Silly Stocking Stuffers Under $12

  • For Those Not Getting Coal

    Dumping out the contents of a Christmas stocking is one of the best parts of the holidays for many Americans. And filling that stocking, or buying smaller-sized trinkets in general, doesn’t have to mean dropping $60 on an iPod shuffle. From candy to toys to desk gadgets, here are a number of little tongue-in-cheek gifts perfect for friends, family or coworkers if you’re on a budget. Photo Credit: dawnzy58
    Festive Candies
  • Festive Candies

    Candy makes stuffing stockings to the brim more affordable. If you want to go beyond the average candy canes and chocolate, there are several more festive options to choose from that will appeal to those who love Christmas smells and flavors. Like eggnog gumballs and Cinnabon candy canes, for instance. If you want to go a little further with candy flavors outside of the traditional ones, why not try corndog flavored mints? Prices: Eggnog gumballs cost $2.79 for 22, you can get Cinnabon canes for $3.79 a dozen and corndog mints for $2.99 for a hundred. Photo Credit:
    Fun With Hygiene. No, Really.
  • Fun With Hygiene. No, Really.

    Parents can make up for crazy candy purchases with toothpaste tube toppers that make brushing teeth more fun, even for the reluctant kid. You can get a silly dog or cat character, and when you squeeze the tube, toothpaste comes out of its mouth. Price: $2.95 at Photo Credit:
    For Kid Science Nerds
  • For Kid Science Nerds

    These glass sculptures have brightly colored liquid inside that bubbles up through a twisted tube in response to the heat from your hand. These help explain the concept of heat transfer to bigger kids. Price: $5.95 at Photo Credit:
    For the Accident Prone
  • For the Accident Prone

    Whether you’re stuffing a kid’s stocking, or you want to give a thoughtful little gift to your favorite food, video game or martial arts lover, novelty adhesive bandages with fun themes may be just the right addition to the less-exciting Christmas gifts like sweaters and socks. You can get bandages shaped like strips of bacon, fake tattoo bandages, as well as Pac-Man and ninja themed bandages that come with a matching metal tin. Price: $4 to $5. Photo Credit:
    For the Cookie Lover
  • For the Cookie Lover

    Baking can be a big part of the holidays for many families, but sometimes cookies disappear too quickly. Luckily, this soap cookie probably won’t. It smells like a real cookie, and it’s even OK for cookie-loving vegans since it’s not made with any animal products. Just make sure any kid you give it to knows not to take a bite. Price: $3.99 from A set of different, all-natural soap cookies costs $5.50 for three at Photo Credit:
    For the Cupcake Crazed
  • For the Cupcake Crazed

    If you have a baking maven in the family, or a lover of cupcakes, these fancy animal-print cupcake liners are a fun way to present their delicious goodies. You can get them in black, zebra print or natural leopard print. Price: $3.25 at Photo Credit:
    A Gift for the Chef
  • A Gift for the Chef

    About 28% of Americans fry their turkeys for Thanksgiving, according to Consumer Reports, but a big turkey fryer may lay dormant for the rest of the year. There are ways to get more out of this giant cooking gadget, and the book 103 Uses For Your Turkey Fryer provides just that, with tips on how to use it to make maple syrup, canned fruits and vegetables and even use it a bit like a crock pot. Price: $10 on Photo Credit: nukeit1
    For Beer Lovers
  • For Beer Lovers

    Classic, wall-mounted bottle openers are a handy tool, especially during big family get-togethers that involve beer (or bottled soda for the kids, of course). This “Open Bottle Here” opener can help direct partiers to the right place to get their drink on. Price: $7.50 at Or Guinness lovers can get one with their favorite brand name on it for $7.99. Photo Credit:
    For the Liquor Drinker
  • For the Liquor Drinker

    Going home for the holidays or hosting family get-togethers can be tough work. If you know one family member in particular who gets stressed during Christmas time and will likely sneak a stiff drink when no one’s looking, this keychain flask may help. And since it only holds one ounce, it won’t be as easy to go overboard. Price: $7.75 at Engraving costs extra. Photo Credit:
    Lighting Up Christmas for the Overworked
  • Lighting Up Christmas for the Overworked

    If you have a relative, friend or colleague who’s constantly working, and barely takes the time to look up from their computer screen, they can still take part in the the joy and warmth of Christmas from the corner of their eye with this USB fiber optic Christmas tree. And if all USB ports are occupied connecting multiple gadgets, the tree can run on two AAA batteries instead. Price: $9.99 at Photo Credit:
    The Snowbot
  • The Snowbot

    A Snowbot might be an even more geeky and festive gift for your household computer addict. It’s a USB-powered snowman with robotic articulating metal arms, a scanning red or blue LED robot eye that looks a bit like the glasses worn by Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation. ThinkGeek says Snowbot even makes an “authentic” robot sound (whatever that means). Price: $11.99 at Credit:
    Office Toys
  • Office Toys

    Office work can often feel like a never-ending rat race, so why not lighten the mood with a little, three-in-one toy for your desk? This wind-up mouse can run on its own, run on a wheel straight across your desk, or run in place on a wheel, hopefully to remind you that your efforts at work are more rewarding than your mouse’s. Price: $3.99 at Office Playground. Photo Credit: Office Playground
    Shaking off Stress
  • Shaking off Stress

    Stress balls are popular swag, but this little squeezable cow might be better at easing your tension. There’s a pull-cord where its tail should be, and when you pull it, the cow will vibrate and dance on your desk. Price: $2.99 at Photo Credit:
    For the Disgruntled Coworker
  • For the Disgruntled Coworker

    If you know someone who’s expressed unhappiness at work and you’re secretly scared of them going postal, here’s a good gag gift. It’s a blood-spattered pad of chalk-outlined note paper with a matching pen! Online retailer Office Playground suggests that it can be used to write down “ideas for revenge, letters of resignation, or lists of your ‘favorite’ co-workers.” Price: $7.99 at If you’re willing to pay a little more, you can get a Dead Fred pen holder instead, that way every time your frustrated coworker puts her pen down, she can stab Fred right in the heart. Dead Fred costs $14.95 at Convenient Gadgets & Gifts. Photo Credit:
    Animal-Loving Officemates
  • Animal-Loving Officemates

    Depending on your own office dynamics, sometimes all you know about a coworker are the basics. And especially if you’ve got an animal lover in admin, these animal-shaped rubber bands could be a cute desk supply addition. In one box, you’ll get dogs, cats, pigs, bunnies, ducks and turtles. Price: $7.95 for 24 animal-shaped rubber bands at They work like regular rubber bands, but they spring back into shape when they’re not being used. Photo Credit:
    For the Unclean
  • For the Unclean

    If you’re struggling to think of a gift that won’t end up adding to more clutter and filth on a friend’s desk at work or at home, a USB vacuum cleaner might be the answer. It hooks up to your computer with a retractable cable and makes it easy to clean up the crumbs that settle between keyboard keys. Price: $6.98 at Photo Credit:
    A Gift for the God-Fearing
  • A Gift for the God-Fearing

    If you have an especially vocal God-fearing friend or family member (with a sense of humor, we hope), the Lookin Good For Jesus brand of novelty goods could make for handy stocking stuffers. There’s lip balm, a compact and a coin purse. All together, they could make the perfect set to keep a lady at her Sunday best and give her a place to put her tithing money, too. Prices: $5.95 for the lip balm, $4.95 for the compact and $3.95 for the coin purse. Photo Credit:
    Gag Gloves
  • Gag Gloves

    Especially in the extreme cold, a good pair of gloves is a winter necessity. But do you have wool gloves that make you itchy or fur-lined gloves that make you sweaty? Undergloves could ease your discomfort. They’re fingerless gloves that look and feel like men’s tightie-whities, and they reduce chafing, absorb sweat and they’re good for distracting enemies, sanitary handshakes and night blogging, according to their distributor. Price: $11.95 at Photo Credit:
    Little Treats
  • Little Treats

    Friends or even kids who enjoy a little toilet humor will love this "Oh Deer" Super Dooper Reindeer Candy Pooper. It’s a candy dispenser that drops little brown nuggets (jelly beans). If you’d prefer a more functional and less Christmas-themed pooping animal, there’s a candy dispensing Panda that “eats, shoots and leaves piles” of cola- and butterscotch- flavored jelly beans. Price: The jelly bean dropping reindeer is $4.99 on and the pooping panda costs $.5.95 at Candy Crate. Photo Credit:
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