The Most Beloved Brands in America

  • Who’s got the love?

    Earlier this month took a look at a variety of different industries and came up with a list of which companies had the best customer loyalty in each. How do they assess loyalty? Well, the particulars are a secret but they do say that the, “methodology is a combination of proprietary psychological assessments and higher-level statistical analyses, allowing us to statistically fuse the "emotional" values with the "rational" attributes that identify the bond that exists between brand and consumer. The strength of the bond represents the degree of loyalty consumers will exhibit toward a brand.” Confused? Read more about the study here. In the meantime, here are brands that enjoy the most loyalty in a few different categories. We don’t know why participants in this study felt one way or another about these brands, but we trolled the web for brand worshippers and have included some examples. Photo Credit: icathing
  • Airline

    Winner: Jet Blue Why do people love them? This blogger is actually a flight attendant on another airline who flies Jet Blue (Stock Quote: JBLU) to get to and from the airport she works out of. “I have to tell you all- I love Jet Blue! They are the most wonderful airline to commute on. I would be in heaven if Jet Blue flew to Cincinnati. They are always nice to me, try very hard to get us on and have some yummy snacks.” Photo Credit: mrkathika
  • Automotive

    Winner: Hyundai Why do people love them? Emily, a commenter on, had this to say: “I Love Hyundai!! I bought an Elantra 2 years ago and couldn't be happier. You get such a great value for a new car, and the warranty cannot be beat. They are totally awesome!” Photo Credit: hugo90
    Light Beer
  • Light Beer

    Winner: Coors Light Why do people love them? This blogger wasn’t sure why she loved Coors Light (Stock Quote: TAP) more than Bud Light (Stock Quote: BUD), so she decided to do a taste test. You can read her entire review here, but ultimately she says, “I think I figured out why I like Coors Light more than Bud Light -- and I didn't even know it! Coors uses an all-natural brewing process, from their water, hops, cereal grains (rice and refined corn starches) and barley. They have developed special strains of barley that they are able to malt themselves. But, the best part is... no preservatives! On average, it takes 55 days to brew, age, finish and package the beer. Then we drink it, fast. So fast that I'll be right back… Gotta love this rserch.” Photo Credit: dyobmit
  • Bank

    Winner: Wells Fargo Why do people love them? Hard to believe that any banks these days have strong brand loyalty, but it seems that Wells Fargo does. We found one more than satisfied customer who blogged about her experience with the bank (Stock Quote: WFC) after she discovered her credit card had been frozen and she called up customer servive. “They pulled up my account and told me that there have been at least 50 transactions on that card — all originating from France. All 50 of those transactions were for $0.03 (3 cents). The rep. said that whenever they see transactions like that — they assume that someone has gotten ahold of my card and are trying different security codes until they find the one that works. Except, Wells Fargo shut down the card after the very FIRST 3 cent transaction from France. They didn’t wait for a second one — they figured I would call when I found that I was unable to use my card,” writes Lisa Sabin-Wilson (she’s also the author of WordPress for Dummies). “I would much, much rather Wells Fargo have a very tight secure system. I would much rather they err on the side of caution each and every single time there is a question — rather than to find out that my account has been drained by some lowlife.” Photo Credit: TheTruthAbout
    Car Insurance
  • Car Insurance

    Winner: Allstate Why do people love them? When one Allstate (Stock Quote: ALL) customer woke up one morning to find that her car had been broken into, she wrote this about the insurance company: “My insurance agent has been Awesome. Allstate Rocks. They have been so supportive and helpful in getting everything paid for and replaced, I am so glad that I have them in my corner. I hate to have to use them, but I am happy that they are there for me.” Photo Credit: TheTruthAbout
  • Coffee

    Winner: Dunkin’ Donuts Why do people love them? One Yelp commenter shared his serious affinity for DD coffee. “I have a confession to make: I am a coffee snob.  I use a French press, I seek out new and interesting blends at coffee shops all over the city.  I know the difference between an Italian roast and a Viennese roast.  I know why Ethiopian beans taste different from Nigerian.  I own an espresso machine. I have another confession to make,” writes Sam P. from New York. “I love Dunkin' Donuts coffee.  Like LOVE it.  I crave it.  It's like crack… I start many a morning with a large iced coffee with half & half and two splendas.  If I really need a pick me up in the afternoon, I'll treat myself to a 2000 calorie (approx) Coolata, which is basically like frozen crack.” Photo Credit: The Consumerist
    Car Rental
  • Car Rental

    Winner: Avis Why do people love them? One Avis-loving commenter (Stock Quote: CAR) at wrote, “I've rented from Avis in at least 5 cities and the service has always been good- a rare occurrence these days. I'm now a member of their Wizard program (the frequent renter program) so I can whiz in and out of there in very little time,” writes Minstrelette. “Before I was a member, it still didn't take very long to rent the car. At Dollar, it took 45 minutes. At all the others, it took at least 15-20 minutes. At Avis, it took no more than 10 minutes…. Another plus about Avis is that you can return to any of their locations for no extra charge.” Photo Credit: edkohler
  • Gasoline

    Winner: BP Why do people love them? For most of us gas is gas, so what creates brand loyalty for this industry? One commenter provides a clue. “I love BP gas stations. I'll drive out of my way to go to them. They always seem clean and well kept, and some even play jazz outside and in.” Photo Credit:
    Laundry Detergent
  • Laundry Detergent

    Winner: Tide Why do people love them? One blogger explains why Tide (Stock Quote: PG) is her favorite brand-name detergent and in this case it actually has a lot to do with its ability to clean clothes: “I love Tide detergent,” writes Shannon. “I find it really gets our clothes clean. With two little ones, you know I need a detergent that can remove stains. I highly recommend Tide.” Photo Credit: barkdog
    Online Brokerage
  • Online Brokerage

    Winner: Scottrade Why do people love them? One commenter on had this to say about the popular online trading tool: “I love Scottrade. Best discount broker on the web. I have been with Scottrade for 5 years now and have NEVER had a problem with them. The few times that I had to call customer service (in my local area office), they were professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The streaming quotes tool is great, works flawlessly. And they pay interest on any cash sitting between investments.” Photo Credit: Scottrade
    Over the Counter Pain Reliever
  • Over the Counter Pain Reliever

    Winner: Advil Why do people love them? In a post titled “I love Advil,” (Stock Quote: WYE) one blogger wrote, “I am living on Advil. It helps me live through the throbbing pain in my jaw. The pain that started hurting real bad when the dentist was off duty.” Then a commenter responded with this little gem, which we by no mean endorse. “I love Advil too. It seems to be the only thing that works for alcohol related migraines. I pop one into my drink before dirking and it's a near 100% success prevention. I am thinking of making by own martini called 'the aura' replacing olives with Advil.” Photo Credit: Vandelizer
    Retail Electronics Store
  • Retail Electronics Store

    Winner: Best Buy Why do people love them? For some people, electronics stores like Best Buy (Stock Quote: BBY) are just fun to hang out in. I mean, where else can you plant yourself in an easy chair and play video games for hours on end. This blogger understands: “I’ll need to get hold of a stack of CD-R discs and instead of ordering online I’ll make the detour on the way home to Best Buy, and spend thirty minutes browsing plasma TVs, cameras, laptops and all manner of things I don’t need. I just like being in the store.” Photo Credit: cjc4454
  • Toothpaste

    Winner: Tom’s of Maine Why do people love them? For fans of Tom’s toothpaste, it’s not always all about the teeth. Many people love the company in a more holistic way. One commenter has this to say: “I love all of Tom's of Maine products, but especially their toothpaste. Besides being good for the body without toxic chemicals or unneeded preservatives, they do their best by using recycled products in their packaging. AWESOME!!!”Photo Credit: Tom’s Of Maine
  • Vodka

    Winner: Grey Goose Why do people love them? Grey Goose (Stock Quote: BUD) might be pricier than some of the competitors, but that hasn’t stopped many consumers from becoming attached to it. As one blogger writes, “I think it is really worth the extra expense to get a good vodka. I love Grey Goose; it’s smooth and doesn’t have that harsh aftertaste that some vodkas can leave you with. If you want to experiment with flavored vodkas, Goose has many, and again, I’d go with a good vodka. I have my bother-in-law, Dave, to thank for knowing about Grey Goose.” Photo Credit: El Gran Dee
    Smart Phone
  • Smart Phone

    Winner: Apple Why do people love them? People really love their iPhones (Stock Quote: APPL). REALLY REALLY love them. We write about these devices a lot (check out our recent posts on the worst iPhone apps, and the best free iPhone music apps). This blogger, however, seems to truly capture the hysteria: “I am slave to my iPhone.  Yes, my phone has dehumanized me.  I have devolved into a mere appendage, clumsily attached to that marvelous, sleek little creature.  But, wait, it gets worse: I think I am in love with my iPhone.  It’s magnetism is more than I can resist.  A classic case of Stockholm Syndrome.” Photo Credit: powerbooktrance
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