Recall Roundup: Beware of Painful Products

  • Consumer Products That Could Burn, Cut, Poison or Crush You

    Recalls have been issued on a number of faulty consumer products that could lead to burns, cuts, poisoning and other serious injuries. Here are a few you should know about. Photo Credit: Hugo
    Tiki Torches Could Melt
  • Tiki Torches Could Melt

    About 720,000 replacement fuel containers for backyard tiki torches are being recalled on concerns that they could melt, cause burn injuries and pose a fire hazard.Who got hurt? Lamplight Farms, the manufacturer, received 35 reports that flame guards on its Clear-Vu Torch fuel containers melted. One case resulted in a minor burn injury.Where did the torches come from? Discount, hardware and home improvement stores from January 2008 to August 2009 for between $1 and $3, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Do I own this? The recalled containers have the letters “RC” stamped under the flame guard. Fuel containers sold along with torches are not being recalled.What to do: Stop using the torch fuel container immediately and contact Lamplight to receive a free repair kit.Who to Contact: Lamplight can be reached at (866) 671-7988 or online at Credit: CPSC
    Compact Tractors Gone Wild
  • Compact Tractors Gone Wild

    A differential problem could cause the tractor to turn left when you’re braking which could cause you to collide with objects and bystanders, possibly causing injuries. Who got hurt? There were no injuries reported.Where did the tractors come from? John Deere dealers nationwide between July 2009 and August 2009 for $13,000 to $15,000.Do I own this? The recalled tractors have model numbers 3032E and 3038E painted on the side of the tractor. These serial numbers are printed on the tractor frame above the front wheel on the right of the driver, the CPSC says.What to do: Stop using the recalled vehicles immediately and contact a John Deere dealer to schedule a free repair. John Deere dealers will also contact registered owners of the tractors directly.Who to Contact: Deere & Company can be reached at (800) 537-8233 or online at Credit: CPSC
    A Grizzly Hazard
  • A Grizzly Hazard

    About 500 Bandsaws imported by Grizzly Industrial of Bellingham, Wash., are being recalled on worries that they could shock users. Some of the recalled bandsaws didn’t have grounding wires installed, posing an electric shock hazard. Who got hurt? The CPSC didn’t report any injuries.Where did the bandsaws come from? They were sold at Grizzly’s showrooms, in catalogs and online from February 2008 through July 2009 for about $1,600.Do I own this? The recall applies to G0640X 17-inch metal/wood bandsaws with inverter motors.What to do: Consumers are urged to stop using the bandsaw immediately and have a repair kit installed. “The firm is sending repair kits directly to consumers,” the CPSC says. Who to Contact: Grizzly Industrial can be reached at (800) 523-4777or online at Photo Credit: CPSC
    Gas Boilers Could Poison
  • Gas Boilers Could Poison

    Gas Boilers are being recalled by Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. on concerns that an ignition problem could cause gas leakage and pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.Who got hurt? No injuries have been reported among consumers of the 85 recalled boilers, but two problems were reported in Germany. There were no injuries.Where did the boilers come from? Plumbing and heating wholesale distributors and plumbing and heating contractors sold and installed the boilers nationwide between April 2008 and February 2009 for $12,000 to $24,000.Do I own this? The recall involves the Buderus GB312 gas-fired, floor-standing condensing boilers with these model numbers. Additionally, “BUDERUS GB312” is printed on the front of the boiler, the CPSC notes. The boilers are about 60 inches high and between 39 and 55 inches wide and come in blue.What to do: Bosch has already contacted consumers who own affected boiler buyers, inspected and repaired them.Who to Contact: Bosch Thermotechnology can be reached at (800) 283-3787 for more information or online at Credit: CPSC
    Garlic Press/Slicers Could Cut You
  • Garlic Press/Slicers Could Cut You

    Ironically, a kitchen gadget meant to save time and even keep your hand safe from sharp knives could end up cutting you. Trudeau Corporation is recalling about 22,000 of its Garlic Duo Slicers because they could pose a laceration hazard due to slicer blades that could break during use.Who got hurt? There have been four reports of the slicer blades breaking, but no injuries have been reported. Where did the gadgets come from? Department and retail stores nationwide for about $20.Do I own this? Model numbers 998009, 998010 or 998010CB were affected by the recall. The number can be found on a packing card, hang tag, or UPC label, according to the CPSC.What to do: Consumers should stop using the recalled Garlic Duo and contact the company about how to return the gadget for a free replacement and free set of three measuring spoons. Who to Contact: Trudeau can be reached at (888)887-8332 or online at Credit: CPSC
    Loungers Fall From Hammocks
  • Loungers Fall From Hammocks

    Faulty hooks could cause hammock users to fall and injure themselves. About 2,500 Grand Trunk Parachute Hammocks are being recalled, reports the CPSC.Who got hurt? The firm has received nine incidents of hooks failing, resulting in bumps, bruises and/or scrapes.Where did the hammocks come from? Specialty outdoor retailers nationwide. They were sold between July 2008 and June 2009 for $50 to $60.Do I own this? The recalled come in a nylon sack printed with Grand Trunk logo and came in several models and colors. What to do: Consumer should stop using the hammocks and contact Grand Trunk for a for a free repair kit.Who to Contact: The company can be reached at (877) 365-2965 or online at Credit: CPSC
    Melting Flashlights
  • Melting Flashlights

    To prevent some possible Halloween horrors, Target is recalling three-for-$1 flashlights after a sizzle and burn incident reported by WalletPop.Who got hurt? So far, it appears that the only report of a flashlight melting incident has come directly from WalletPop. Where did the flashlights come from? Imported by Devrian Global Industries and sold at Target Stores, according to WalletPop.Do I own this? These mini flashlights came three to a pack in assorted colors.What to do: Return them to your local Target store for a refund.Who to Contact: E-mail for additional information on the recall.Photo Credit: WalletPop
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