Tiger’s Troubles: The Cost of Infidelity

  • Tiger may pay dearly

    Life & Style Weekly breaks down Tiger Woods’ ridiculously massive treasure chest to see “what’s on the line” in the event of a nasty split from wife Elin Nordegren. And it sounds like she wants one. Gulp. According to News of the World, “Nordegren wants a divorce, sole custody and half his estimated £370 million ($671 million) fortune.” Tiger, if you’re reading, try to remember that $335 million is still a lot of money. Here are some of the Tiger assets that are in harm’s way right now… Photo Credit: Keith Allison
    The real estate riches
  • The real estate riches

    “Tiger paid $48.5 million for a 9,700-square-foot property in Florida’s exclusive Jupiter Island area. He also owns homes in Windermere, Fla., and Jackson Hole, Wyo. He could lose these homes in a divorce,” says Life & Style. I’ve never been to Jupiter Island, but I have been to Jackson Hole. The only problem with the area, as far as I know, is that Dick Cheney may occasionally do some hunting around there, which means living in Jackson Hole increases the likelihood that you’ll be shot in the face with a shotgun. Apart from that, it is pretty much paradise. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Endorsement cash
  • Endorsement cash

    “Nike and Gatorade have each paid Tiger roughly $100 million to plug their brands. Gatorade recently ceased its line of Tiger drinks, while Nike is staying loyal to Tiger — for now. Gillette has also halted its Tiger ads for the time being,” Life & Style reports. Consulting firm Accenture has also reportedly dropped Tiger Woods as a spokestiger. Watchmaker Tag Heuer, however, is keeping him: the company’s homepage features an image of the famed athlete, along with the text “Tag Heuer stands with Tiger Woods.” Photo Credit: benwatts
    Massive yacht
  • Massive yacht

    “Privacy, Tiger’s $20 million yacht anchored in North Palm Beach, Fla., has seven bedrooms, a movie theater, a gym and a Jacuzzi. It can sleep up to 21 people. He’d stand to lose this too in a messy split,” Life & Style reported. Love the ship’s name—although not entirely sure if a yacht that sleeps 21 is really the best place to look for “privacy.” Photo Credit: thelastminute
    The spoils of war
  • The spoils of war

    Life & Style reminds us that Tiger Woods also makes money, directly, from winning championships: “His 71 official PGA tournament wins have paid off — to the tune of $92 million since 2000. But in the wake of the scandal, he’s announced an indefinite break from the sport.” Photo Credit: Getty Images
  • Charities

    “His annual fund-raising concert, Tiger Jam, has featured bands like Bon Jovi and raised more than $10 million for the Tiger Woods Foundation, which provides grants and scholarships to youth organizations. With his reputation destroyed, the fundraiser is unlikely to recover.” Elin, don’t dismantle the Tiger Jam—think about the kids and the youth organizations, okay? We can, however, rename it the Nordegren Jam if you’d prefer, although it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    The grand total
  • The grand total

    Life & Style did the math... Jupiter Island home: $44,500,000.00 Windermere home: $2,650,000.00 Jackson Hole home: $32,500,000.00 Privacy Yacht: $20,000,000.00 Gatorade deal: $100,000,000.00 Nike deal: $100,000,000.00 Gillette deal: $10,000,000.00 Tiger Jam charity: $10,000,000.00 Winnings: $92,000,000.00 Total: $416,650,000.00 Pretty solid chunk of change. It’s hard to say how these assets will be divided up, or how much of the income assets will go away entirely in the event of a messy divorce, but when that much money is up for grabs, we can safely assume that a good chunk of it will go to lawyers. One group of people who won’t be seeing any of this cash is Tiger’s mistresses, who deserve every second of America’s fleeting scorn. Many of them will continue to hunt for six-figure pictorial spread deals and lame endorsement gigs. Somewhere out there, a reality show producer is probably trying to sign all these girls up for a show in which they all live in a house in Malibu and compete for the love of Phil Mickelson. I actually might watch that. Otherwise, it’s time to exhale, America, and move on (until our next Tiger-related slideshow, that is). Photo Credit: Getty Images
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