The Most Expensive House Races

  • A Very Pricey House

    The midterm elections are less than two weeks away, and whether you’re a democrat, republican or independent, there should be one thing we can all agree on: Candidates have spent a ton of money running for office. In fact, according to the Federal Election Commission, candidates running for the Senate and House of Representatives have so far raised nearly $1.5 billion and have spent $1.15 billion this year. By comparison, in the 2008 election, candidates spent about $1.4 billion. Generally, it is more expensive to run for the Senate than the House of Representatives, as we showed in a previous roundup of the most expensive Senate races. That said, many candidates do spend some big bucks running for a seat in the House. We’ve used the Federal Election Commission’s data on candidate spending to find out the 10 most expensive House races of 2010. Photo Credit: hellohowareyoudoing
    10th Most Expensive: Allen West
  • 10th Most Expensive: Allen West

    Total Disbursed: $3,567,379.86 Allen West, a retired army officer who is backed by the Tea Party, is currently running as the Republican nominee for Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. But for all the millions that he has spent on the campaign, West is still being outspent by his opponent, Ron Klein, and is stuck in a very tight race. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore
    9th Most Expensive: George Flinn
  • 9th Most Expensive: George Flinn

    Total Disbursed: $3,712,921.45 It may be a while longer before George Flinn becomes a household name. Flinn, who had previously served as a county commissioner in Tennessee, campaigned for the Republican nomination to represent the state’s 8th District, but unfortunately, even though he raised – and spent – more than $3 million, he still ended up losing the nomination. Photo Credit:
    8th Most Expensive: Charles Rangel
  • 8th Most Expensive: Charles Rangel

    Total Disbursed: $3,819,929.12 Charles Rangel, a Democrat, has represented Harlem in the House of Representatives for nearly 30 years, but this year, Rangel has been embroiled in an ethics scandal and has spent handily to ensure that he gets another term in the House. Yet, polls show that he is safely in the lead, so perhaps he should set aside some money to handle his legal fees. Photo Credit:
    7th Most Expensive: Scott Murphy
  • 7th Most Expensive: Scott Murphy

    Total Disbursed: $3,913,216.34 Scott Murphy knows a thing or two about raising money from his time working as a venture capitalist, and this candidate will need all the money he can get. Murphy is a freshman Democrat running for re-election in a pretty conservative district in upstate New York, and according to the most recent polls, he is falling behind. Photo Credit:
    6th Most Expensive: Eric Cantor
  • 6th Most Expensive: Eric Cantor

    Total Disbursed: $4,233,416.93 Eric Cantor is currently the House Minority Whip, which makes him one of the most influential Republicans in Congress right now, and his re-election should be all but assured. In fact, Cantor seems so assured of his standing that he has publicly refused to debate his opponents in the Virginia House race because he believes the people already know what his positions are. Using that logic, maybe he should just forfeit the rest of his money leftover. After all, what does he need to spend it on? The people already know him. Photo Credit:
    5th Most Expensive: Ron Klein
  • 5th Most Expensive: Ron Klein

    Total Disbursed: $4,469,039.74 As we mentioned earlier, Klein, a Democrat, is currently running for re-election in a tight race against Allen West, but he does have the benefit of outspending his opponent by nearly $1 million. It remains to be seen whether that’s enough to win the race though. Photo Credit:
    4th Most Expensive: Bill Russell
  • 4th Most Expensive: Bill Russell

    Total Disbursed: $4,897,295.20 Russell, a former military officer, ran earlier this year in a special election to fill the House seat left vacant after John Murtha (D-Pa.) passed away in February. Unfortunately, even with all the money that Russell spent, he still ended up losing the race. Photo Credit:
    3rd Most Expensive: Michele Bachmann
  • 3rd Most Expensive: Michele Bachmann

    Total Disbursed: $6,140,643.60 Michele Bachmann, a Republican and the incumbent representative for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, is dominating in her reelection campaign. According to a recent report, she has raised twice the amount of money that she did back in 2008 and is currently leading her opponent by 9% in the polls. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore
    2nd Most Expensive: John Boehner
  • 2nd Most Expensive: John Boehner

    Total Disbursed: $6,343,902.25 For John Boehner, an Ohio congressman and the current minority leader in the House of Representatives, re-election is all but guaranteed. Still, spending a few million bucks certainly can’t hurt. The real question around Boehner is not whether he’ll win, but whether enough Republicans will win so that he will become the Speaker of House after this election. Photo Credit:
    The Most Expensive: Tom Ganley
  • The Most Expensive: Tom Ganley

    Total Disbursed: $7,486,931.62 As the largest car dealer in Ohio, Tom Ganley has lots of money to burn, and he may need it all. Ganley has been hurt by claims that his car business earned an F from the Better Business Bureau, and more seriously, that he assaulted a woman from Cleveland. So even though he has spent generously on his campaign, he has also been the target of more than half a million dollars worth of ads from the Women Vote! project of Emily’s List, a women’s group that promotes pro-choice Democratic female candidates. Photo Credit:
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