The Most Caffeine for Your Buck

  • How Much Caffeine You Get Per Dollar

    Let’s face it, now that you’re back in the office after the holidays and winter is in full swing, it’s going to take a little more to pep you up during the work day. You’ll probably start relying more on that faithful work drug, caffeine, to help get you through the day. Most of us already have our preferred source of everyday energy, whether it’s an espresso from Starbucks, a chocolate bar from the office vending machine or a can of soda (my personal choice). But as it turns out, some caffeine drinks can give you significantly more bang for your buck than others. We took nine popular caffeinated products, ranging from coffee and iced tea to soda and chocolate, and determined their caffeine content based on nutritional information from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, as well as company websites whenever possible. We then found the price for each product on Amazon, (not including shipping costs) so as to avoid any regional differences in pricing (except for those beverages that are only sold in coffee shops.) After that, we just did some simple division to find out how many milligrams of caffeine you get from each of these products for each dollar you spend. In some ways, the results undermine the claims that many advertisements make today. Not only were there notable differences between competing energy drinks and sodas, but we found that a good ol’ cup of Joe still trumps energy drinks if your goal is to get the biggest caffeine boost for your money. Here are the results, starting with the products that offer the least caffeine per dollar. Photo Credit: Evil Erin
    Hershey's Chocolate Bar (1.55 oz)
  • Hershey's Chocolate Bar (1.55 oz)

    Caffeine (mg): 12 Price: $1 Caffeine per dollar: 12 mg Photo Credit: jelene
    Lemon Snapple (16 oz)
  • Lemon Snapple (16 oz)

    Caffeine (mg): 42 Price: $1.19 Caffeine per dollar: 35.3 mg Photo Credit: j_lai
    Coca Cola Classic (12 oz can)
  • Coca Cola Classic (12 oz can)

    Caffeine (mg): 35 Price: $0.92 Caffeine per dollar: 38 mg Photo Credit: randomduck
    Solo Starbucks Espresso
  • Solo Starbucks Espresso

    Caffeine (mg): 75 Price: $1.95 Caffeine per dollar: 38.5 mg Photo Credit: Miss Turner
    Pepsi (12 oz can)
  • Pepsi (12 oz can)

    Caffeine (mg): 38 Price per can: $0.96 Caffeine per dollar: 39.6 mg Photo Credit: inspector_81
    Red Bull (8.3 oz)
  • Red Bull (8.3 oz)

    Caffeine (mg): 80mg Price: $1.72 Caffeine per dollar: 46.5 mg Photo Credit:
    AMP Energy Drinks (16 oz)
  • AMP Energy Drinks (16 oz)

    Caffeine (mg): 160 Price: $2.48 Caffeine per dollar: 64.5 mg Photo Credit: The Master Shake Signal
    Dunkin Donuts Regular Coffee (16 oz)
  • Dunkin Donuts Regular Coffee (16 oz)

    Caffeine (mg): 206 Price: $1.79 Caffeine per dollar: 115.1 mg Photo Credit: Jamison_Judd
    Grande Starbucks Brewed Coffee (16 oz)
  • Grande Starbucks Brewed Coffee (16 oz)

    Caffeine (mg): 330 Price: $2.10 Caffeine per dollar: 157 mg Photo Credit: Paddy's D90s
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