Stay Beautiful During the Recession

  • 5 Ways to Save Big on Beauty Products

    The economic downturn impacts beautiful people, too. Exotic dancers aren’t getting compensated enough,  the Miss Venezuela competition is being downsized because of the poor economy and, as New York Magazine reported last month, gorgeous women are being forced to scrounge for unglamourous jobs like waiting tables. Now, it turns out the beauty industry is starting to spiral downwards. The New York Time recently reported that beauty product sales were down 7% in the first half of this year compared to the same time last year. This, despite claims from companies like L’Oreal, that they were immune to the recession. If you are one of the many people hoping to cut costs, here are three tips for balancing your bills and your looks: Photo Credit: kobread
    Make Your Own Moisturizer
  • Make Your Own Moisturizer

    Like all things, the recipes for good moisturizers range in complexity. You can manage just using some petroleum, but if you want to treat yourself to something special, consider buying some oils in bulk. Here’s a good explanation of the process. Photo Credit: dawvon
    Dollar Eyeliner
  • Dollar Eyeliner

    Eye liner is one of those essentials no woman should have to go without. You can buy a long stick of it for a dollar at CVS (Stock Quote: CVS), but is it even worth the dollar? Sometimes it’s better to pay a little more. Consider browsing the selection at  Target. It’s cheap and surprisingly elegant. Photo Credit: Hans Vink
    Ration Your Products
  • Ration Your Products

    Before you run out to the store with a long list of products, go back over your hidden inventory. You can combine the contents of old nail polish containers and make a brand new unique color for yourself. Or take the facial cleaning pads lying around your house and cut them in half to get twice the use. Photo Credit: kyz
    Splurging for Pennies
  • Splurging for Pennies

    Eyes Lips Face, also known as ELF, offers many essentials and luxuries for as little as a dollar. Check here if you can’t manage without lip gloss or a foundation brush. You can even get a French manicure set for as little as three bucks.(Also read this MainStreet article for more tips on finding beauty bargains.) Photo Credit: vidrio
    Au Natural
  • Au Natural

    A tough economy can be your excuse to finally shed beauty products all together and embrace your natural good looks. You’ll save money and gain new self-confidence. Photo Credit: Rodrigo Basaure
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