The Ultimate Black Friday Guide

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    With every store from big box retailers to small businesses promoting a Black Friday sale, it's hard to know when and where to begin your shopping this weekend. That's why we came up with this short and sweet guide to all of the Black Friday sales from the major retailers this year. We've outlined the stores' hours and a few tips on what you can expect to find. Photo Credit: lululemon athletica
  • Wal-Mart

    Wal-Mart announced last week it will open most of its stores at midnight on Black Friday. The announcement also effectively confirmed the veracity of a leaked copy of the retailer’s sought-after Black Friday circular. That circular featured such deals on electronics as an Emerson 32" LCD HDTV for $198, Nintendo DS Lite for $89 and a Magnavox Wi-Fi Blu-ray player plus $10 in free VUDU movie credits for $69. These deals will begin at 5 a.m., however. Click here for more Wal-Mart Black Friday deals. Photo Credit: Zol87
  • Target

    Even though Target has been keeping a tight lid on its Black Friday sales, the company plans to attract the early birds with a 4 a.m. opening. If you want to be the first to find out what its Black Friday sales will be, you can sign up for its e-mail alerts on door-buster sales. Photo Credit: Patrick Hoesly
    Toys R Us
  • Toys R Us

    Can you still call it Black Friday if it starts on Thursday? Toys R Us seems to think so. The toy giant will be kicking off its Black Friday sale at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day (it will last until 1 p.m. on Black Friday), hoping that eager shoppers will have shaken off their food comas by then. Toys R Us offered a sneak peek at a few of the deals that will appear in its Black Friday circular, which won’t be released until Thanksgiving Day. These deals include a free $50 Toys R Us gift card when you purchase an iPod Touch, as well as $9.99 for select Nintendo DS and Wii games. Photo Credit: thewastedsmile
    Best Buy
  • Best Buy

    Best Buy has already had a slew of sales on the weekends leading up to Black Friday, but as for the big event, the electronics retailer will be opening its doors at 5 a.m. You can hit the store even earlier than 5 a.m., though, since many stores will be handing out tickets from 3 a.m.-5 a.m. to be one of the first customers in the door in an effort to quell a massive crowd at the actual opening of the doors. In a preview of the sales, Best Buy is selling a number of PlayStation 3 and Xbox games for $35 and it also has many $10 movies up for grabs. Photo Credit: Ian Muttoo
  • Macy’s

    Starting at 4 a.m. on Black Friday, Macy's will offer discounts on everything from electronics to beauty items. Deals include: Literati E-Reader from Sharper Image for $99, Martha Stewart Collection Enamel Cast Iron 2.75-qt. Casserole for $19.99 and $99.99 Tommy Hilfiger Leather Jackets. Photo Credit: tinou bao
  • RadioShack

    RadioShack isn’t even paying lip service to the traditional start date: The retailer already started Black Friday sales on Sunday. However, if you want to hit the store on the big day, you’ll have to wait until 5:30 a.m. So, what does “The Shack” have to offer? The company announced in a press release last week that it will offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $349.99, a $50 discount off the regular price. Also, if you want help finding your way to your next shopping destination, RadioShack is offering the Garmin nuvi 1300 4.3” GPS Navigator for $99.99, a $70 discount. Photo Credit: Joe + Jeanette Archie
  • Kmart

    Kmart is taking a different twist on the holiday shopping season with its “Blue Friday” sales. The retailer’s 44-page “Blue Friday” circular cropped up on a number of websites with details on upcoming deals. While the ad certainly looks legitimate, a Kmart spokesman said the company couldn't vouch for the ad's authenticity. With that caveat in mind, there was a great deal for a 42” plasma HDTV for only $400. The deals in the circular are only available from 5 a.m.–11 a.m., but stores will remain open after that first six-hour period of deals has ended. Photo Credit: Rob Stinnett
    Old Navy
  • Old Navy

    Old Navy has dubbed its sale Gobblepalooza (beating out RadioShack’s “Shack Friday” as our favorite sale name). While some deals are Friday-only, stores will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thanksgiving Day, in case you need an excuse to escape your extended family for a couple of hours. You can return four hours later at midnight to shop the retailer’s Black Friday sales. If you want to stock up on apparel, this is the store to hit on Black Friday. Old Navy has kids’ jeans for $10, adult jeans for $15 and adult sweaters for $15, too. Photo Credit: Justin Henry
  • Sears

    Sears will open for the first time ever on Thanksgiving Day from 7 a.m. until noon, hoping to capture shoppers with appliance discounts. While the Sears Black Friday sales have yet to be officially announced, the retailer will open at 4 a.m. and a leaked circular shows that major deals will last until noon. Expect to see discounts on TVs and washers and dryers. Photo Credit: Rob Stinnett
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    This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to MainStreet's coverage of Black Friday information, trends and deals. Visit our Black Friday page for more. Photo Credit: Hakan Dahlstrom
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