for service in advance by purchasing minutes and can “reload” your minutes whenever you want—there are no contract commitments or monthly bills. “Prepaid service is quickly becoming the leading low-price option in cellular. A sign of the times: Prepaid specialist Boost Mobile, the price-chopping champ most of last year, added 1.5 million new customers in the first half of 2009, while its parent company, Sprint, lost almost 2.2 million.” Photo Credit: Orin Zebest
    How’s your cell-phone service?
  • How’s your cell-phone service?

    Sure, we trust that Consumer Reports probably has its finger on the pulse of America’s cell-phone discontent, but we are still interested in hearing from you. Is your cell-phone service incredible? Just average? Frustratingly bad? Tell us here in the comments, or on our lively Facebook page. Photo Credit: rumpleteaser
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