The Most Useless Sites on the Web

  • Time and energy black holes

    These web sites will consume your attention, your social life, and in some cases even get you fired. OK, we are exaggerating, but here are the Web’s most useless sites. Prepare for an incredible, if incredibly pointless, journey. Click Next to begin. Photo Credit: OMG LASER GUNS!

    Welcome to! Headphones required. Welcome to No, really, welcome. Photo Credit:
    Reblogging NonSociety
  • Reblogging NonSociety

    We recently profiled Internet celebrity Julia Allison. To those who know her, it will come as no surprise that certain people just hate her. We don’t. But some are taking their scorn to new and really incredibly pointless heights. There is AN ENTIRE SITE dedicated to reblogging what she says and then dissecting the minutiae of her life. Seriously. Just check out one of the recent comments: “Really, it’s just so sad she always has to throw in ‘a pilot!’ I’m shooting a PILOT. I’ll be in LA for a PILOT!!! PILOT!!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME DADDY??? No one cares, and no one is impressed. Just say you are going out there for work and be done with it.” The irony of the whole thing is just unreal. Countless people wasting their time criticizing someone for essentially wasting their time. And to make matters worse, I’m wasting my time by reading it, and now writing about it. And now you’re wasting your time… Well, you get the idea. Photo Credit: Reblogging NonSociety
    The Most Seconds
  • The Most Seconds

    This web site tracks the number of seconds you have been on it, in addition to the combined total number of seconds all visitors globally have spent on the site. Close to 25 years of collective visitor time has been wasted viewing the site, even though it only launched a year ago. My head hurts. Photo Credit: The Most Seconds
    Sarah Palin Is Your New Bicycle’s Flat Tire
  • Sarah Palin Is Your New Bicycle’s Flat Tire

    This web site spews out a seemingly endless number of uncool things Sarah Palin has done, according to the author’s imagination, at least. My favorites: “Sarah Palin double-clicked a hyperlink” and “Sarah Palin replied all.” I’m a nerd. Photo Credit:
    Alaska DMV Live Webcam
  • Alaska DMV Live Webcam

    Speaking of Alaska! That state’s Division of Motor Vehicles has a truly useless web site. It shows you the waiting areas, via live web cam, at each of its customer service offices. Awesome, right? Photo Credit: Alaska Dept. of Administration / DMV
    David Bowie Is Very Disappointed In You
  • David Bowie Is Very Disappointed In You

    Just wanted to let you know that David Bowie is very disappointed in you. That’s all. Moving along now. Photo Credit:
    Dogs in Sweaters
  • Dogs in Sweaters is your source for all things dogs in sweaters. Photos of dogs, in sweaters, which is more incredible and beautiful than anything else… but still useless. Photo Credit: Dogs in Sweaters
    Cute Overload
  • Cute Overload

    This site has thousands of user-submitted photos of cute animals, doing cute animal things. Cute Overload’s love for animals borders on the creepy, actually, but it’s still a thoroughly useless and time-consuming wonder. Photo Credit: Cute Overload
  • Omegle is an anonymous chat interface. You get hooked up with a complete stranger, somewhere around the world, and chat with him or her anonymously. Once you end the conversation, there is no way to ever connect with them again—unless you initially hit it off so well that you exchange contact information. Your username on the site is simply shown to the person on the other end as “Stranger.” So long, stranger. Photo Credit: arbron

    A squirrel, equipped with a jet pack, shoots a laser beam from its ray gun whenever you click your mouse. That’s all the site appears to do. Someone let their Flash developer skills go to waste. You could totally earn a six-figure income designing real Flash interfaces for companies. But this was probably more fun to create, we have to admit. Photo Credit: OMG LASER GUNS
    Viking Kittens
  • Viking Kittens

    Stupid. Very Web 1.0. And useless. This animation of “Viking kittens” in inexplicably addictive. OK, not so much. Next! Photo Credit: Viking Kittens
    Virtual Stapler
  • Virtual Stapler is for bored cubicle workers who wish they had a stapler at their desks to absently play with. Choose between three different models, and staple away, virtually. Photo Credit: Virtual Stapler
    Match Dot Wrong
  • Match Dot Wrong

    Match Dot Wrong chronicles the dating life, so to speak, of a young woman who works in the publishing industry. It is by turns unintentionally hilarious, tragic, and forward-worthy. If we ever met this woman, we would tell her that there is nothing wrong with being single. Lose the painful over-analysis of every interaction you have with someone of the opposite sex: they aren’t thinking about you nearly as much. And never, ever get your dating advice from a Gerard Butler movie. That’s all. Excerpt from one of her recent posts: “In a world where homemaking ability was paramount, I would have been beating boys off with a rolling pin; I've created my own recipes for everything from chicken pot pie to lasagne, and I've perfected numerous desserts including strawberry-rhubarb pie and chocolate chip cookies; I've dabbled in knitting, sewing, needlepoint, and cross-stitch; I can do French braids and fishtails and updos with curls. Basically, I am a mommy in the wings. I can't wait to have kids, and every time I see a cute baby, I'm tempted to steal it and take it home.” Yup. That’s your problem right there. Photo Credit: Match Dot Wrong
    FAIL Blog
  • FAIL Blog

    Photos of failures. With the word FAIL superimposed. Actually genius, but also useless. Photo Credit: FAIL Blog
    Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers
  • Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers

    This is the media company of the future. It chronicles men who happen to look like Kenny Rogers. It may be a book soon, according to the site’s management. Pure genius. Buy the t-shirt. Photo Credit: Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers
  • Windosill is an elegant yet pointless allegorical type of game. We’ll let you try to figure it out, but here’s a hint: start with the light bulb. You’ll have the option to unlock the second half but it will cost you $3. If only I had $3, available, to spend on a pointless game. I think this is a good place to end this article before my head explodes. (But don't go anywhere. Now that you've seen the most useless sites, here are the most useful people on the Web.) Photo Credit: Windosill
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