Sky High: Buy Your Own Private Jet

  • Up in The Air

    Financial constraints force most people to suffer the ever increasing hassles and indignities of commercial airline travel, from slow-moving lines to intrusive security screenings and nonexistent snacks to surly fellow travelers who won't stop hogging the armrest. If you can afford it, it's best to fly private. Some opt for fractional ownership through companies such as NetJets, while folks with the big bucks spring for something more glam, such as an eight-passenger $10 million-plus Learjet 60 XR or sleek and sexy 16-seat Gulfstream G650 that comes with the gut-wrenching price tag of nearly $60 million. Since size really does matter to some, there are titanic wide-body airliners with customized interiors that can (and often do) include several lounges, bedroom cabins, multiple lavatories and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Photo Credit: turkletom
    Ready for Takeoff
  • Ready for Takeoff

    Buying and customizing a brand-new jumbo jet can be cost prohibitive for all but the most well of the well-to-do. A less expensive option is to buy an older and already customized wide-body beast such as this 1966 Boeing 727 sitting on a Sarasota, Fla., tarmac. Asking price: $3.5 million. Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    Cabin Fever
  • Cabin Fever

    The interior of the wide-body cabin was refurbished in 2001, according to listing information, and is configured to carry 16 passengers. Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    Bold and Brassy
  • Bold and Brassy

    Passengers can lounge around on the leopard-print sofa in the full bar fashioned from high-gloss mahogany cabinetry. A nearby and fully equipped galley, or kitchen, has two microwave/convection ovens where a private chef can prepare gourmet meals. Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    Going Glam
  • Going Glam

    The 727’s vast interior includes an owner’s stateroom, complete with a queen-sized bed perfect for catnaps or beauty sleep during a long haul. The stateroom also includes a sitting area with club chair, built in sofa and scads of gleaming mahogany woodwork. Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    High Gloss
  • High Gloss

    The three lavatories are outfitted in high-gloss custom mahogany cabinetry. For more on this flying palace, contact Flight Source International at 888-759-7949. Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    VIP Lounge
  • VIP Lounge

    Those with a large entourage might prefer this gigantic 1980 Boeing 737 in Kansas City that seats 27 passengers in a variety of seats and sofas. Ideal for socializing, dining and sleeping, the asking price is available on request only. Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    Surround Sound
  • Surround Sound

    The multicabin interior space offers luxurious leather chairs, burled wood accents and all the entertainment bells and whistles one could want on a trans-Atlantic flight, namely televisions, video and CD players. The most modern airplane interiors are being fitted with iPod docking stations. Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    Sleepy Time
  • Sleepy Time

    The main lounge has several seating clusters, including a long sofa opposite a swooping custom-built cabinet full of audio-visual equipment. Guests can stretch out for a siesta on any one of the several long sofas that line the walls of the main cabins.Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    Diner's Club
  • Diner's Club

    A dining cabin seats eight in five-star style. Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    Take a Seat
  • Take a Seat

    The plane also includes separate seating space for four crew members, a full kitchen and two lavatories, one in the front and the other in the back. For information on this plane, contact Jet Midwest at 310-652-0296. Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    Jumbo Jet
  • Jumbo Jet

    Jumbo-jet Bargain Betties need look no further than this 1967 Boeing 727 in Sarasota, Fla., last refurbished in 1998 and listed at $2.5 million. Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    Personal Space
  • Personal Space

    The spacious cabin of the 23-passenger plane includes luxurious leather club chairs, a five-person curving cloth couch with a coffee table and built-in high-gloss wood cabinets perfect for stashing board games and entertainment systems. Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    Taking Care of Business
  • Taking Care of Business

    Those with money enough to own and maintain a jumbo jet for private use probably have pressing business matters that may not wait until landing in Zurich. The VIP office area has a large built-in mahogany and burl wood desk and comfy leather club chair. There’s even a second leather club chair for an assistant. Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    Full Bath
  • Full Bath

    The master stateroom is fitted with a queen-size bed and a private lavatory with a sink, toilet, bidet and full-size glass circular shower. For information about buying this plane, contact Flight Source International at 888-759-7949. Photo Credit: Aerotrader
    Dream On
  • Dream On

    The next phase of jumbo jet ownership is the much-delayed, greatly anticipated Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Buyers of this flying mansion will cough up around $200 million for the plane alone and many tens of millions more to have it customized by a company such as Lufthansa Technik, no stranger to dealing with tycoons and potentates. Photo Credit: Andrew Winch Design for Lufthansa Technik
  • State-of-the-Art

    Though it's far more costly, buying a new jumbo jet allows the Richie Riches of the world to add very specific and sometimes peculiar amenities, such as a music salon with a grand piano or a movie theater cabin with state-of-the-art projection and sound equipment. Photo Credit: Andrew Winch Design for Lufthansa Technik
    In the Boardroom
  • In the Boardroom

    Forget about commercial flights where economy-class fliers eat dry, flavorless meals on a fold-down trays. Passengers on a Dreamliner can wine and dine in a formal dining room the size of a banquet hall that does double-duty as an airborne boardroom. Photo Credit: Andrew Winch Design for Lufthansa Technik
    Private Quarters
  • Private Quarters

    In this design, a surprisingly wide corridor leads from the movie theater past a full barroom and galley toward the plane’s more private quarters. Photo Credit: Andrew Winch Design for Lufthansa Technik
    Sleep Right
  • Sleep Right

    A commercially configured 787 can carry nearly 300 people trying to sleep sitting up while their seatmate fidgets and gets up to use the restroom 49 times. But a Dreamliner is so big that even with large and luxe lounges, there is still plenty of room for multiple staterooms for sleeping on long and overnight flights. Master staterooms can easily be configured as a sprawling suite with bedroom, private sitting room, office area, commodious closets and a large lavatory with double sinks, bidets and showers. Photo Credit: Andrew Winch Design for Lufthansa Technik
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