Where to Ski in July

  • Escape the Heat with These Cool Getaways

    For much of this week, the East Coast has been sweating through an incredible triple-digit heat wave, and other parts of the country haven’t fared much better. So why not save all the beaches and tropical island getaways for the colder months? Right about now, a mound of snow sounds pretty nice to those of use sweating it out along the Atlantic. With that in mind, we found a few great spots where you can still ski in July. Photo Credit: vuorikari
  • Oregon

    The Timberline Lodge is situated 6,000 feet up on Mount Hood in Oregon and there are slopes open year-round. If you live nearby and have an extreme urge to ski, you can sign up for the summer pass, which costs $855 and is good for unlimited rides every day until Sept. 6. Otherwise, you can start small and buy a day pass for $15 ($9 for seniors). Chalet rooms start at $125 per person and on certain days this month, you’ll get a free dinner with your stay. Or for $240 you can sign up for their Brewmaster’s Bonanza package, which includes access to a nearby village where you can get all the beer you need to unwind after hitting the slopes. If skiing is too boring for you, Timberline is also renowned for their snowboarding events. Photo Credit: Andre Charland
  • Vancouver

    Earlier in the year, Whistler mountain was flooded with athletes participating in the 2010 Winter Olympics, but now it should be just a little bit quieter. Whistler Blackcomb, a popular ski resort, boasts 11 camps for young skiers and the opportunity for adults to ski on a glacier. Adults can get a one-day ski and ride ticket for $55 ($48 for seniors and teens). The slopes are open until July 25, so book it fast! Photo Credit: globalreset
  • Chile

    While it may be hard to find a good place to ski here in North America, it’s actually peak skiing season down in South America. Portillo in Chile is the oldest ski resort in South America and one of the best the continent has to offer. Depending on which lodging you choose, you can get a week-long pass plus lodging and four meals a day for $770 a person. Photo Credit: Alex Grechman
  • Argentina

    Like Chile, Argentina is in the peak of its skiing season and one of the best resorts where you can take advantage of this is Bariloche. There is a special deal this month where you can book seven nights there for $1,400 per person, which comes with lift tickets and complimentary breakfast, plus a discount on flights booked from many cities in North America. It is worth noting that in both Chile and Argentina, snow has been lighter this year than in past years, which some attribute to climate change. So be sure to check the weather conditions from week to week before you book. Photo Credit: aokettun
    New Zealand
  • New Zealand

    There are dozens of places to ski in New Zealand, and since they’re in the southern hemisphere, many are open to travelers this month. Mount Ruapehu may be best known to foreigners as Mount Doom from the Lord of the Rings movies, but this also happens to be one of the best areas in the country to ski and snowboard. All together, a three-day lift pass and ski equipment rental costs about $280. Photo Credit: xoque
  • France

    In Europe, Switzerland may get most of the praise for skiing, but during the summer months, France gives the country a run for its money. In particular, there is the Tignes region in Southeastern France near Italy, which features a number of great slopes situated 7,000 to 10,000 feet up on glaciers. This month and next, you can get a week-long ski pass for about $220. Photo Credit: xJasonRogersx
  • Utah

    If you don’t want to leave the country to go skiing and don’t feel like traveling to Oregon, there is one other option. Utah’s Olympic Park currently offers a number of winter activities during the summer months including bobsled rides and freestyle skiing. Rather than ski down a mountain, you basically ski down a fancy water slide. It may not be quite as gratifying as hitting a snowy trail, but the park offers great classes for learning the basics of skiing so you can impress people come winter. Freestyle skiing classes start at $95. Photo Credit: Wikimedia.org
  • Texas

    Yes, you read that right. For years, there has been talk that Texas will become an unlikely haven for skiers in the U.S. thanks to an ambitious project to construct an artificial ski resort called Bearfire. The resort was scheduled to be completed in 2009 but that date has come and gone and no one has said anything about what the state of the project is now. But who knows, perhaps by this time next year it will be possible to hit the slopes in the Lone Star State. Photo Credit: Bearfireresort.com
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