The Most Popular Free iPhone Apps Ever

  • The Most Downloaded Free iPhone Apps

    Let the countdown begin: We are just 10 days away from Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) releasing an iPhone that runs on Verizon’s (Stock Quote: VZ) network, in addition to AT&T’s (Stock Quote: T), and just three days away from being able to pre-order the device. This event is years in the making, and will likely draw in many new customers who were hesitant to purchase an iPhone in the past due to the endless stream of complaints about poor reception on AT&T’s network. In honor of the soon-to-be-released Verizon iPhone, MainStreet put together this guide for what you should download on your first day as an iPhone user. For those who haven’t yet dealt with Apple’s app store, it’s both a blessing and curse that there are now more than 300,000 apps. Many of them are worth downloading, but how do you pick out the best ones? Apple recently released its own list of the most downloaded free iPhone apps, and it is undoubtedly the best place to start. These apps will help you do everything from finding movie show times and locating nearby restaurants to hearing great music you like on the go, all free of charge. Photo Credit: Bart Claeys
    10. Paper Toss
  • 10. Paper Toss

    Paper Toss is exactly what it sounds like: a game that lets you toss virtual balls of paper into a trash can. Users can choose different settings ranging from an office to an airport and place the trashcan at varying distances to make it easier or harder. Also, did we mention there’s a conveniently placed fan in the game that blows air in the path of your paper toss to make it all the more difficult. It may sound simple, but look at it this way: playing this smartphone game is probably better than getting caught doing a real paper toss in your office. Photo Credit:
    9. Skype
  • 9. Skype

    When Skype launched in 2009, it was the most popular free app downloaded that day, and has remained one of the most popular overall since then. Skype saves users money by making phone calls to anywhere in the world through the Internet, much cheaper than using cell networks. Recently, Skype upgraded the app to include video calling capabilities, which should only add to its popularity in the future. Photo Credit:
    8. Bump
  • 8. Bump

    Bump is a fantastic app for iPhone users who know other people with an iPhone. The app lets users transfer contacts, photos, music and more between iPhones simply by, you guessed it, bumping phones. Photo Credit:
    7. Google Earth
  • 7. Google Earth

    As the app’s description notes, Google Earth gives you the power to “hold the world in the palm of your hand.” The app uses satellite images to show aerial pictures of locations across the world, which can be tagged to show where particular restaurants and venues reside on the map. Photo Credit:
    6. The Weather Channel
  • 6. The Weather Channel

    If you thought it was useful to check the weather reports on TV in the morning, just wait until you have The Weather Channel app on your phone. It can pinpoint your location and alert you whenever the weather is about to take a turn for the worse. Photo Credit:
    5. Movies by Flixster
  • 5. Movies by Flixster

    Movies by Flixster lets you check movie listings and find show times on the go, as well as read reviews from the popular Rotten Tomatoes website and watch trailers. Photo Credit:
    4. Shazam
  • 4. Shazam

    If you’ve ever heard a good song playing on the radio or in a bar and wished someone could tell you the name of it, then Shazam is the app for you. Shazam will analyze a short snippet of whatever song is playing in the room, and as long as it’s not some unreleased track from your nephew’s garage band, the app should be able to identify the name and the artist who recorded it. Of course, the app isn’t perfect, and if you happen to be in a loud room or are listening to an obscure song it may have some trouble identifying the music, but it’s correct much more often than it’s wrong. Photo Credit:
    3. Google Mobile App
  • 3. Google Mobile App

    Google Mobile is the official app for Google’s search engine, but in many ways it functions even better than the search engine in your browser. The app lets you search by typing in a phrase, speaking the search terms into your phone or even by taking a picture of certain products and get results that way. Not bad for a free app. Photo Credit:
    2. Pandora
  • 2. Pandora

    Pandora does something that was previously your friends’ job: It tells you what music you’ll probably enjoy based on a song that you already like. All you have to do is pick a song or an artist, and Pandora will use its algorithms to figure out related music that you’ll like. And the more that you rate these songs with up or down votes, the more accurate Pandora’s predictions become. In the beginning, Pandora’s app had some limitations on the iPhone because users had to leave the app open in order to keep listening to songs, but now that the iPhone allows multitasking, you can listen to all the free music you want while using other apps at the same time. Photo Credit:
    1. Facebook
  • 1. Facebook

    It should come as little surprise that Facebook, one of the most popular websites in the world, would also have the most popular iPhone app. There are currently more than 600 million Facebook users, and many of them are so addicted to the site that they need to check it on a regular basis. That’s where the Facebook application comes in. With this free app, you can easily keep up with new messages and friend requests, upload photos quickly, chat with friends and post status updates. Photo Credit:
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