What Annoys Americans Most

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    Annoyances. Gripes. Complaints. Grievances. Criticisms. Call them what you will, but there are a lot of things out there that get on America’s nerves. For me, it’s overly emotional Facebook status updates, though it turns out, it’s not a particularly common one. According to a recent press release, “In a nationally representative survey conducted in late September, Consumer Reports asked 1,125 Americans to score 21 gripes on a 1-to-10 scale, 1 meaning an experience ‘does not annoy you at all’ and 10 meaning it ‘annoys you tremendously.’” And Consumer Reports has more in store for us in the future. According to Mark Kotkin, Director of Survey Research at the Consumer Reports National Research Center, there are more surveys on the way: “We are planning two more gripe surveys to be published in 2010—one for travel and another on home issues.” He couldn’t say exactly when these additional surveys would be published. Click Next to see what annoys Americans most. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #21: Inaccurate weather forecasts
  • #21: Inaccurate weather forecasts

    Yeah, to be honest I hate this too. I also hate how confident they seem when they are predicting the weather. And their stupid bleached teeth. Annoyance score: 4.3 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #20: Passwords and PINs
  • #20: Passwords and PINs

    Gotta disagree with America on this one: I like the fact that my checking account is protected. And, hey, if you cannot remember a four-digit number, you probably have bigger problems. Annoyance score: 6.1 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #19: Speeding drivers
  • #19: Speeding drivers

    Agreed. Next? Annoyance score: 6.1 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #18: Checkout lines
  • #18: Checkout lines

    Annoying, sure. But better than the alternative: total chaos as customers rush the cashier, have fist fights, and shoot or trample one another. Otherwise known as Wal-Mart on Black Friday. Annoyance score: 6.4 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #17: Shouting on TV or radio shows
  • #17: Shouting on TV or radio shows

    Keep it down, Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann. You’re annoying AMERICA. Not cool. Annoyance score: 6.5 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #16: Poor airline service
  • #16: Poor airline service

    Yes, and screaming children. They always seem to kill the mood on long flights. Annoyance score: 6.9 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #15: Noisy neighbors
  • #15: Noisy neighbors

    I demand complete silence from all of my neighbors. Not really—but it’d be nice if I had that kind of pull in my building. Annoyance score: 6.9 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #14: Traffic jams
  • #14: Traffic jams

    Who actually enjoys traffic? C’mon! Annoyance score: 6.9 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #13: Unreliable cell-phone service
  • #13: Unreliable cell-phone service

    This one definitely grinds my gears. We recently wrote about major cell phone gripes. Annoyance score: 7.0 Photo Credit: revdave
    #12: Very slow drivers
  • #12: Very slow drivers

    Ban them from the road for life, I say. Shred their drivers licenses and condemn them to public transportation. Everyone except for you, Grandma. Your license should have been shredded years ago. Annoyance score: 7.0 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #11: Shrunken products
  • #11: Shrunken products

    It seems that paper towel rolls get smaller all the time and now you have to pay a premium for jumbo rolls, which are really just what regular rolls were a few years ago. It’s like someone set Rick Moranis loose in the grocery store. Annoyance score: 7.2 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #10: Spam
  • #10: Spam

    I must get 20 or more in each of my email accounts every day. Here’s the subject line from a random one from someone named Lloyd Lowery: “Do You Love Low-Priced Company?” Why yes, Lloyd. There’s nothing I love more. Annoyance score: 7.5 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #9: Waiting for repair people
  • #9: Waiting for repair people

    True. Especially when your water heater breaks down and you are forced to take arctic showers. Annoyance score: 7.5 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #8: Discourteous cell-phone use
  • #8: Discourteous cell-phone use

    We don’t need to hear the details of your life. Really. That’s what your Twitter page is for… Annoyance score: 7.6 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #7: Unreliable Internet service
  • #7: Unreliable Internet service

    I can’t stand when (I was pretending my Internet cut out right there. It’s fine, though.) Annoyance score: 7.6 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #6: Dog poop
  • #6: Dog poop

    The existence of this stuff isn’t what annoys me. If you want dogs to exist, then you’re gonna have to accept the existence of dog waste. What I don’t like is when people don’t pick it up… on the sidewalk… and I almost step in it as I’m walking to work. Annoyance score: 7.6 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #5: Incomprehensible bills
  • #5: Incomprehensible bills

    What? A convenience fee? It’d be convenient if you didn’t charge me this in the first place! Annoyance score: 7.8 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #4: Cell-phone use by drivers
  • #4: Cell-phone use by drivers

    The conversation can wait. Focus on the road, hotshot. Annoyance score: 8.0 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #3: Tailgating
  • #3: Tailgating

    I appreciate that you’re only trying to read my hilarious bumper sticker, but back off. Annoyance score: 8.3 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #2: Not getting a human on the phone
  • #2: Not getting a human on the phone

    No comment. I don’t want to say anything here that could be used against me when robots inevitably take over. Hail the machines. Annoyance score: 8.6 Photo Credit: Getty Images
    #1: Hidden fees
  • #1: Hidden fees

    Otherwise known as stealing, in my opinion. Annoyance score: 8.9 Photo Credit: Getty Images
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