The Most Expensive Drinks Ever Made

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    With New Year’s around the corner, you may be wondering how to make your party something special. After all, it isn’t just a new year, but the end of a decade! Well, if you manage to get your hands on one of these super pricey beverages, you’ll be making a good start. Even if you don’t have thousands of dollars to splurge on a bottle of ancient Whiskey (we certainly don’t), at least you’ll have something interesting to talk about as you swill your PBR. Here is our list of 14 of the most expensive alcoholic drinks ever made, some of which can still be found today. Photo Credit: quinn.anya
    Glenfiddich Whiskey
  • Glenfiddich Whiskey

    Glenfiddich whiskeys tend to be fairly pricey, but for a few bottles the company decided to age for 50 years, the price tag understandably shot up. In the 1990’s, one of the bottles was auctioned off in Italy for $35,000. Think that sounds like a lot? Consider it’s equivalent in Italian Lira: 99,999,999. Yikes! The company continues to push pricey collector’s bottles. This month they offered one for the more modest price of $16,000. Photo Credit:
    Macallan Fine and Rare Collection
  • Macallan Fine and Rare Collection

    This old bottle of Scotch from 1926 sold for $38,000 back in 2005, making it the most expensive bottle of whiskey ever. If this sounds too absurd, there is apparently a cheaper variety of Macallan that sells for about $3300. Photo Credit: chuckyeager
    Diva Premium Vodka
  • Diva Premium Vodka

    The Scottish may be known for their whiskey, but that didn’t stop one company from producing the most expensive vodka in the world. Diva Premium Vodka is made by Blackwood Distillers in Scotland and can sell for as much as 500,000 pounds (or about $1 million.) However, most of that money goes towards the diamonds that decorate the bottle. Amazingly, this is only the first bottle on our list that sells for a million dollars or more. Photo Credit: rick
    Cognac... for the Price of A Mansion
  • Cognac... for the Price of A Mansion

    In 2007, a bottle of Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne (that’s a mouthful) sold for the astounding price of $2 million ($1,946,617 to be exact). What drink could possibly be worth that much money? Well, the real answer is that it’s not the drink, but the bottle, which is covered in 6500 diamonds and dipped in 24-karat gold. Although the cognac itself is still notable – it’s been aged in barrels for a century in a special storage structure and the alcohol is 82 proof. Photo Credit: Swamibu
    Cognac... for the Price of A Lexus
  • Cognac... for the Price of A Lexus

    Even without a diamond-studded bottle, cognac can be a pricey drink. Earlier this month, a bottle of Vieux Cognac was bought at Paris auction for the handsome price of $37,000. The cognac was from 1788, which, as USA Today pointed out, is so old that Marie Antoinette might have sipped the stuff with her cake if she had wanted to. If you’re having trouble believing this account, another cognac sold for $37,000. Photo Credit: Espen Klem
    Movida's Sparkling Christmas Cocktail
  • Movida's Sparkling Christmas Cocktail

    One nightclub in London actually managed to take the bejeweled cognac bottle to the next level… by throwing jewels into the drink itself. Movida, a popular club frequented by A-list celebs, introduced a drink it dubbed Flawless back in 2007. According to the Daily Mail, the cocktail combines several pricey ingredients including Louis XII cognac, Cristal Rose champagne and “a few flakes of 24-carat edible gold leaf.” Yet, the big draw is an 11-carat white diamond ring placed at the bottom of the glass. This sounds more like a clever way to pop the question than a holiday drink. In any case, one glass of this cocktail sold for 35,000 British pounds (or approximately $71,000 at the time.) Photo Credit:
    The Sapphire Martini
  • The Sapphire Martini

    People in America know how to live well, too. One of the most expensive drinks in the world was sold at a lounge in the Foxwoods Resorts Casino in Connecticut. The drink, called the Sapphire Martini, is made with premium vodka or Bombay Sapphire gin (your choice.) The glass itself is topped off with a garnish of sapphire earrings and, you guessed it, diamonds. It sold for $3,000 a glass. Photo Credit: jenny downing (r&r)
    Ritz Side Car
  • Ritz Side Car

    For years, this drink held the Guinness World record for being the most expensive cocktail in the world.  It sells for $515 a glass at the Hemingway Bar in the Ritz. The secret ingredient is special 1865 Ritz Reserve Cognac, which the hotel has in stock in limited supply. Compared to the previous cocktails we listed, this seems like a bargain. Hell, you can even throw in a round-trip ticket to Paris for the same price. But you’ll have to go fast – we don’t know how much longer the drink will be available. Photo Credit: pablo.sanchez
    Algonquin Hotel Martini... on the rocks
  • Algonquin Hotel Martini... on the rocks

    America strikes again. A few years ago, the Algonquin Hotel in New York City started offering a martini for $10,000 a glass. The martini itself is made with decent ingredients, but it’s really the 1.52-carrat diamond resting at the bottom of the glass that people pay for. Any customer interested in this drink has to alert the hotel a full 72-hours in advance so that someone could go out and fetch the diamond. Photo Credit:
    Wray and Nephew Rum
  • Wray and Nephew Rum

    Ordinarily you can buy a bottle of Wray and Nephew Rum for about 20 bucks, but in 2007, the company proudly paraded a bottle for 26,000 pounds (or more than $50,000). This particular rum was made from ingredients that dated back to 1915, making it the world’s oldest rum. As it turns out, this particular stock had run out in the 1930’s when Mai Tai cocktails first became popular, so the bottle was even more of a treasure. Photo Credit:
    1997 Dom Romane Conti
  • 1997 Dom Romane Conti

    The Romane Conti wine is a legend among connoisseurs that consistently fetches a high price on the market. A red wine that has hints of berries and spice, not to mention licorice. C’est magnifique! But the 1997 stock is particularly good and sells for $1540, making it the most expensive wine currently on the market (excluding bottles that may be auctioned off randomly.) Still, it’s nothing compared to the most expensive wine ever sold. See the next slide. Photo Credit: yashima
    1787 Chateau Lafite
  • 1787 Chateau Lafite

    The Chateau Lafite is both an infamous record holder and a mystery to many. As the story goes, Malcolm Forbes bought a bottle of Lafite from 1787 that had allegedly been kept in Thomas Jefferson’s wine cellar for the astronomical price of $156,000, setting a new world record for expensive wines. However, it later turned out to be a fake. A book was released last year called The Billionaire’s Vinegar that attempted to decipher just how Forbes was duped. Apparently Will Smith’s production company has already purchased the rights to make a movie around this, so consider yourself ahead of the trend. When the movie comes, you can already say you’ve heard of the wine. Photo Credit:
    Vielle Bon Secours Ale
  • Vielle Bon Secours Ale

    Last month, a restaurant in London introduced what may be the world’s most expensive beer. The ale is brewed in Belgium and has been described as mixing toffee and caramel flavors with citrus and licorice. The beer currently sells for 700 pounds a bottle (or $1119.) But the bottle itself is a massive 12 liters so you come closer to getting your money’s worth. Photo Credit: victoriapeckham
    Sam Adams Utopias
  • Sam Adams Utopias

    We’d like to end with a hometown favorite. Sam Adams has long been considered one of the premiere beer brewers in the U.S., but recently they upgraded to gourmet. They introduced a special brew called Utopias that has the highest alcohol content of any beer on the market (27 percent by volume, or 54 proof.)  For that reason, the drink has already been banned in 13 states. The beer sells for $150 a bottle (though if you want to spend even more, there are collectible bottles on sale for as much as $600 each.) After all the other items on this list, this one probably sounds relatively cheap. On the bright side, it has a very high alcohol content level, so you probably won’t need to buy a second bottle. Photo Credit:
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