Frugal Moves That Won’t Embarrass You

  • Slick Frugal Moves

    If you’re a consumer who’s embarrassed to use coupons at the supermarket and don’t like to be seen haggling in stores, there are still plenty of ways to save money which you may never have considered.Photo Credit: snacktime2007
    Use Cash Instead of Credit
  • Use Cash Instead of Credit

    This is one of the simpler ways to cut your costs. U.S. consumers have already been cutting down their use of credit cards, Consumer Reports notes, citing a Federal Reserve report that revolving credit use is down 8%. That means Americans are getting smarter about their spending and realizing that using cash or debit cards will make less of an impact on your wallet if you tend to carry a balance. Photo Credit: Dan4th
    Turn Down Your Thermostat
  • Turn Down Your Thermostat

    It may not sound like much at first, but by lowering your home thermostat, you could cut your heating costs by 1% to 3% this winter, according to The Daily Green. And wearing a cozy sweater or lounging at home under a blanket or even a Snuggie couldn’t hurt.Plus, if you turn down the thermostat on your water heater by 10 degrees Fahrenheit, you can save 3% to 5% on your energy bill, which could add up to significant savings, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Photo Credit: rabble
    Don’t Waste Toothpaste
  • Don’t Waste Toothpaste

    Wasted toothpaste, lotion and other products stuck at the bottom of a tube or bottle could add up to more wasted money than you might expect.As much as 13% of a tube of toothpaste could get stuck if you dispense your usual way, according to Consumer Reports. And lotion bottles, especially those with pump dispensers, left as much as 25% of a bottle’s contents behind, according to their tests.Besides squeezing and shaking containers as much as possible, Consumer Reports blogger Tightwad Tod suggests scooping out contents from jars with a long-handled rubber spatula, softening up hardened honey by putting the jar in a pot of boiling water and adding cider vinegar to swish around in bottles of tangy condiments to use up the remnants. Photo Credit: donnamarijne
    Go to Salvage Shops
  • Go to Salvage Shops

    To spruce up your home without emptying your wallet, architectural salvage shops could save you 75% on home décor and home improvement items, according to Money Magazine. Salvage grocery stores are another money saving option, according to WalletPop. That is, if you’re not too shy about being seen in one of these stores. But the reality is that anyone you know who sees you there is also a petty pincher… so it’ll be your little secret. The idea behind these salvage grocers is that surplus packaged foods approaching their expiration dates are still useable, but shoppers may be hesitant to buy them. But you can save as much as 50% on your grocery bill at these stores, according to AARP. “Sell by” and “best if used by” dates are suggestions that refer to quality and not necessarily how long you have until an item in your fridge is inedible. To find a salvage grocery store in your area, check here. Photo Credit: IseFire
  • Insulate

    If you own a home, especially if it’s an older one, adding insulation can reduce how much you spend on heating and cooling. Using insulation can also help reduce your carbon footprint, regardless of what type of insulation you choose. If you’re a renter, adding weather stripping to cracks in doors and windows can help keep drafts out during colder weather, saving you up to 20% on your energy costs, according to Discovery. Photo Credit: Giles Douglas
    Get Rebates
  • Get Rebates

    Stores and name brands have mail-in and online rebates and you can find rebate offers in the weekend papers as well, helping you avoid holding up a checkout line with a stack of coupons.Additionally, several Web sites and shopping portals like, FatWallet and Upromise give you cash back on certain purchases. Photo Credit: Rombla
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