Luxury Rentals on a Serious Budget

  • Renting A Room in Paradise

    How much would you pay for you and your family to live in a castle for a week? Or sleep in a lush European estate with a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean? Well, it’s not as expensive as you might think. We’ve written about bargain-priced hotel options before, but now we’d like to introduce you to the world of vacation rentals. Think of it as a luxury sublet for a shorter period of time. People who own multiple properties decide to rent out space to travelers for a modest amount of money. Sure, you may lose out on room service, but you get a unique opportunity to have a beautiful home or apartment all to yourself in a foreign land, not to mention the chance to immerse yourself in the culture rather than float above it as a tourist. Photo Credit: muha...
    The Dream Vacation
  • The Dream Vacation

    We partnered with,  a popular vacation rental site, to find the sweetest places in the world to stay for a week-long vacation. FlipKey was ranked the best vacation rental Web site by Travel + Leisure last year. There are options here for families, couples and big groups. However, if you are looking to go solo, or perhaps switching to a new city for a few weeks for work-related reasons, there are some great options here for you, too.  The rentals start at less than $100 a night, though some are a bit pricier. Still, most are actually cheaper than getting space in a hotel for the same amount of people. Photo Credit: roybuloy
    Castle in Tuscany
  • Castle in Tuscany

    No, this isn’t a joke. You can actually stay in an Italian castle that is more than 1000 years old (don’t worry, it has been renovated since then). The rooms available comfortably fits a family of five and the castle includes vineyards and olive groves, an “ancient library” and plenty of practical amenities such as a laundry room. Serfs not included. Cost: $137 per night Click here for more information. Photo Credit:
    Jungle Loft in Costa Rica
  • Jungle Loft in Costa Rica

    This luxury loft sits in a gated community, just ten minutes from Costa Rica’s famous beaches. The property comes with a Jacuzzi, entertainment system and an office (in case your office somehow manages to reach you in the jungle), and is meant for two people. Oh, and did we mention the place also has sundecks and a helicopter pad? Tarzan never had it this good. Cost: $114 per night and up Click here for more information. Photo Credit:
    Luxury Apartment in Uruguay
  • Luxury Apartment in Uruguay

    Lonely Planet calls Uruguay Latin America’s “best kept secret,” and with good reason (we wrote about it once before). There are incredible beach resorts (Punta del Este), ancient smuggler’s ports and cheap, delicious foods. Now, you can experience this off the beaten path destination while living in an authentic residence. Of course, it is a vacation, so why not live in a luxury residence, equipped with a big plasma TV and a full kitchen? This apartment is a short walk to the beach and fits seven guests. Cost: $100 per night and up Click here for more information. Photo Credit:
    Condo Suite in Vancouver
  • Condo Suite in Vancouver

    This suite in Vancouver is perfect for a family of four. You get waterfront views and, since you’re in Vancouver, turn the other way and there are mountains as far as the eye can see.  It comes with a full kitchen, billiards room, a small gym and is located in downtown Vancouver, where all the action is. Cost: $89 to $125 per night Click here for more information. Photo Credit:
    Apartment in San Francisco
  • Apartment in San Francisco

    Who needs to go to a remote destination for a good deal. Couples touring the great state of California should consider renting this one bedroom in San Francisco. The room comes with a full kitchen, marble bathroom and all new furniture. Cost: $153 per night and up Click here for more information. Photo Credit:
    Apartment in Florence
  • Apartment in Florence

    This apartment is located in the center of Florence and comes with a large terrace that has a bistro table, olive tree and other plants. There is also a plush living room and full kitchen. The apartment fits three people so you and your significant other and your favorite third wheel can live together in luxury for a blissful week. Cost: $230 per night and up Click here for more information. Photo Credit:
    Beachfront Property in Dubai
  • Beachfront Property in Dubai

    There is a reason Americans and Europeans rushed to live in this city. Dubai rode the oil boom, investing money in tons of new facilities. Though the boom has slowed a bit in recent months, there’s still enough to see in this Middle Eastern city to make you want to stay a week or more. So why not get a rental? This one fits four people and comes with its own terrace and balcony overlooking the Gulf Coast. Plus you are in close proximity to plenty of the newly opened restaurants and shops. Though you might not ever want to leave your building, considering it has a breakfast bar, flat screen TV and exclusive swimming pool. Cost: $250 per night and up Click here for more information. Photo Credit:
    1-Bedroom in Boston
  • 1-Bedroom in Boston

    This room is in a 19th century building located in Beacon Hill, one of Boston's nicest neighborhoods. The room is very close to the subway lines and tourist spots and comes with a full kitchen, HDTV (with 50 music channels) and a washer/dryer. It's the perfect place to crash for a couple weeks if you need to take on a freelance job in the city. And the room is eco-friendly, so you can feel good about yourself for staying there. Cost: $200 a night and up Click here for more information. Photo Credit:
    Penthouse Apartment in South Africa
  • Penthouse Apartment in South Africa

    Sleep in style on the southern tip of Africa. This penthouse has incredible views of the Atlantic and has a large terrace and pool deck.  Go out and explore Africa, then come back and explore the satellite TV in the plush living room. Cost: $297 Click here for more information. (If you’re looking to splurge, try this ultra luxurious house in South Africa that comfortably fits 12. Each bedroom has its own private deck facing the sea. Spring Break, South Africa, anyone?) Photo Credit:
    Super Luxury Villa in Italy
  • Super Luxury Villa in Italy

    We thought it’d be good to bookend this piece with two amazing finds in Italy. This one is a bit more expensive than the other, but it fits 16. So if can find 15 other people to travel with you, it can be a great bargain. So if you and your entire extended family are looking for something exciting to do over the holidays this is a great option. There's a gym, chapel and even a small private golf course so you can practice your swing and embarass yourself with no one watching. No one except your entire family, that is. Cost: $952 per night Click here for more information. Photo Credit:
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