What's the Most In-Demand Halloween Costume?

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    NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Scary or sexy? Cute or funny? Homemade or store-bought? These are just a few of the decisions that go into choosing the perfect Halloween costume. If you need some inspiration for your own costume this year, we might be able to help. MainStreet has obtained data from Experian Marketing Services that reveals the top 10 costume searches among Americans. The results are based on online search data from a sample of 5 million U.S. Internet users for the week ending on Oct. 12, 2013. One common theme is that Hollywood seems to be a key influencer in many of this year's searches, but we won't give it all away just yet. Read on for the full results plus information on where you can purchase these costumes online without spending a bundle.
    #10 Most-Searched Costume: Pirate
  • #10 Most-Searched Costume: Pirate

    Perhaps it's their bad boy demeanor and ruthless pursuit of riches. Whatever the reason, America clearly has a fascination with these fearless bandits at sea. Pirates were the tenth most-searched costume choice according to Experian, and though they're certainly not a new costume concept, they're a tried-and-true favorite that always garners much attention at Halloween parties. Whether you're going for a classic pirate outfit (think eye patch, black-and-white striped shirt and skull-and-crossbones hat) or a more of a Pirates of the Caribbean look, costume choices abound for all ages, genders, shapes and sizes. Where to Buy: You can find pirate costumes at a range of price points on PartyCity.com for men, women and kids, including a pirate maiden costume for women ($24.99) and this elaborate Jack Sparrow costume ($44.99) for men, which is complete with a bandana with dreadlock hair, shirt with attached belts, pants and boot covers. Or follow these easy instructions from Michaels.com on how to make a simple pirate costume at home for your little one.
    #9 Most-Searched Costume: Queen of Hearts
  • #9 Most-Searched Costume: Queen of Hearts

    Channel your inner diva by dressing up as this much-feared monarch from Alice in Wonderland who was quick to sentence her subjects to death. Most Queen of Hearts costumes for kids are cute and sassy, while those for adult women tend to be either sexy or foreboding. Where to Buy: You can find a variety of Queen of Hearts costumes on Amazon.com, such as this version from Forum Novelties Inc. ($40.06) featuring a red-and-white dress adorned with hearts and a push-up corset. A good option for girls is this adorable Queen of Hearts costume available at PartyCity.com ($20), which features a red-and-black tiered dress of satin and tulle, black satin choker and matching gold crown with a red gem heart.
    #8 Most-Searched Costume: Minecraft
  • #8 Most-Searched Costume: Minecraft

    You might have played this game about placing blocks in any way you can imagine on your computer, smartphone or Xbox. But did you know it could also be a Halloween costume? While options are a little harder to come by than some of the other costumes on this list, you can find some great Minecraft masks and outfits if you're willing to do the research. Where to Buy: Amazon.com is selling a costume mask set featuring Steve, the central protagonist of Minecraft, and a Creeper, a dangerous enemy in the game, for around $38. You can also obtain instructions on how to make your own Steve costume with basic materials such as cardboard sheets, Velcro and masking tape on Instructables.com.
    #7 Most-Searched Costume: Batman
  • #7 Most-Searched Costume: Batman

    We all know that "the Caped Crusader" is the quintessential superhero, devoting his life to protecting Gotham City after witnessing his own parents' murder as a child. It's hardly surprising that Batman is the seventh most-searched costume, considering the popularity of the comic books and Batman films through the years, including Warner Bros.' 2012 release of The Dark Knight Rises starring Christian Bale. Where to Buy: Dress your baby boy up in this adorable Batman costume from Target.com ($23.99), which includes a cape, jumpsuit and headpiece. You can also find a variety of options for all ages on PartyCity.com, including this deluxe adult Batman outfit for men ($44.99), which comes with a jumpsuit, attached arm bracers, attached shoe covers, headpiece, plastic utility belt and cape.
    #6 Most-Searched Costume: Poison Ivy
  • #6 Most-Searched Costume: Poison Ivy

    Sexy and deadly, this DC Comics character is one of Batman's chief enemies. The plant-loving Poison Ivy uses eco-terrorism for her criminal activities and has a way of toying with men's hearts. Where to Buy: You can find this sexy poison ivy costume ($58.99) at PartyCity.com, which features a seductive green velour mini dress with a bustier top, gold glitter trim, attached "leaf" skirt with underlying layers of glitter fabric and sheer tulle, leaf and chain link boa and stylized thorny glovelettes.
    #5 Most-Searched Costume: Catwoman
  • #5 Most-Searched Costume: Catwoman

    A master at stealing from Gotham City's rich and corrupt, Catwoman has snagged the fifth most-searched costume spot. Known for her excellent hand-to-hand combat and acrobatics, awesome ninja skills and adeptness at breaking and entering, this feline fatale is the perfect costume choice for a strong woman who enjoys kicking some serious butt. Where to Buy: If you're on a tight budget, you can find this simple, inexpensive Catwoman costume on Target.com (about $17), which includes a gray-and-black jumpsuit with a faux zipper front and a Catwoman facemask. For a more elaborate costume, consider this adult Catwoman costume ($49.99) from PartyCity.com, complete with an eye mask, jumpsuit, belt and boot covers.
    #4 Most-Searched Costume: Minnie Mouse
  • #4 Most-Searched Costume: Minnie Mouse

    Mickey Mouse's sweet, stylish girlfriend, Minnie Mouse is a classic costume choice for girls and women. While Minnie Mouse costumes typically feature a red or pink polka-dot dress and mouse ears, variations also exist if you dare to be different. Where to Buy: Dress up your baby girl in this precious Minnie Mouse costume from PartyCity.com ($29.99), featuring a dress with a satiny black top and flouncy red-and-white polka-dot skirt and a headband with Minnie ears and bow. Adult women looking for something a bit sexy can try this "Mistress Mouse" costume ($49.99) from PartyCity.com, complete with a red polka dot dress, ears headband and thigh-high stockings. If being comfortable is more your thing, consider wearing this pink one-piece Minnie Mouse adult pajama set from PartyCity.com ($29.99), made of microfleece and featuring Minnie Mouse ears and a bow on top of the hood.
    #3 Most-Searched Costume: Harley Quinn
  • #3 Most-Searched Costume: Harley Quinn

    Yet another DC Comics character to make the list, Harley Quinn is the Joker's bubbly, psychotic girlfriend. Once a promising psychiatrist, she descended into madness after being manipulated by the Joker. Harley Quinn is known for her gag-themed weaponry, deceivingly affable personality and her willingness to murder countless civilians. Where to Buy: You can purchase a Harley Quinn adult costume from DC Comics ($41.21), which includes a red-and-black dress and matching faux-leather gloves. For something a bit more covered up, check out this Harley Quinn costume from PartyCity.com ($54.99), which includes a Jester headpiece, eye mask, Joker collar, character jumpsuit, attached boot tops and red-and-black gloves.
    #2 Most-Searched Costume: Wonder Woman
  • #2 Most-Searched Costume: Wonder Woman

    This DC Comics superheroine is a perennial Halloween favorite. A mix of beauty, brains and brawn, she's been a feminist icon since her introduction in 1941. If you like the idea of fighting evil and looking darn good doing it, this could be the perfect costume for you. Where to Buy: PartyCity.com offers several classic Wonder Woman costumes, including this version for $49.99 complete with a tiara, cape, dress, bracelets, belt and boot tops. PartyCity.com also offers an adorable Wonder Woman costume for your furry friend ($14.99), which features a tie-on character jumpsuit with attached arms, red tie-on cape with hook and loop belly closure, and tiara with an elastic band.
    #1 Most-Searched Costume: Minions from Despicable Me
  • #1 Most-Searched Costume: Minions from Despicable Me

    The mega-popular Despicable Me animated kids' comedy films have inspired the most-searched costume choice this year. Minions are small, gibberish-speaking yellow henchmen who are fiercely loyal to their master, Gru, a supervillain voiced by Steve Carrell. Minions are adorably homely, characterized by one or two eyes, metal goggles, blue overalls with Gru's emblem on the front and black gloves. While Minion costumes look super cute on kids, they're sure to elicit lots of laughter when worn by adults. Where to Buy: PartyCity.com offers a variety of Minion costumes for men, women and children. One of our favorites for little ones is this toddler boy Dave Minion costume for $19.99, which features a blue overalls romper with an attached long-sleeved yellow shirt and knit hood with Dave's face and goggles that secures under the chin. A good option for women is this Minion costume for $39.99, which includes a blue overalls dress with printed pockets and an attached long-sleeved yellow shirt, oversized plastic goggles, yellow headband, black gloves and knee-high socks. --Written by Kristin Colella for MainStreet
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