Snazzy Kitchen Gadgets for Christmas

  • Affordable Gifts

    Getting useful Christmas gifts can be daunting, especially at the last minute. But if you’re shopping for a food lover, especially the kind who prefers to cook at home, here are some affordable gifts to consider. Photo Credit: jslander
    All-in-One Breakfast Maker
  • All-in-One Breakfast Maker

    If mornings are a challenge for those who want breakfast at home, this handy breakfast station can make coffee, sausage, eggs and a toasted bagel at the same time. There’s a six-inch griddle, toaster oven with a timer and a four-cup drip coffee maker. Price: $31.75 on (Stock Quote: AMZN) Photo Credit:
    Garlic Zoom
  • Garlic Zoom

    Mincing garlic doesn’t have to result in a lingering finger stink. And the Garlic Zoom promises to prevent just that. Just put a couple of garlic cloves into its compartment and roll this little device back and forth and watch the inner blades go to work. Roll it back and forth longer for finer chopping. Price: $9.95 on Photo Credit:
    Spoon Scale
  • Spoon Scale

    If you’re shopping for someone who is a stickler for using recipes exactly as written, this measuring spoon with tell you how many grams you’re working with, and (going by weight) is the most accurate way to stick to a recipe. You can use this first to approximate by volume, then check the weight in ounces or grams. Price: $24.99 on Photo Credit:
    For Not-Too-Crisp Cookies
  • For Not-Too-Crisp Cookies

    If you leave them for just a minute too long, cookies can burn, making them a waste of time, effort and cookie dough. For those prone to forgetting about what’s in the oven, cookies can be spared if left in a few extra minutes with this Airbake cookie sheet. It has two layers of aluminum leaving a space of air in between to prevent burnt bottoms. Price: $10.67 on Photo Credit:
    Christmas Pancakes
  • Christmas Pancakes

    Christmas morning can be even more festive with the help of this pancake pan. You can make little Christmas tree, reindeer, Santa, snowmen and other various designs. Plus, this cast-aluminum holiday helper comes with a 10-year warranty. Price: $34.99 at Meijer Photo Credit: Meijer
    Digital Hourglass Kitchen Timer
  • Digital Hourglass Kitchen Timer

    Whether your favorite chef is baking or making stews, a kitchen timer can be a vital piece of equipment. And this hourglass timer, which is much more accurate than the kind using actual grains of sand, even responds to being turned over. On one side, you’ll have your timer, and when you flip it over, you get a clock. Price: $13.95 on Photo Credit:
    Bowl Scraper
  • Bowl Scraper

    Baking can be awfully wasteful when too much batter is left in a bowl. And especially if you’re concerned about salmonella from raw eggs and avoid eating it raw, this bowl scraper will help you get every last bit of that luscious batter, homemade frosting or whipped cream out of your bowl. Price: $7.95 on Photo Credit:
    A Fair Cake
  • A Fair Cake

    If you have kids who clamor for cake and demand their fair share, this cake tray with light-up slicing guides will make sure they’re appeased. You can divide a circular cake into between two and 12 slices at the press of a button, it’s on a Lazy Susan for easy rotation and even plays birthday music. Price: $38.68 on Photo Credit:
    For Kids in the Kitchen
  • For Kids in the Kitchen

    Little ice cream enthusiasts can play their part in the kitchen with this Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball. Using ice and rock salt in one end and an ice cream mix (like cream, sugar and vanilla) in the other end, you can make ice cream by shaking, rolling and passing the ball back and forth for about 10 minutes. This gadget can be used anywhere, since it doesn’t need electricity to work. And the 10 minutes of physical activity required to make it work could help make ice cream lovers feel a little less guilty. Price: $29.99 at Toys "R" Us Photo Credit: Toys “R” Us
    Encanal Cutting Board
  • Encanal Cutting Board

    Transferring cut veggies from a cutting board to a pot can be a mess, and you don’t want to pick up what has fallen on the kitchen floor, so this Encanal cutting board can help you reduce waste and make life in the kitchen much easier. Plus, if you hold it at the end, it can protect you from any splashes from your pot or pan. Price: About $31 at AmordeMadre Photo Credit: AmordeMadre
    Easy Hand Blender
  • Easy Hand Blender

    If breakfast smoothies or milkshakes are your thing, but you hate taking apart your traditional blender or food processor for cleanup, a hand blender is a perfect alternative. Plus, there’s a blade guard to prevent splashes and splatters and the blending shaft is dishwasher safe. Price: $29.95 for a Cuisinart CSB-76 Smart Stick Hand Blender on Photo Credit:
    Magnetic Measuring Cups
  • Magnetic Measuring Cups

    Cooks in the kitchen who tend to misplace utensils will love these magnetized measuring cups. They can stick together or to other metal surfaces. And they’re oval-shaped, making them easier to reach into narrow containers. Price: $7.98 at Macy's (Stock Quote: M) Photo Credit: Macy’s
    Space-Saving Storage
  • Space-Saving Storage

    If you’re Christmas shopping for someone with a tiny kitchen, show them that they can still be comfortable cooks with these wall-mounted food dispensers. They can hold cereal, trail mix, candy, granola, nuts, beans, and rice, and with one easy twist of a knob, one ounce is dispensed. Price: $47 at Yanko Design Photo Credit: Yanko Design
    S’mores Indoors
  • S’mores Indoors

    If you want a quick, easy and warm treat, especially if you don’t have a fireplace going, you can make easy, evenly heated s’mores in the microwave using this cute little tool. And your graham crackers will stay crisp! Price: $7.19 on Photo Credit:
    Brass Knuckles for Wine Lovers
  • Brass Knuckles for Wine Lovers

    If you’re shopping for a wine lover with a tough side – or one who needs a little toughening up for that matter – this Knuckle Duster Corkscrew might boost one’s macho image. Or you could use it for good. “The best way to defeat your enemy is to turn them into your friend,” says And sharing some wine could be a good start. Price: $12.99 at Photo Credit:
    For the Bag Lady
  • For the Bag Lady

    If you have a live-in loved one who insists on keeping a stash of plastic bags from the grocery store, this bag holder can make both of your lives easier. You can keep your hoarder happy and still cut the clutter of an out-of-control drawer or cabinet full of plastic bags. Price: $12.99 at Macy's Photo Credit: Macy’s
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