Recall Watch: Sick Sausages, Deadly Diving & More

  • Dangerous Goods

    These consumer products could hurt you or kill you in any number of ways. Drowning just happens to be the scariest. Photo Credit: Hugo
    Sausages Could Sicken
  • Sausages Could Sicken

    About 11,500 pounds of pork and chicken products that slipped past Department of Agriculture inspections, are subject to a Class I USDA recall, the most serious food recall from the agency on concerns that it could cause illnesses and death. The packages have USDA marks of inspection but were not inspected. Who got hurt? There were no reports of illnesses or deaths. Where did the meat come from? The 11,500 pounds of meat, mostly sausage, was shipped to retailers in California. Do I own this? The meat was produced between March 2009 and October 2009. Retailers that sold the meat can be found here. What to do: Do not use the recalled meat and either throw it away or return it to your supermarket and request a refund. Who to Contact: If you’re feeling ill, see a doctor. If you simply have questions about food safety you can send them in at or call the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline at (888) 674-6854. Photo Credit: Spigoo
    Chairs Falling Apart
  • Chairs Falling Apart

    Sitting at your desk for even a minute could make you fall flat. About 150,000 faulty $300 mesh office chairs are being recalled, regulators say. Who got hurt? Raynor, the chair maker, has heard of 33 cases in which seatbacks detached from chairs. Fourteen of those incidents resulted in bumps and bruises, the Consumer Products Safety Commission says. Where did the chairs come from? The recalled chairs were sold exclusively at Office Depot stores nationwide and at between May 2006 and August 2009. Do I own this? The recall covers Quantum Realspace PRO 9000 Series Mid-Back Multifunction Mesh Chairs costing about $300 as well as Quantum Realspace PRO 9000 Series Mesh Chairs with a headrest for about $350. What to do: “Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled office chairs and contact Raynor to receive a free repair kit,” the CPSC advises. Who to Contact: You can get more information and a free repair kit by calling Raynor at (866) 244-8180 or submitting your contact information at Photo Credit: CPSC
    Bike Baskets Cause Falls
  • Bike Baskets Cause Falls

    About 6,400 Electra Bicycles with front trays or seemingly harmless baskets are being recalled following a previous recall of 3,000 of the bikes in March. The attached trays and baskets could come loose or detach, posing a fall hazard. Who got hurt? Electra Bicycle Company has heard of 15 cases of trays or baskets coming loose which includes two reports of cuts and bruises. Where did the bike come from? The Electra bikes were sold at dealers nationwide between October 2008. The bikes themselves cost between $600 and $750 and the trays and baskets themselves cost about $100. Do I own this? This recall applies to 2009 model Delivery 3i, Delivery 8D, Holiday 3i, Holiday 8i and Surf 3i bikes with a basket or tray in the front. What to do: Consumers are urged to stop riding these bicycles right away and contact an Electra Bicycle dealer for a free inspection and repair or a refund. Who to Contact: For more information, Electra Bicycle can be reached at (800) 261-1644, or visit the firm’s Web site at Photo Credit: CPSC
    Exploding Bike Tires
  • Exploding Bike Tires

    Layers inside Schwalbe Ultremo R bicycle tires could separate and lead to a rupture, posing a fall hazard to cyclists, the CPSC reports. Who got hurt? No one, yet. Where did the bike tires come from? The tires were manufactured by Ralf Bohle and imported by Moser Enterprises. Bikes with the tires were sold at bicycle specialty stores and on the Web at between April 2009 and May 2009 for about $75. Do I own this? The recalled tires are market with “Schwalbe” and “Ultremo R” on the side wall of the tires. What to do: “Consumers should immediately stop using bicycles with the recalled tires and contact their local bicycle dealer for a free replacement set of tires,” the CPSC advises. Who to Contact: Moser Enterprises can be reached toll-free at (888) 700-and on the Web at Photo Credit: CPSC
    Hose Drowns Diver
  • Hose Drowns Diver

    Divers could be facing yet another deadly risk. Swedish company SI Tech is recalling hoses used for diving after a piece dislodged, restricted airflow and ended up drowning one diver, according to the CPSC. Who got hurt? The company has heard of six cases in which hose inserts dislodged and one death as a result of the faulty tubes. Where did the hoses come from? The hoses were distributed between July 2006 and February 2009 for about $45. Do I own this? “The hose contains an air flow restricting insert that may be either black, blue or green in color, the CPSC says. “The batch code is stamped on the threaded metal end of the hose.” What to do: “Consumers should immediately stop using diving equipment that contains the recalled low pressure inflation hoses and contact SI Tech for the location of an authorized dealer for a free repair which involves removal of the hose insert, or to receive instructions on how to repair the hose,” the company reports. Who to Contact: For additional information, contact SI at (877) 348-3529 at visit or by email at Photo Credit: CPSC
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