Getting the Best Gym Membership Deal

  • 7 Tips to Getting a Great Gym Deal

    Just because you want to beef up or slim down doesn’t mean you need to let the health clubs treat you like a dumbbell.  Be a smart consumer and remember to follow these few tips when looking for a health club to join. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Shop around
  • Shop around

    Compare facilities and prices at several health clubs. Sometimes the local club around the corner is much cheaper and more flexible than the bigger chains. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Walk away and think about it
  • Walk away and think about it

    Don’t feel pressured into signing a contract. Step away from the salesperson and think about it before you sign. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Don’t be afraid to bargain
  • Don’t be afraid to bargain

    If you have a price in mind, ask for it.  Salespeople generally have the ability to bargain prices and terms, so don’t feel compelled to accept their initial terms. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Be fully informed
  • Be fully informed

    Thoroughly read the contract before signing it and have the sales agent go over every detail in the contract line-by-line. Make the salesperson describe all cancellation policies, contract terms and representations, and fee information.  Once you sign a contract, it is legally binding. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Get it in writing!
  • Get it in writing!

    Do not rely on verbal agreements. Make sure any representation made by the sales agent is specifically addressed in the contract. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Get your copy
  • Get your copy

    Do not leave the building without getting a complete signed copy of the contract. Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Ask questions
  • Ask questions

    Like your English teacher said in high school, “There are no dumb questions.” Do not be afraid to ask the salesperson about anything regarding your membership. It is better to be safe than sorry. Photo Credit: Getty Images
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