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    Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, and artists, brands, retailers, charities, restaurants and pretty much every entity imaginable have tried to leverage the site’s 600-million strong membership to their advantage. Musicians may promote a new album or release and exclusive track on Facebook; retailers offer e-gift cards for their online stores; local businesses tie sales to the site’s location feature; restaurants promote new dishes; the list of applications is long indeed. By and large, most such promotions happen through an organization’s Fan page, which allows Facebook users to sign up for the brand’s status updates by clicking the “Like” button on its page. You can even do it with MainStreet! Using page ranking data from PageData, a marketing site that tracks Facebook statistics, we pulled the top retailers and restaurants on the site ranked by the total users who have “liked” their fan pages. Only retailers and restaurants with brick-and-mortar locations are included, and we have left out brands that are known mainly as a brand rather than a store. For example, Nike is excluded, since its shoes are sold in millions of places, but Lacoste in included because it primarily operates its own stores. The top 10 are listed in reverse order, so click through to see who tops the list. We hope you “like” it. Photo Credit: davenin
    10th Most ‘Liked’: Forever 21
  • 10th Most ‘Liked’: Forever 21

    Overall page rank: 252 ‘Likes’ as of Feb. 1: 3,973,181 Kicking off the top 10 is Forever 21, whose Facebook fan page is one of the most engaging on our list. The clothing chain – aimed at younger shoppers on a budget – frequently puts its status updates in the form of a question, and hundreds of the store’s almost 4 million fans actively participate in the ensuing discussions. The page also offers deals and discounts via a game that fans can play within Facebook – your points accumulate to unlock discount codes that can be redeemed on gift cards. With features like this, Forever 21 is sure to move up the list. Photo Credit:
    9th Most ‘Liked’: Hollister Co.
  • 9th Most ‘Liked’: Hollister Co.

    Overall page rank: 240 'Likes’ as of Feb. 1: 4,185,570 A sister store of popular clothing chain Abercrombie & Fitch (Stock Quote: ANF), Hollister Co. beats its sibling hands-down on Facebook. One look at its fan page shows why the self-described Southern California Style line is so popular with its more than 4 million fans. The constant status updates focus on sales and discounts at the brand’s online and brick-and-mortar stores, some of which are valid for one day only and involve discounts up to 50%. Those more or less instant offers make being a fan of the retailer on Facebook good for your wallet as well as your SoCal status. Photo Credit:
    8th Most ‘Liked’: Lacoste
  • 8th Most ‘Liked’: Lacoste

    Overall page rank: 217 ‘Likes’ as of Feb. 1: 4,494,849 For a clothing chain that markets itself as “unconventional chic,” Lacoste’s minimalist Facebook page is unconventional indeed. Aside from the admittedly beautiful pictures of its new clothing lines, the company offers little else on its fan page other than downloadable wallpapers for your desktop. There is also an enigmatic sign-up button for a Facebook application labeled only as “L.12.12” which warns you that joining it gives Lacoste access to your profile pictures. It’s a mystery what this app does exactly, but it must have something to do with your pictures. In any case, the mystery hasn’t stopped almost 5 million Facebook users from becoming fans of the brand, so it must be doing something right. Photo Credit:
    7th Most ‘Liked’: Subway
  • 7th Most ‘Liked’: Subway

    Overall page rank: 206 ‘Likes’ as of Feb. 1: 4,665,760 At number seven on the list is Subway, purveyor of the $5 foot-long, with more than 4.6 million followers on Facebook. In addition to some ego-stroking positive press about the company, the restaurant chain’s page offers tons of deals, promotions and even a discussion board where users post thoughts and coupon codes for stores across the U.S. With more locations in the U.S. than any other fast-food chain (even McDonald’s, a couple spots up on this list), the company seems to have oriented its fan page to putting hungry bodies in its restaurants, and with millions of fans being made aware of new deals, its efforts have surely borne fruit. Photo Credit:
    6th Most ‘Liked’: Taco Bell
  • 6th Most ‘Liked’: Taco Bell

    Overall page rank: 176 ‘Likes’ as of Feb. 1: 5,400,586 If the recent controversy (real or imagined) over whether Taco Bell (Stock Quote: YUM) actually uses beef in its tacos is any indication, the food chain’s fans are die-hards. People continue to “like” its fan page on Facebook, as they have since the controversy started. While the page does contain information about new products and promotions, it seems primarily aimed at creating a stronger association with the brand, featuring videos of the Super Delicious Ingredient Force, a somewhat campy ‘80s-style cartoon in which Taco Bell’s ingredients fight back against the forces of bland. Fans will surely be looking forward to the Super Delicious Ingredient Force fighting against a class-action lawsuit, but at least for the time being this fan page is far from being as bland as the offerings from some of its competitors. Photo Credit:
    5th Most ‘Liked’: H&M
  • 5th Most ‘Liked’: H&M

    Overall page rank: 149 ‘Likes’ as of Feb. 1: 6,117,222 Hennes & Mauritz, the Swedish clothing company known as H&M, takes the fifth spot on the list of “liked” retailers with more than 6 million fans on Facebook. Shoppers like the low prices and designer styles (the brand often partners with high-end designers like Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli and others), and Facebook fans surely like the event notices on the store’s page, advertising sales in stores around the world. H&M is one of the only retailers on this list that uses its Facebook page seemingly as an alternative to its full-featured website, with sections highlighting new products, the brand’s magazine, a store locator, customer service, job opportunities, corporate responsibility and much more. It’s apparent that the brand takes Facebook as seriously as its millions of fans do. Photo Credit:
    4th Most ‘Liked’: McDonald’s
  • 4th Most ‘Liked’: McDonald’s

    Overall page rank: 116 ‘Likes’ as of Feb. 1: 7,032,398 McDonald’s (Stock Quote: MCD) is by far one of the most recognized brands on the planet, with franchises in pretty much every country in the world. While its local restaurants offer tailored menus to match local tastes, its fan page on Facebook serves more than 7 million fans from everywhere. While the page is used mainly to promote new products like oatmeal, a new Chipotle Angus hamburger, and the restaurant’s dollar menu, it allows fans to select a “favorite store” in their area to receive coupons and promotions specific to their city. For the company that pretty much invented the term “glocalization,” it’s no surprise that its Facebook page also provides a personalized experience for fans. Photo Credit:
    3rd Most ‘Liked’: Zara
  • 3rd Most ‘Liked’: Zara

    Overall page rank: 90 ‘Likes’ as of Feb. 1: 7,925,184 Spanish clothing chain Zara is not the most prolific poster on Facebook, but the almost 8 million Facebook fans the store has collected receive information about upcoming sales and events like cocktail parties at local stores via their news feeds. The company also posts tons of photos of new products, as well as behind-the-scenes videos of its photo shoots to give fans a glimpse behind the curtain. Photo Credit:
    2nd Most ‘Liked’: Victoria’s Secret
  • 2nd Most ‘Liked’: Victoria’s Secret

    Overall page rank: 54 ‘Likes’ as of Feb. 1: 11,302,939 It’s unclear whether the more than 11 million people who have “liked” Victoria’s Secret (Stock Quote: LTD) on Facebook are all consumers of the undergarments rather than the pictures (two of my three friends who “like” it are men), but that many fans is good for business. Beside promoting sales and new products on its page, the popular lingerie brand also offers e-gift cards and virtual valentines to fans who want to “send a little love” to significant others. Photo Credit:
    Most ‘Liked’: Starbucks
  • Most ‘Liked’: Starbucks

    Overall page rank: 14 ‘Likes’ as of Feb. 1: 19,414,892 Taking the top spot among retailers, and number 14 among all Facebook fan pages is Starbucks (Stock Quote: SBUX), the ubiquitous coffee chain that is singlehandedly responsible for why every American now knows how to say “20” in Italian (Venti, the name given to its 20-oz. size). Coffee is a staple for the working adult, and the daily expense surely accounts for a significant portion of the chain’s fans, who receive information about new sales, promotions and convenient features like a smartphone payment system the store launched in January. Starbucks’ supercharged fan page also contains a tab for job opportunities in its stores and a feature allowing users to send and even replenish their Starbucks card, all within Facebook itself. With features like these, the coffee giant earns a well-deserved place at the top. Photo Credit:
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