9 Crazy New Year’s Eve Parties

  • The best parties…

    Here’s a roundup of New Year’s Eve parties for globetrotting somebodies, or nobodies with money and plenty of air miles to spare on short notice. But if you don’t wind up at any of these posh events, don’t worry: according to the Book of Odds, the odds people can “expect to be at home at midnight on New Year's Eve are 1 in 1.59 (63%).” Yikes. So how many of us will be getting our drink on? Well, according to Book of Odds, "1 in 4.17 adults will attend a New Year’s Eve party and 1 in 2.27 (44%) will enjoy a cocktail of some sort." Well, without further ado, here are the parties: Photo Credit: Getty Images
    Lady Gaga in Miami
  • Lady Gaga in Miami

    A famous person who makes songs, Lady Gaga, is reportedly this year’s leading attraction for New Year’s Eve. “Gaga, who's said to be getting about $300,000 for the show, has already sold north of $1 million in tickets on the site … there are only a few $25,000 tables left and some general admission seats at $425,” the New York Post reported. All I’m getting when I “appear” at my New Year’s Eve party is unlimited Jim Beam (provided, of course, that I bring the Jim Beam). I won’t be singing; I will only be drinking and quietly checking e-mail on my phone, so I suppose I can’t command much of a premium. Photo Credit: benyupp
    Umbrella… in Abu Dhabi
  • Umbrella… in Abu Dhabi

    Rihanna, famous for songs such as Umbrella (and incidentally on the cover of this month’s GQ), will be performing on New Year’s Eve at Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace. As reported by Time Out Dubai, “Not only will Rihanna be performing, but ticket holders will also be able to enjoy [the] La Rumba aftershow party, the company said in a statement on Sunday.” We don’t know what the La Rumba aftershow party actually entails, but it sure sounds exciting. Fuel up one of your Gulfstream jets and get your glitterati self to Abu Dhabi, stat. And take me with you, to do some "reporting." Photo Credit: phareannah
    Plastic surgery party
  • Plastic surgery party

    Depending on who you are, this is either really cool—or really sad and a likely harbinger of the apocalypse. As reported by Hotel Chatter, “Apparently, some plastic surgeon named Dr. Stephen Greenberg will be holding a press conference in front of the W South Beach any minute now to announce ‘The Nation's Most Expensive New Year's Eve Package’ at $100,000 which will include tickets to Lady Gaga, John Legend and Brody Jenner's New Year's Eve concerts (WTF? Brody Jenner performs?) along with first class tickets from NYC to Miami, a month-long stay at a penthouse hotel in South Beach and a set of new boobs.” Really, though, what plastic surgery operation would be complete without Brody Jenner standing by to judge the results. Just gross all around. There’s more: the package comes “with a 24 hour nurse and unlimited spa treatments. You even get a Rolls Royce with a chauffeur for all the parties and events.” Photo Credit: doolittle1989
    Brazilian beach
  • Brazilian beach

    The Travel Channel has its own list of the best New Year’s Eve parties happening around the world. Rio de Janeiro sounds like a good bet: “Copacabana Beach, sprawling along the southern outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, plays host each New Year's Eve to Reveillon. It's the world's largest and wildest New Year's celebration, a free-for-all of seaside dancing and partying that continues well into the next day. More than 2 million cariocas (Rio natives) congregate on the beach wearing stark white attire and filling a 2 1/2-mile stretch of sand, making this party a true visual extravaganza.” Join the cariocas and live it up! Bring a good camera so you can photograph the sea of humanity in matching attire. Few things will be as worthy fodder for your Facebook profile the next morning. Photo Credit: over_kind_man
    Unlimited Moet & Chandon champagne
  • Unlimited Moet & Chandon champagne

    Well, some work is required: you’ll have to survive the long flight to Tokyo. But once you arrive, check out the New Year’s Eve party at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo hotel. You will take advantage of a “10pm-to-1am party at the hotel's 37th floor Mandarin Bar. At $163 per person, you'll save $600 by not opting for the room, and yet you'll be guzzling unlimited Moet & Chandon champagne, including Rosé Impérial, and Brut Impérial. Not to mention you'll have the stunning view over the city and—hopefully—new friends with whom to dance the year away.” Photo Credit: heiwa4126
    London fireworks
  • London fireworks

    Plan to count down the minutes in London and you will be greeted with legendary fireworks at midnight—and friendly strangers. As the Travel Channel explains, “People from around the world congregate on Tower, Westminster, London and Blackfriars bridges to witness the spectacle together. If you can't snag a spot near the water, watch the event on one of the big screens in Trafalgar and Parliament squares - you'll still be able to view the fireworks overhead from either of these points.” Photo Credit: jtlondon
    An evening with Nicole Richie
  • An evening with Nicole Richie

    Nicole Richie will be hosting a New Year’s Eve event at LAVO in Las Vegas, with “a special DJ set” by her better half Joel Madden. That’s right, you can welcome 2010 with a midnight champagne toast and get a glimpse of a woman who at one time was famous for something having to do with reality TV and being Lionel Richie’s daughter. Just don’t tell Paris you’re going. Photo Credit: pixelposition
    Hang out with a former President
  • Hang out with a former President

    How does the U.S. Virgin Islands sound for a New Year’s getaway? You could take part in an “exclusive New Year’s Eve party on Saint Croix in the US Virgin Islands. It will be attended by President Carter, all his children and grandchildren. The Governor of the Virgin Islands, senators, local business owners and other movers and shakers residing in the Caribbean will attend. The event will be hosted by Club Comanche and produced by SunCelebrations,” an event coordinator tells us. That’s right. No one parties on New Year’s like President Jimmy Carter. He’s a maniac. "Who Let The Dogs Out" will come on, and Carter will be like, "That's my jam, out of my way!" He will then buy everyone jello shots and ice luge island rum for the next five hours. Photo Credit: emzee
    Hotel on Rivington (Manhattan)
  • Hotel on Rivington (Manhattan)

    According to a publicist for NewYearsEve.com, this is the package to get: “For $15,000 you and 20 of your closest friends can enjoy the city’s most exclusive setting on New Years' Eve. This exclusive Private Dining Room package grants you and your guests access to the entire venue including the celebrity penthouse.  Everyone also receives a 5 Hour Premium Open Bar from 9pm-2am, 5 bottles of Cristal and 5 bottles of vodka, a champagne toast at midnight, passed hors d'oeuvres from Levant East.” Wow! That’s only $714 per person. Photo Credit: fimoculous
    What are your plans?
  • What are your plans?

    Tell us what you have planned for New Year’s Eve. Brag in the comments section here, or on our festive Facebook page. Photo Credit: paparutzi
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