Real Estate for the Apocalypse

  • Some Say The End Is Near

    There have always been individuals, groups, kooks and self-described prophets who have predicted the end of life on Earth as we know it. One of those operating in the ether of believability is a Belgian gentleman named Patrick Geryl. Based on his study of millennia-old codes and calculations of the Mayans and ancient Egyptians, Geryl concludes that there will be a polar reversal on Dec. 21, 2012, resulting in, according to his Web site, “massive earthquakes,” “colossal tsunamis” and titanic tectonic shifts that will move major land masses and continents thousands of miles in just a few short hours. Photo Credit: Dr Stephen Dann
    A Home for the Apocalypse
  • A Home for the Apocalypse

    The Korvelo Group, a small clutch of architects and engineers who choose to remain anonymous, has tapped into the special architectural needs of the philosophically fringy marketplace and specialize in building super-safe structures for folks who have the desire to survive global catastrophes such as Geryl’s predicted “polar shift,” volcanic eruptions, World War III, a nuclear event, other natural disasters and “biblical tribulation.” That’s right, with one of Korvelo Group’s buildings, now you can be assured of surviving the second coming of Christ in the comfort and safety of your own home. Photo Credit: mikelehen
    A Moat to Keep Out Enemies
  • A Moat to Keep Out Enemies

    Korvelo Group offers several variations of heavily fortified structures including a castle compound with 24-foot high exterior walls and a helipad on the roof of the residence. The hosue also includes a four- to six-story sphere with interior parking for up to eight cars, and several varieties and sizes of domes. However, according to their Web site, it’s their Pyramid-shaped structure that provides the greatest amount of protection from the elements and security from post-apocalyptic marauders.
    The Pyramid
  • The Pyramid

    The Pyramid, according to the Korvelo Group’s Web site, is pretty much the perfect shape for a hyper-secure structure. Not only do pyramids have a near mythic architectural history, they are the strongest and simplest structure for a single person to defend in the event of an attack. Korvelo Group’s pyramid house is designed to be fireproof, tornado and hurricane resistant, able to withstand a strong earthquake or even a nuclear blast. Why someone would want to survive a nuclear blast close enough to shower their home with debris and nuclear fallout is another issue altogether.
    Home Sweet Bunker
  • Home Sweet Bunker

    Each of the structures proposed are highly customizable and Korvelo Group recommends that, for best defense against cataclysmic events, the structures be built with bunkers that can be above or below ground or, better yet, in the side of a mountain where it would be nearly impervious to any kind of disaster. With careful planning, according to the Korvelo Group, bunkers can and should be built with top-grade air filtration systems, plenty of storage for food and fuel, a secret emergency exit, of course, and most importantly, remote-operated weaponry on the exterior as well as “serious defense weapons” on the interior for extra protection in the unlikely event your bunker is breached by an intruder hell-bent on getting a hold of your 10-year stash of freeze-dried mac and cheese.
    Settle in for the Long Haul
  • Settle in for the Long Haul

    Also planned for future bunkers built by Korvelo Group is a CO2 removal system, which is vital for constructing a structure that would allow living completely disconnected from the outside world for upwards of seven years. Given the rather long half-life of nuclear material, we suggest stocking your bunker with plenty of board games and books because, unlike inhabitants of a Korvelo-designed residence and bunker, it is doubtful cable television will survive in a post-apocalyptic world.
    Is Anyone Buying These?
  • Is Anyone Buying These?

    According to a representative of the Korvelo Group, one of their super-safe structures is currently under construction in Brazil, another is planned for an undisclosed location the United States and at least one group of hard-core survivalists has requested a bid for a compound that can house hundreds determined to survive a global calamity. For more information on the Korvelo Group visit their Web site or call 1-800-594-2083. Digital photos courtesy of Korvelo Group.
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