The Top 25 iPhone Travel Apps

  • The Best On-The-Go Apps for On-The-Go Users

    With its compact size and wide range of applications, the iPhone has become the ideal travel buddy. It can come in handy for almost any type of trip you take, long or far. Now we’re counting down the 25 best iPhone travel apps, most of which are completely free.
    25. NYC Way
  • 25. NYC Way

    NYC Way bundles a lot of different services together for locals and tourists combined. Not the best for each individual category, but still a great free all-in-one. Price: Free
    24. OpenTable
  • 24. OpenTable

    Search restaurants near you, find open tables, make reservations and get confirmation all on your phone. Could this app get any better? Price: Free
    23. AroundMe
  • 23. AroundMe

    This app works a lot like a Google Maps search. It will show you which restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shoe shine shops, etc., are in your immediate vicinity. Price: Free
    22. Gate Maps
  • 22. Gate Maps

    Gate Maps helps you find your way through airports you might not be familiar with, especially if you are trying to run for a connecting flight. I bet George Clooney's character in Up In the Air wished he had this app. Price: 99 cents
    21. NextFlight
  • 21. NextFlight

    NextFlight is a neat little app that lets you monitor flight status in real time. Gives you a full list of flights from all airlines on a given day to any destination you choose. Price: $2.99
    20. TripCost
  • 20. TripCost

    This simple fuel cost calculator will help you see how feasible a spur-of-the-moment roadtrip to Mount Rushmore would actually be. Price: Free
    19. HopStop
  • 19. HopStop

    Detailed, easy-to-follow public transit directions to get you anywhere you need to go in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., London or Paris. Click here to check out the app. Price: Free
    18. Trapster
  • 18. Trapster

    Do you have a need for speed? This app lets you know where law enforcement speed traps are located along a highway based on user-submitted information. Price: Free
  • 17.

    Search, browse and book hotel rooms after just a few taps on your iPhone using the app. This app provides very thorough reviews of every hotel imaginable and accompanying detailed photos. Price: Free
    16. Free Translator
  • 16. Free Translator

    This fast, free app translates Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Vietnamese. Price: Free
    15. Skype
  • 15. Skype

    As we’ve reviewed before, this app gives you completely free calls on-the-go by utilizing Wi-Fi networks. It sure beats using payphones or international calling rates. Price: Free
    14. Cheap Gas
  • 14. Cheap Gas

    The Cheap Gas app utilizes info to direct you to the location with the cheapest gas in your area. Now, before you head out on that road trip, you can see if gas will be cheaper farther down the road. Price: Free
    13. Saucy Phrasebook
  • 13. Saucy Phrasebook

    Saucy Phrasebook is quite humorous in its attempt to provide travelers with some actual, crude foreign language phrases they might use in the real world traveling scene. One example: "I drank too much and need to puke." Price: Free
    12. goPostal
  • 12. goPostal

    This app lets you create and send your own personalized Postcards using pictures you took on your iPhone. Price: Free app, but it costs $1.29 to send a card
    11. World Customs & Cultures
  • 11. World Customs & Cultures

    When you’re traveling in foreign lands, it’s important to know the customs and cultures in that area to avoid offending anyone. This app let’s you look up quick tips and cultural differences by country. Price: Free
    10. Sit or Squat
  • 10. Sit or Squat

    This app attempts simply to answer one of the most important questions for travelers in a desperate situation: "Is this a toilet clean enough to sit on or so dirty as to require squatting?" You may laugh now, but isn't a clean behind worth feeling ridiculous while downloading this free app? Price: Free
    9. Yelp!
  • 9. Yelp!

    Although Yelp may be getting involved in extorting businesses to hide bad reviews (Yikes!), it’s still hands-down one of the most comprehensive collections of restaurant and bar reviews on the Web. It’s everyone's #1 search result and the mobile app is very easy to use. Price: Free
    8. UrbanSpoon
  • 8. UrbanSpoon

    UrbanSpoon lets you choose from restaurants in an area sorted by type of food or price. This app became very popular after being prominently featured in Apple’s "There’s An App For That" campaign. Just enter your details, shake your iPhone and you can randomly select a new place to eat. Price: Free
    7. Trips
  • 7. Trips

    This app is a little on the expensive side, but that price will take care of everything for you. Trips is especially useful for road warrior business travelers. It compiles all of your travel data and itineraries to give you updates on delays, cancellations or other changes. Price: $9.99
    6. FlightTrack
  • 6. FlightTrack

    FlightTrack costs a few bucks but gives you real-time flight tracking information and is often more accurate than what the airline reports. Price: $4.99
    5. Google Earth
  • 5. Google Earth

    The end-all-be-all when it comes to travel maps. Google Earth is basically a satellite image of every square inch of the entire world. It’s absolutely immense. It’s also one of the world’s largest crowd-sourcing platforms with people uploading new street views constantly. Price: Free
    4. Happy Hours
  • 4. Happy Hours

    This app is a lifesaver for those looking to have some fun and save some dough. It lists all the food and drink specials going on at bars near you. Price: Free
  • 3.

    This is the mobile version of, one of the best, simplest, cleanest travel search sites on the Web. It’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t for booking hotels, flights, rental cars, full trips and reading review. Price: Free
    2. GateGuru
  • 2. GateGuru

    GateGuru is specifically tailored for people waiting at airports. It tells you all the places to eat and shop near you and if they are worth losing your gate-adjacent seats. Price: Free
    1. FourSquare
  • 1. FourSquare

    On the surface, FourSquare is a competitive game where people try to “check in” at local places more often than their friends. But underneath this surface is a vibrant social networking site with great tips, reviews and helpful ways to meet up with people you know. Price: Free
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