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    @ricksanchezcnn Lol nm just runnin my foundation, chekin on my billions in MSFT stock, u?? @BarackObama Have u seen avatar yet? Sooo good, na’vi are so beautiful, me & Melinda cried at one pt. OK, these aren’t actual tweets from Bill Gates’ new Twitter account, but he has joined the social networking site — and yes, it’s really him. There was reportedly a “frenzy” to add him as a friend on Twitter. Here are some other very big names to follow on Twitter. Maybe you will gain valuable insight into their personal values and beliefs through some of their tweets, which could help you become just as successful and well-known. We started with Bill Gates and clicked over to someone he follows… and someone that person follows, and so on. Sort of like a “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” for the powerful Twitterati. Photo Credit: girlgeek
    Bill Gates
  • Bill Gates

    Genius billionaire Bill Gates has already attracted 305,076 followers on his new Twitter page. His tweets so far range from the celebrity insider type (“Heading to Sundance for the 1st time to see Waiting for Superman, an important movie on education from Davis Guggenheim”) to more somber plugs for Haiti-related relief and his own foundation. Follow Gates to catch a glimpse inside the life of a philanthropic billionaire; maybe you will make a similar transition from cutthroat techno-capitalist to global-minded benefactor. Followers: 305,076 Following: 42 Total tweets so far: 13 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Ryan Seacrest
  • Ryan Seacrest

    Radio show host, E! anchor, and of course the only voice of reason on American Idol — Ryan Seacrest is a media machine. Follow him on Twitter for insider celebrity commentary that ranges from the trivial (“Just talked to the situation and snookie...kinda like em”) to the important and life-saving (“My friends in atl at Coca-Cola have given $1 million dollars to the Red Cross one of the 1st companies in Jan 13th! --text 90999 Haiti now.”) He also welcomed Bill Gates to Twitter with a friendly welcome tweet. Gates follows him. Follow The Seacrest to see how an entertainment business superstar juggles several different gigs at once. Could come in handy next time you have to multitask at the office. Followers: 2,891,983 Following: 133 Total tweets so far: 222 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Ben Stiller
  • Ben Stiller

    Stiller is one of the 133 people that Ryan Seacrest follows. Some of his tweets are hilarious (“Welcome @billgates to the Twitter. Let me know if u would like any technical tips, how it all works, what makes a computer run, etc.”), although most of his energy appears to be directed toward the Haiti awareness effort at the moment. Follow Stiller to brush up on your comedic one-liner abilities. It will make you a funnier Twitter user. Or just retweet his posts… much easier to leave it to the pros. Followers: 960,416 Following: 65 Total tweets so far: 138 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Sanjay Gupta
  • Sanjay Gupta

    Speaking of Haiti, Ben Stiller follows Sanjay Gupta, who is CNN’s chief medical correspondent and a neurosurgeon. He recently performed surgery on a girl injured by the Haiti disaster. He’s there now, tweeting whenever he can, and saving lives. He is taking Haiti seriously, putting his TV career somewhat on hold (“So sorry to not anchor my show today. I was still busy at the field hospital.”) and toughing it out (“5a update. we lost all generator power. sun will come up in about 30 minutes. now confident we will get all these patients through the night”). Keep doing your thing. Follow Sanjay for medical wisdom—and a first-hand look at the ups and downs of field journalism in the 21st century.  He probably won’t be willing to diagnose that rash you have, though, so don’t even ask … that’s just gross. Followers: 1,201,102 Following: 149 Total tweets so far: 713 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Sarah Silverman
  • Sarah Silverman

    Comedian Sarah Silverman is one of the people Gupta follows. Her tweets range from the bland (“Gym. Tan. Laundry.”) to the predictably bizarre (“I would eat fish but I can't because I have a nose.”) Follow Silverman to see how pushing the envelope with borderline offensive humor can actually pay off… assuming you want to become a professional comedian. Followers: 402,723 Following: 151 Total tweets so far: 440 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Rachel Maddow
  • Rachel Maddow

    Liberal MSNBC talk show host Rachel Maddow is followed by Sarah Silverman. Her tweets can be surprisingly diplomatic (“All best wishes to Mr. Limbaugh tonight, for a full and speedy recovery.”) and sometimes they even give the inside scoop on her TV show’s production (“This is supposed to be a slow news week, isn't it? We've got so much going on we're bumping segments to tomorrow's show.”) Follow Maddow to see how it’s possible to remain opinionated at work, and yet cool-headed and persuasive. Followers: 1,631,739 Following: 557 Total tweets so far: 141 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    John McCain
  • John McCain

    Maddow follows Arizona Sen. John McCain. I, for one, think he goes overboard with the plugs for shows he appears on. His three most recent tweets: “Live on Fox News Business with Imus,” “If you are up watch my interview on CBS' Early Show at 7 am.,” and “Watch @hannityshow tonight at 9 pm!” Uh, the Internet is not just designed to remind people to watch TV. It is its own medium, and a significant one. Why don’t you tweet a response to President Obama’s bank reform speech today? Do you agree? Disagree? Or do I have to wait and watch @hannityshow to see what you think? And not a single tweet about Haiti? Seriously? Hire a new social media expert, Mr. McCain. I would send my resume in for consideration, but you would have to download it as an attachment. So nevermind. Follow McCain to see how not to use your new Twitter account. Followers: 1,751,248 Following: 69 Total tweets so far: 130 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Shaquille O’Neal
  • Shaquille O’Neal

    McCain follows Shaquille O’Neal on Twitter. The NBA star is one of the social network’s true superstars, with close to 2.8 million active followers and an impressive 2,650 tweets so far. Follow O’Neal to see how to make people love you. Everyone loves Shaq. Followers: 2,797,191 Following: 559 Total tweets so far: 2,650 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Ashton Kutcher
  • Ashton Kutcher

    Shaq, like seemingly everyone else on Twitter, follows Ashton Kutcher. He shares with his millions of fans personal tastes (“time for my weekly dose of Intervention. Love this show!”) and keen insights (“'after one look at this planet aliens would say I want to see the manager’ -william s. burroughs, courtesy of Jared Stern”) as well as the occasional celebrity insider moment (“FYI Ricky Gervais is pounding Fosters back stage. The show should only get funnier.”) Follow Kutcher because everyone else does. Maybe you will figure out why he has become so successful—I still haven’t cracked that one. This is the dude from Punk’d. Why does he have greater Twitter influence than Bill Gates and Oprah? I do not know. Followers: 4,415,979 Following: 303 Total tweets so far: 4,517 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Katy Perry
  • Katy Perry

    Singer Katy Perry of “I Kissed A Girl” fame is followed by Ashton. She seems to be a weird girl (“Is it wrong to like the smell of asparagus pee?”) and also must travel a lot to promote her music (“Omg India your 12 hour time difference has turned me into a zombie. I'm gonna have to bring some scotch tape for my eyes tomorrow.”) Follow Perry to see how you can balance your playful side with a more serious commercial image. Followers: 1,654,146 Following: 51 Total tweets so far: 1,048 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
  • Ke$ha

    Fellow young global singing sensation Ke$ha is followed by Katy Perry—frenemies, maybe? Bonus points for having a username that suggests Ke$ha sucks… something most music fans over the age of 19 already know. On her Twitter page, she shares some of her creative process (“France..u inspired a new song ‘2 french dudes, wearin sweet thongs, looking so fly, playin ping pong’ u like?”) and nutritional supplement usage (“Um just been warned that these B vitamins r gonna turn my pee green. Like neon?teenage mutant ninja turtle green?I'm DOWN.Party on”). Follow Ke$ha because she has become very famous in a very short amount of time. If you want to achieve the same for yourself or your business, perhaps take a play from her outlandish marketing & personal branding tactics. Followers: 130,650 Following: 62 Total tweets so far: 916 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Barack Obama
  • Barack Obama

    President Obama is followed by Ke$ha, although she still probably has a slimmer chance of getting into a White House dinner party than the Salahis. This Twitter page is not updated by Obama himself, but rather by Organizing For America, which is President Obama’s community organizing initiative. Although, according to Twitter, it is a “verified account”—meaning Obama endorses it as his. Follow Obama because he is the most powerful person in the world. Seriously, we shouldn’t even need to explain this one. Followers: 3,186,945 Following: 742,166 Total tweets so far: 139 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Harry Reid
  • Harry Reid

    Sen. Harry Reid is followed by President Obama’s Twitter page. His page is, regrettably, thoroughly boring — good luck getting those young voters energized in Nevada come re-election time, Senator! Follow Reid because of his influence in the Senate, and his success as a politician. It goes to show that totally mundane blandness can lead to a big win … eventually. You don’t need to be like Ke$ha. Followers: 5,658 Following: 22 Total tweets so far: 123 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Other Twitter celebs worth following…
  • Other Twitter celebs worth following…

    We found a few more intriguing people for you to follow. One of them happens to be arguably the most powerful woman on Earth. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Oprah Winfrey
  • Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah is on Twitter, and unlike most of us, she received a personal step-by-step how-to from Twitter co-founder Evan Williams on an episode of her TV show. She always seems to get special attention! She tweets observations about her episodes, and recommends her favorite things: “GAGA! What a great girl. Love her message: BE YOURSELF Hope you saw the show today. And go see AVATAR.” Follow Oprah because she’s the Queen of the media world. If you work as a writer or reporter, her Twitter feed might even give you a few ideas. Followers: 3,053,302 Following: 18 Total tweets so far: 103 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Queen Rania Al Abdullah
  • Queen Rania Al Abdullah

    The Queen of Jordan is followed by Oprah. Her Twitter presence is used to promote her philanthropic and humanitarian efforts (“2 planes left 2 Haiti upon instructions from my husband..”). Follow her because she shows how to balance power and wealth with humility and wit. Followers: 1,240,414 Following: 56 Total tweets so far: 274 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Richard Branson
  • Richard Branson

    Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson is followed by Queen Rania on Twitter. He promotes his charitable activities and his latest pet project, Virgin Galactic (“Watch the Governor Schwarzenegger Video at Virgin Galactic’s Unveiling of SpaceShipTwo on @virgindotcom”). Follow Branson because he is always looking to the next big thing. Even if you aren’t a billionaire, it’s a good habit to look for new opportunities and stretch your imagination to the limits. Followers: 219,009 Following: 6,467 Total tweets so far: 208 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
    Karl Lagerfeld
  • Karl Lagerfeld

    Visionary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is followed by Katy Perry—guess she is a classy woman, when she isn’t enjoying the smell of asparagus-laced urine. His bio says simply “A terrible underachiever” (humble!) but the designer still shares his wisdom with his followers on Twitter, such as this gem: “If you want respect for your past, it means that you have a problem with your present and even more with your future.” Follow him if you need a dash of thoughtful philosophy in your life. Followers: 179,470 Following: 0 Total tweets so far: 48 Follow here: Photo Credit: Twitter
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