Subscriptions: The Gifts That Keep On Giving

  • The benefits of subscription gifts

    Subscriptions can be affordable (many of the options we suggest cost less than $25) and greatly appreciated gifts. Regular one-off presents and gift certificates are a flash in the pan and may be quickly forgotten, whereas a subscription reminds the recipient of you on a regular basis… Plus certain subscriptions are high-end without inflicting serious damage on the bank account. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Threadless T-shirt of the Month Club
  • Threadless T-shirt of the Month Club

    Hip T-shirt designer Threadless offers a year-long T-shirt of the month club. A new shirt in the mail every month: Just make sure you know what size the gift recipient wears (Small, Medium, Large, XL and 2XL sizes are available). Sales pitch: Wearable art. Steady supply of new clothing. No matter how you spin it, this is a killer gift idea for those who want to make a bold and lasting impression. If someone signed me up for free clothes on a recurring basis, I would pretty much have to remain friends with them forever no matter what. Or at least until the subscription expired. Cost: This will run you $200 for a year; sign up here. But that’s not so bad if you consider a) 12 Threadless tees would normally cost $272 total b) it comes out to less than $17 per month and c) the shirts are totally sweet. Photo Credit:
    Hot Sauce of the Month Club
  • Hot Sauce of the Month Club

    If you know someone who is a hot sauce aficionado, this one makes sense. Sales pitch: Quirky, tasty, and unforgettable—this hot sauce of the month offering is the perfect subscription for someone who is into cooking or spicy foods. The recipient gets two new bottles monthly of “hard-to-find hot sauces from master chefs and restaurants across the country.” Yum. Cost: Currently $96.99 for a six-month subscription from; comes out to a little more than $16 per month. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Cellars Wine Club: Single Bottle Club
  • Cellars Wine Club: Single Bottle Club

    How about giving the generous monthly gift of a wine club membership? Sales pitch: Cellars Wine Club describes its Single Bottle Club (meaning one new bottle per month) as “the perfect introduction to a wine of the month club without the big commitment.” It includes a new bottle each month, plus a monthly newsletter with background information on featured wines. Cost: $19.95 per month until cancelled (shipping included)—you can prepay for a certain number of months as well. Cellars Wine Club offers online registration here. Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik
    Cheese of the Month Club
  • Cheese of the Month Club

    Pair this one with the wine club subscription if you have the cash. Artisanal Cheese’s club, while pricey, sounds tempting: “our cheese experts share their passion for and knowledge of cheese by composing a thoughtful trio of artisanal cheeses (approximately 1 1/2 pounds total) matured to optimal ripeness and peak flavor, delivered to your doorstep each month.” Sales pitch: Totally classy. The club’s monthly package even includes “a note from our fromagers explaining and describing each cheese, as well as wine pairings and serving suggestions.” Cost: $55 per month, plus shipping and handling (overnight delivery via FedEx; expect to pay around $9.99 per month for shipping). Sign up here. Photo Credit: Getty Images
  • Netflix

    Great bonds of friendship have been known to form between Netflix subscription gifter and giftee. The direct mail DVD rental service will provide your recipient with an inexhaustible supply of movies. Sales pitch: You get DVDs in the mail and now via instant download as well for some titles. You can cancel at anytime according to the company, and the system is hassle-free: once you’re done with a DVD, pop it in the mail. When Netflix receives it, you are allowed to rent another one. Cost: Subscriptions begin at a flat-rate of $8.99 per month. Gift memberships can be purchased here. Photo Credit:
    Sirius / XM Satellite Radio
  • Sirius / XM Satellite Radio

    Give the gift of more than 170 channels—music, talk, sports, news and more. Sales pitch: Service is available nationwide, audio quality is superb, and there are a wide range of receiver units available for the home, the car and portable listening. Cost: Individual subscriptions start at $12.95 per month; expect to pay more for add-on premium content channels. Basic XM receiver units start for around $95 on Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Bacon Combo Pack!
  • Bacon Combo Pack!

    Grateful Palate is offering a 13 bacon combo pack, which is evidently the perfect gift: "We choose thirteen packages of bacons from our selection of Artisan producers and ship them to your door. Keep a freezer fully stocked with Grateful Palate bacons for all those surprise visitors. Bacon is the ultimate gift, especially for Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries. With this combo you get to sample 13 of our best." Sales pitch: No one can resist bacon. Unless they don't eat pork, I suppose, or are on a diet. Cost: $128.95 plus applicable shipping & handling. Get it here. Photo Credit: Dan4th
  • GQ

    Of course, magazine subscriptions are always a nice gift as well. GQ is the perfect low-cost subscription gift for the sophisticated man — just make sure he doesn’t already get it. Sales pitch: The magazine has a lot of entertaining original content, including political commentary, fashion tips and relationship advice—plus a regular staple of interesting interviews with what the publication deems the “most-gorgeous women on the planet.” Cost: $12 per year (12 issues); $20 for two years (24 issues). Sign up here. Photo Credit:
  • Vogue

    Vogue is simply the definitive fashion magazine. It’s the perfect gift idea for any fashionista. Sales pitch: If you are shopping for someone who’s into style, it doesn’t get any more serious than Vogue. Cost: $18 per year (12 issues); $28 for two years (24 issues). Sign up here. Photo Credit:
    Field & Stream
  • Field & Stream

    Hunters, fishermen and the standard outdoorsmen will all enjoy a subscription to Field & Stream. It's perfect for guys who are too rugged to be caught paging through a copy of GQ or Esquire. Sales pitch: It doesn't get much cheaper, and the magazine knows its audience. Cost: $10 per year (12 issues); $15 for two years (24 issues). Sign up here. Photo Credit: Field & Stream

    NYLON is an edgy and youthful women's lifestyle magazine. Sales pitch: Totally perfect for the twenty-something woman who finds Vogue too conventional, or who already subscribes to a straight fashion magazine. NYLON includes pop culture spin, fashion and beauty tips. Cost: $19.95 per year (10 issues). Get it here. Photo Credit:
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