Recall Watch: Cast Iron Pans, Directors Chairs and More

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    Love to cook using cast iron? Or maybe you’re an avid diver. Or perhaps you like to sit… in chairs. If you answered yes to any of these question (especially the one about chairs) then you’ll want to keep clicking. A number of recent product recalls could very well interest you. Photo Credit: Hugo
    Shattering Cast Iron
  • Shattering Cast Iron

    About 51,000 Paula Deen hammered cast iron cookware items were recalled after reports that they could shatter and cause burns and lacerations. Who got hurt? Distributor Meyer Trading and seller QVC have reported 79 incidents in which the cast iron shattered or cracked, including one burn injury, the Consumer Products Safety Commission reports. Where did the cookware come from? It was sold on QVC,, and at QVC stores between October 2007 and July 2009 for between $35 and $55. Do I own this? The recall includes 11-inch, black cast iron grill pans and griddles with the Paula Deen on the bottom with the QVC item numbers K14984, K11970 and K135024.  What to do: Stop using the recalled cookware immediately. If you bought your recalled cookware at a QVC store, return it to any QVC store for a full refund. If not, you may wait to receive instructions by mail on contact the company directly. Who to Contact: QVC can be reached at (800) 367-9444 or online at for additional information.   Photo Credit: CPSC
    Falling Directors’ Chairs
  • Falling Directors’ Chairs

    About 84,000 folding directors’ chairs sold at Lowe’s are being recalled after reports that back supports could break, posing a fall hazard to consumers. Who got hurt? L G Sourcing and Manufacturer White Tiger have heard of 10 cases in which the chairs broke. No injuries have been reported. Where did the chairs come from? Lowe’s stores nationwide from June 2009 through July 2009 for about $40. Do I own this? The recall includes red and blue folding directors’ chairs with white frames and “Garden Treasures” printed on its packaging. What to do: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled chairs and return them to any Lowe’s store for a full refund. Who to Contact: For additional information, contact White Tiger at (877) 251-5558, or visit Photo Credit: CPSC
    Guardian Face Masks Fail to Guard
  • Guardian Face Masks Fail to Guard

    Full facemasks for diving are being recalled on concerns that pressure applied to the visor could cause the mask to dislodge and flood. Who got hurt? No injuries have been reported, but manufacturer Ocean Technology Systems says it received three reports of visors dislodging. Where did the masks come from? They were made by the Ocean Technology Systems and were sold by diving equipment sellers across the country from between March 2009 and August 2009 for $800. Do I own this? The recalled masks are full-face masks for scuba diving which include a regulator along with the mask. What to do: Consumers should stop using the recalled masks and contact the manufacturer to receive stainless steel clamps to keep the plastic visor in place. Who to Contact: Ocean Technology Systems can be reached at (877) 270-1984 or online at any time or e-mail the company at with any questions. Photo Credit: CPSC
    Diving Equipment Could Cause Drowning
  • Diving Equipment Could Cause Drowning

    About 20,300 pieces of Halcyon Diving Equipment are being recalled on concerns that it could fail, causing divers to drown. Who got hurt? No incidents or injuries were reported. Where did the equipment come from? It was sold at diving equipment retailers and distributors between January 2006 and December 2008.  The recalled buoyancy compensator devices cost between $350 and $450 and the recalled inflatable devices cost between $50 and $275. Do I own this? This recall includes Halcyon Explorer, Eclipse, CCR35, Evolve and Pioneer Buoyancy Compensator Devices and Halcyon Surface Marker Buoys, Lift Bags, Diver Alert Markers Surf Shuttle and Diver Lift Raft Inflatable Devices. What to do: Stop using the affected diving equipment and return it to a Halcyon distributor or dealer for a free inspection and free overpressure valve spring replacement if necessary. Who to Contact: Halcyon can be reached at (800) 425-2966 or online at for more information, or you can e-mail Photo Credit: CPSC
    Pressure Washers Could Burst
  • Pressure Washers Could Burst

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reannounced a previous recall of about 620,000 pressure washers and 72,000 compressors from December 2006 following additional reports of lacerations, finger fractures and property and vehicle damage due to pneumatic tires with plastic hubs that can burst. Who got hurt? DeVilbiss has received more than 100 injury reports, including hand and finger fractures and lacerations and reports of minor property damage and damage to vehicles. The previous recall announcement came after 26 injuries were reported. Where did they come from? The recalled pressure washers and compressors were sold at home and hardware stores across the country. The washers were sold between January 2004 and November 2005 for $300 to $1,400, and the air compressors were sold between December 2004 and October 2006 for $300 and $500. Do I own this? “Only pressure washers and compressors with pneumatic tires with plastic tire hubs are affected,” the CPSC says. Brand, model number and date of manufacture can be found on a name plate behind the engine base of the pressure washer. The air compressors have the brand, model number and date of manufacture on the front of the motor housing, according to the CPSC. What to do: Consumers should stop using these products immediately and contact DeVilbiss to obtain the location of the nearest service center to receive a free replacement of the tires. Who to Contact: For additional information, contact DeVilbiss at (866) 323-9867 online at Photo Credit: CPSC
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