Sex Still Sells: Dirty Business Seems Sturdy

  • A Rising Industry

    This isn’t your parents’ recession. Everything else may decline, but the sex industry is rising. Surveys indicate that people are turning to sex more often to improve their mood in this flacid economy, among other reasons. The act itself is free (or often is), but the products associated with it can be expensive. Yet these products are selling as well or better than previous years. If you’re looking for a safe investing opportunity, a good cocktail conversation starter, or you’re just secretly curious (we were), here’s the breakdown of how the sex business is doing in this recession. Photo Credit: erix!
    Condoms, Condoms and More Condoms
  • Condoms, Condoms and More Condoms

    Condom sales increased in the last quarter of 2008 and in the first quarter of this year. Not taking any chances, condom companies have also applied some good marketing techniques. Trojan, the nation’s most popular condom producer, put out a recession-themed commercial to introduce their version of a stimulus package - a pleasure pack of condoms. And Durex, another producer, has gone so far as to place condoms in newspapers. Photo Credit: Paul Keller
  • Pornography

    Let’s be honest. Everyone looks at it once in a while, but not everyone wants to pay. That’s why the porn industry asked for a bailout earlier this year. Professional adult film companies generated a massive $12 billion revenue back in 2007, but have since lost close to half of that. Meanwhile, free pornographic Web sites are attracting more users than many popular news sites. alone was adding 15 million new unique users each month at its peak. Photo Credit: nyki_m
    Splurging on Accessories
  • Splurging on Accessories

    Cash-strapped consumers are apparently willing to open up their wallets for expensive sex accessories. Sales of lubricants increased by a third in the first quarter of this year and sales of “marital aids” suchs as vibrators and other sex toys have increased by 74%. Photo Credit: Diego Cupolo
    Ladies of the Night
  • Ladies of the Night

    The recession has done what many law-abiding citizens tried to do in the past: to cut down on prostitution. Strip clubs are suffering too, but they are in the midst of renogotiating their payment arrangements with lenders and adjusting the price of admission for customers. Photo Credit: DCvision2006
    Dating Sites
  • Dating Sites

    Psychologists have always believed that people seek out companionship in troubled times when they are feeling more vulnerable, and this is certainly proving true in this troubled economy., a popular dating site, recently boasted its best quarter earning earlier this year. The number of postings in the personals section on Craigslist has jumped up, too. Photo Credit: Nick Douglas
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