The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

  • The Forgotten Stocking

    Think you’re done with your Christmas shopping? Not if you haven’t bought gifts for your pet. We’ve heard from dozens of pet owners who lavish gifts on their dogs and cats around the holidays, and there’s no shortage of pet-focused stocking stuffers out there. Sure, your dog probably doesn’t understand that it’s Christmas, but you have to figure that he’ll feel a little left out if he sees everyone else opening packages but him. So while he’d probably be content with some scraps from Christmas dinner, why not get him one of these gifts and show him how much you really care? Photo Credit: Allie Dawson
    PetHoliday Laser
  • PetHoliday Laser

    Price: $3 at PetSmart Why go to the trouble of playing catch with your dog when you can just shine a laser pointer on the ground and watch him chase it for hours on end? It’ll probably wind up being more amusing for you than for your dog, so it’s like buying yourself a gift at the same time. This is also great for cats, though don’t be surprised if they figure out that it’s you messing with them and wander off. Photo Credit:
    “The Metropolitan” Bunk Bed
  • “The Metropolitan” Bunk Bed

    Price: $499 at Yes, you can always just throw some old blankets in a corner and let your dogs sleep on that, but if you’re a discerning pet owner with money to burn, you could get one of the high-end beds at, many of which cost more than human beds at Ikea. Just don’t be surprised if your dog spurns the $500 bed to go sleep in the patch of sunlight by the window. Photo Credit:
    Snuggie for Dogs
  • Snuggie for Dogs

    Price: $14.95 (buy one, get one free) at It’s the old dilemma: Your dog loves curling up in a blanket, but wants his paws free to use the TV remote or e-mail friends. Fortunately, somebody created the Snuggie for Dogs so your pet won’t get cold while lounging around the house or walking around the neighborhood. Not only do you get a second one free when you order, you also get two free recordable dog tags. Photo Credit: Howard Young
    Dizzy Ball
  • Dizzy Ball

    Price: $28.05 at Does your dog always fall for the “pretend to throw the ball then hide it behind your back” trick? Maybe he needs to exercise his mind. The Dizzy Ball is filled with dry food, and your dog has to roll it the right way to make the food fall out. Rachel Koller of Chicago bought one for her dog Ruby. “They push the ball around with their snout and paws to get the pieces of kibble out,” she reports. “It’s pretty cute!” Photo Credit:
    Fashion Pet Suede Coat
  • Fashion Pet Suede Coat

    Price: $15.13 (medium) at Some people argue that dogs are already wearing coats, but not every dog evolved to handle cold temperatures. So unless you’ve got a Husky, you might want to consider getting Fido some outerwear for winter. Tye Robertson of Floral Park, NY will be giving this reasonably-priced suede coat to his poodle Ceasar this Christmas. Photo Credit:
    CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit
  • CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit

    Price: $29.99 at Cats are supposed to be the clean, dignified alternative to dogs, but at the end of the day, they’re still pooping in a box and stinking up your apartment. Why not train your cat to use the toilet like a human? This toilet training kit costs $30, but in the long run you’ll save a lot of money on kitty litter. The downside: Waiting for the bathroom while your cat sits there reading Cat Fancy. Photo Credit:
    Egg Babies
  • Egg Babies

    Price: $10.99 at Doctors Foster & Smith These plush toys have a stuffed “egg” in their abdomen that your dog can dig out, thus sating their natural desire to disembowel smaller animals. Samantha Racki got the platypus Egg Baby for her Puggles, Dutch and Lemon. “It’s crazy, but they’re my ‘children’ and they deserve to get gifts on Christmas for being good dogs all year,” she explains. Photo Credit: Doctors Foster & Smith
    Gingerbread Man Gourmet Dog Treat
  • Gingerbread Man Gourmet Dog Treat

    Price: $9.95 (pack of 6) at Jake’s Dog House It might seem silly to buy gingerbread men – or any gourmet food – for an animal that would be just as happy eating its own vomit. But your dog deserves the best, and this peanut-butter flavored gingerbread man is perfect for Christmas. Photo Credit: Jake’s Dog House
    PetHoliday Reindeer Cat Hat
  • PetHoliday Reindeer Cat Hat

    Price: $2.95 at PetSmart I’m sure your cat won’t give you any trouble at all when you try to put this reindeer hat on him for Christmas. I mean, just look at the cat at the left: He looks totally excited about the situation, right? Photo Credit: PetSmart
    Bark Mitzvah
  • Bark Mitzvah

    Price: $6.95 at The Mutt Hutt Hanukkah ended two weeks ago, but your dog doesn’t know that. He probably doesn’t even realize he’s Jewish! Set him straight and let him know that he’s not a puppy anymore with this “Bark Mitzvah” plush toy. (The “Baa Mitzvah” lamb toy is sold separately.) Oh, and make sure to pick him up a dog yarmulke for the ceremony ($11.95 at Jake’s Dog House). Photo Credit: The Mutt Hutt
    Leather Cuff in Guinea Leather & Gold
  • Leather Cuff in Guinea Leather & Gold

    Price: $150 at Why hold your leash when you can just clip it to a bracelet? This leather and 23K gold cuff is just one of several high-end pet accessories offered at (we can't print the company's full name on a family-friendly website). This cuff comes with a gold-plated doggie charm, and can also be used as a collar for your cat or small dog. Photo Credit:
    'Tis the Season
  • 'Tis the Season

    Looking for more holiday shopping tips? Check out MainStreet’s holiday hot topic for news, tips and all the latest deals. Photo Credit: Squirrel Cottage
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