The Messiest Rooms Ever

  • So Much More Than Clutter

    MainStreet has in the past offered you a variety of options for how to declutter and organize you life. This article serves as a warning to those who choose to ignore us. This is how bad it can get. Photo Credit: hawk684
    Bashar’s Room
  • Bashar’s Room

    This room belongs to Bashar, a Kuwaiti photojournalist. I bet he trips over that printer every morning and curses it.  His nickname for his room is Iraq. Photo Credit: radiant_guy
    Squirrel’s Room
  • Squirrel’s Room

    The uploader of this photo goes by the handle “Squirrel Cottage” and he or she is a self described “fiber and needlework artisan.” I’m sure she does great work, but all I can think about when I look at this picture is how sad that dress looks hanging there like that. Photo Credit: squirrel cottage
    Ally’s Room
  • Ally’s Room

    What worries me most about this room is the distinct possibility that Ally could be buried under all those toys. It’s the balloon boy all over again. Flashback! Photo Credit: mattgrommes
    Boltron’s Room
  • Boltron’s Room

    Boltron’s Flickr profile says he likes “pretty pictures and rap.” If this is indeed his room, he also evidently loves huge piles of stuff on his bed, random bins full of more stuff and walls free of any stuff – pretty pictures or otherwise. Photo Credit: Boltron
    Anonymous Room
  • Anonymous Room

    Photographer Chris Corwin snapped this picture of a random room he was in and it seems to have grossed him out as much as us. Impressive collection of soda cups, though. Recycling perhaps? Photo Credit: chris.corwin
    24-Year-Old Guy’s Room
  • 24-Year-Old Guy’s Room

    The guy who took this picture goes by the Flickr handle ”‘Permanently Scatterbrained.” The room, however, does not belong to him. It belongs to his brother, who lives in San Diego. According to Scatterbrained, “he’s 24 so he’s supposed to be filthy.” Photo Credit: permanently scatterbrained
    The Dorm Room
  • The Dorm Room

    This picture, uploaded by Tobo, has the title “Our Very Messy Room.” Now this is clearly a dorm room, and given the title, one would assume it’s a double, which means that there should be two twin beds in there. I see only one. That means that somewhere, buried underneath all that stuff, is an entire bed. Photo Credit: tobo
    Nate’s Room
  • Nate’s Room

    According to Nate, the cardboard boxes (there are four if you can find them) are supposed to help him get organized. Good luck with that, Nate. Maybe a blowtorch and a dumpster would be more helpful. Photo Credit: nateOne
    Robert’s Room
  • Robert’s Room

    Robert rode this recumbent bike from Japan to Switzerland and took pictures along the way (which explains the whole filthy bike in the bedroom thing). This was taken in Uzbekestan. It anyone gets a free pass for a messy room, it’s this guy. He said he was going to do a similar trip on a skateboard next. Photo Credit: Robert Thomson
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