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  • Apps That Cost More Than the iPhone

    When you add up the cost of an iPhone and the monthly charges from signing a multi-year contract with your wireless provider, the total will likely make your stomach turn. And just when you thought there weren’t any more expenses associated with owning an iPhone, you see an app that you just have to have. Thankfully, many apps are free and others only cost a few dollars. But what if we told you that some apps cost more than the iPhone itself – and way more, as in five times more. MainStreet compiled a list of 10 of the most expensive iPhone apps on the market today so you can decide for yourself if they’re worth the high price tag. Photo Credit: Bart Claeys
    iVIP Black
  • iVIP Black

    Known as the “millionaire app”, you actually have to prove that you are indeed a millionaire to use the iVIP Black. But despite its wealth requirements, you can actually save money with this app by taking advantage of its partnerships with luxury hotels and high-end restaurants such as Gordon Ramsay Restaurants and the Savoy Grill. You can even book private jets, yachts, butler services and get the best tables at restaurants – all conveniently on an app that costs more money than the phone you’re using it on. Price: $999.99 Photo Credit:
    BarMax CA
  • BarMax CA

    For aspiring lawyers, taking the bar exam is a must – and for a thousand bucks, you can have a complete study guide for the California Bar on your iPhone to help you ace the test. The app includes almost 1,500 practice MBE questions and some 800 flash cards to help test your knowledge on legal terms and principles tested on the exam. The app also features two months of notes and lectures covering each topic of the exam. There’s even a BarMax NY version for lawyers looking to pass the bar in New York, which is similar to the California edition – and costs the same. Price: $999.99 Photo Credit:
    Intuition Control Solo WolfVision
  • Intuition Control Solo WolfVision

    This app brings video conferencing to a whole new level by letting you zoom in and zoom out to make sure you can easily see the person you’re chatting with. It also allows users to enter the other person’s IP address directly to start a conference. Price: $999.999 Photo Credit:
  • Agro

    The Agro iPhone app is a must-have for agronomists, scientists who study how plants can be used for food and energy sources. The app can store details on hundreds of clients that an agronomist may have and it will save them tons of time by not having to fill out tedious paperwork. Price: $999.99 Photo Credit:
    MobiGage NDI
  • MobiGage NDI

    Those who work in metrology (the science of measuring) will especially find the MobiGage NDI app useful. According to its page on the Apple App Store, this app “is a metrology iPhone application used for the inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies. MobiGage creates, edits, and runs measurement plans and automates inspection processes.” Price: $999.99 Photo Credit:
  • QSFFStats

    Who ever thought managing a game of flag football could be so expensive? But that’s exactly what this iPhone app does. Released in June 2011, you can use the app to track stats for every league – including scores, interceptions, yards, etc. With a price tag of $999.99 though, only the most die-hard data nerds will likely download this one. Price: $999.99 Photo Credit:
    iRa Pro
  • iRa Pro

    This iPhone app lets users view multiple surveillance cameras from a connected security system right on the iPhone. It’s especially helpful for schools, law enforcement and government agencies. Price: $899.99 Photo Credit:
    DDS GP Yes!
  • DDS GP Yes!

    This app is a lifesaver for dentists, as it teaches them the best ways to explain dental problems to their patients, which can be hard to articulate and even more difficult for patients to understand. The app even features diagrams and pictures of common dental problems to show the patient what is wrong and how the dentist plans to fix the issue. Price: $499.99 Photo Credit:
  • Spray

    If you work in agriculture and can’t easily keep track of which of your crops have been sprayed and which ones haven’t, this app is for you. It allows users to keep an entire spray log conveniently on their iPhones. This way users can work in the fields without having to head back to the office to manually enter data into a spreadsheet. Price: $499.99 Photo Credit:
    MATG – SAP BusinessOne
  • MATG – SAP BusinessOne

    If you are a sales representative for a company or work in marketing or finance, consider this app that aims to make life easier when it comes to managing transactions from your customers. Executives can use the app to access accounts receivable (when customers owe you money) and track returns, sale orders and invoices. Price: $449.99 Photo Credit:
    What Do You Think?
  • What Do You Think?

    Do you find any of these apps useful? Would you ever spend $500 or even $1,000 for an app? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter (@MainStr) and Facebook. Scott Gamm is the founder of the personal finance website He has appeared on NBC’s TODAY, MSNBC, CNN, Fox Business Network, Fox News Channel, ABC News and CBS. Follow Scott on Facebook and Twitter. Photo Credit: purpleslog
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