Rewards Clubs: The Secret to Saving

  • Signing Up

    Loyal shoppers at certain retail stores can take advantage of valuable discounts and promotions by joining store loyalty programs. Some consumers may be wary of their purchases being tracked, but many stores say they don’t sell participants’ personal information. And, in fact, many stores may use your membership card to warn you when you’ve purchased a product that has been recalled by safety officials and could be hazardous to your health. A real downside of these cards is that consumers may be compelled to limit their shopping to one store where they get loyalty card discounts, but if you hold several discount cards and continue to compare prices at multiple stores, these memberships could be worth your while. Photo Credit: joelogon
  • Winn-Dixie

    What you get: Winn-Dixie’s loyalty program gives members instant discounts and other promotions like discounted gas prices at certain locations. Parents with kids younger than 2 can also enroll in the Winn-Dixie Baby Club for discounts, coupons and gifts for baby items. How to apply: Visit their site or inquire in stores. Photo Credit: hattiesburgmemory
  • Kroger

    What you get: Kroger’s Plus Card offers members special promotions, coupons and free samples. E-coupons can also be loaded onto your card, and they’re scanned when you check out. You can also get fuel rewards at Kroger or Shell gas stations and 10 cents off a gallon or more depending on how much you spend in the store. How to apply: Get an application at the customer service desk before you begin shopping. Photo Credit: mcsquishee
  • DSW

    What you get: This shoe store’s rewards card earns shoppers 10 points per dollar on regularly-priced items, and five points on clearance items. After you earn 1,500 points, you get a $10 certificate, and on your birthday you get a $5 certificate. You can earn even better benefits if you’re a DSW shopper who earns 6,000 or more points in a year. How to apply: Online or in stores. Photo Credit: Marcus Q
    Price Chopper
  • Price Chopper

    What you get: Buying groceries at Price Chopper with your AdvantEdge Card could save you money at the pump. When you spend $50 on certain items at participating stores with your card, you get 10 cents off every gallon of gas at certain Sunoco Stations. How to apply: Inquire in stores. Photo Credit: Pearly85
  • CVS

    In addition to special savings for card holders, those with CVS ExtraCare cards get 2% back with every purchase and get one Extra Buck for every two prescriptions purchased. Every three months the bucks you’ve earned will be printed on your receipt, or they can be printed online and used the next time you shop. How to apply: Sign up online or in stores. Photo Credit: pixeljones
  • Safeway

    What you get: Safeway’s store loyalty card gives members instant savings on certain items. There’s a variety of rewards: Save on gas at certain locations, get free stuff and special promotions, or use rewards to earn money for your school or to save for college. How to apply: Download an application in PDF format and submit it to your nearest Safeway store or just ask for a form at the store. Photo Credit: Laurel Fan
    Food Lion
  • Food Lion

    What you get: MVP Card holders get special discounts and personalized coupons, plus they’re entered into sweepstakes and promotions and can get special access to sporting events. How to apply: Online or in stores. Photo Credit:
  • Meijer

    What you get: Members who pay with cash, a PIN-based debit card or a linked Meijer Credit Card earn 0.5% back on all purchases at Meijer including gas and convenience store items. How to apply: Online or in stores. Photo Credit:
    Giant Eagle
  • Giant Eagle

    What you get: The Giant Eagle Advantage Card entitles cardholders to special savings and can earn them free fuel through fuelperks. Users can also load eOffers coupons onto their cards to redeem at checkout. How to apply: Go to your local Giant Eagle store or call the company’s customer care line at 1-800-553-2324. Photo Credit: ginnerobot
    Regal Cinemas
  • Regal Cinemas

    What you get: With the Regal Cinemas Crown Club card, you can earn free movies, popcorn, soft drinks and other rewards. Plus, you can get candy for $1 on Mondays and popcorn for $1 on Tuesdays when you’re seeing a movie. How to apply: Online and at theaters. Photo Credit: ZekeSneaker
  • Pathmark

    What you get: Weekly specials, free products, Baby Club rewards, double and even triple coupon promotions, and you can shop through the Rewards Online Mall and earn money for your next Pathmark store visit. How to apply: Online or in stores. Photo Credit: Paul Lowry
  • Starbucks

    What you get: You’ll have to put money on this Starbucks card to take advantage, but when you use it, you can get free syrup and milk options for your beverage, free refills of brewed coffee, a free tall beverage when you purchase a pound of whole-bean coffee and a free drink on your birthday. Plus, if your card is lost or stolen, your balance is protected. How to apply: Buy one online or pick one up at a store.Photo Credit: samat j
  • Albertsons

    What you get: Albertsons Preferred Savings Cards entitle members to discounts on thousands of items in stores and online as well as access to special offers and events. How to apply: Register online or in stores. Photo Credit: CarbonNYC
    Stop & Shop
  • Stop & Shop

    What you get: Stop & Shop Card users get weekly deals, coupons at checkout, double manufacturers' coupon savings and several other benefits. How to apply: Create an account online or at the store. Photo Credit: Nesster
    Key Food
  • Key Food

    What you get: Instant discounts and special promotions throughout the year, plus coupons that you can get online and link to your loyalty card. How to apply: Print a form online and bring it to a store or fill one out in-store. Photo Credit: peretzpup
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