Baby Halloween Costumes: Affordable & Adorable

  • Affordable and Adorable

    Parents who love to dress up their littlest ones for Halloween have plenty of options this year – even on a budget – and these costumes are ridiculously cute. The industrious might opt for the DIY option, but if you’re not so handy with a sewing machine or would rather spare yourself the trouble, here are a few great store bought get-ups, most of which won’t put much of a dent in your wallet. Photo Credit: valentinapowers
    Baby Monkey
  • Baby Monkey

    If your little one already runs wildly around the house, this costume could be the perfect fit. Sizes: Made for 12- to 18-month-old babies Price: $16.99 Found At: Photo Credit:
    Little Dragon
  • Little Dragon

    This costume is perfect for babies still ambling around on all fours. Its dragon headpiece comes with bulging eyes and the body comes with purple cloth spikes along the spine. Sizes: Made for infants six to 12 months old and babies 12 to 18 months old Price: $29.95 Found At: Photo Credit:
    Mini Darth Vader
  • Mini Darth Vader

    If you suspect that your child may have crossed over to the dark side, or he’s the spawn of two sci-fi nerds, this costume might be appropriate (also appropriate for little girls who lean toward the dark side). Sizes: Newborns to 6 months old, infants size 1 to 2 and toddlers size 2 to 4 Price: $21.95 Found At: Photo Credit:
    Chewy Baby
  • Chewy Baby

    This Chewbacca costume – which could also pass for mini-bigfoot – would be great for kids who incessantly emit unintelligible noises. They sound like Wookies anyway. Sizes: Newborns to 9 months, infants sized 1 to 2 and toddlers sized 2 to 4 Price: $21.99 Found At: Photo Credit:
    Baby Pirate
  • Baby Pirate

    Mommy and Daddy pirates could create a pirate family with this cute little pirate costume. Even if they’re too young to enjoy the booty they’d collect going door-to-door on Halloween night. Sizes: Infant sizes only Price: $24.99 Found At: Photo Credit:
    Little Turtle
  • Little Turtle

    Even if your child isn’t terribly mobile yet, dressing them up with this turtle costume will be a snap. It comes with a plush jumpsuit screenprinted with turtle skin, a hood, oversized gloves and feet. Sizes: Six to 12 months, 18 to 24 months, 2T to 4T and 4T to 6T Price: $26.95 Found At: Photo Credit:
    Newborn Spider
  • Newborn Spider

    This itsy bitsy spider costume turns your little one into a creepy–crawly for Halloween with its web-printed vest, a few added legs and a hat. Sizes: One size fits all up to 24 months Price: $14.97 on sale Found At: Photo Credit:
    Baby Bear
  • Baby Bear

    If you have happy, lovable and huggable baby, this fuzzy little teddy bear costume boasts a big-eared hood, snap-leg closures so you can easily change diapers and skid resistant booties for indoor use. It may be on the pricey side but with big bear ears, this costume may be too cute to pass up. Sizes: Six to 12 months, 12-18 months and 18 to 2T Price: $45 Found At: Photo Credit:
    Tiny Soldier
  • Tiny Soldier

    Military families might especially love this costume for newborns. Plus it has bottom closure strips to make diaper changing easy and an adorable little camouflage hat. Sizes: Infants 25 inches long, up to 15 pounds. Price: $14.99 At: Photo Credit:
    Little Devil
  • Little Devil

    If your child is the mischievous type, but you’re not much of a Star Wars fan, this cute little devil costume would be perfect. Horns are made of fabric and wings are attached with Velcro to the jumpsuit. Sizes: 12 to 18 months Price: $14.99 Found At: Photo Credit:
    Lion Cub
  • Lion Cub

    This little lion costume will keep your kid warm and fuzzy on Halloween night with its fleece jumpsuit, four oversized paws and a faux-fur, snap-on hood. Sizes: Six to 12 months, 12-24 months. Price: $22.99 Found At: HalloweenCostumes.comPhoto Credit:
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