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  • Great Careers for Women

    We have long heard about the disparities in wages between men and women. Indeed, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research found that there is a difference of 23 cents between what women make and men make per dollar. While some of that can be explained away by other factors, the Institute found that nine cents of that 23 can’t be explained by anything other than gender. Photo Credit: BusyPrinting
    Is the Gender Gap Disappearing?
  • Is the Gender Gap Disappearing?

    However, men don’t always earn more than women. There are some jobs that give women the pay scale edge. While a glass ceiling still exists to some extent and while women earn less than men overall, there are some notable exceptions. Here are 12 jobs that give women the edge over men when it comes to compensation. Photo Credit:  Libelul
    Sales Engineer
  • Sales Engineer

    A sales engineer is someone who is qualified in and knowledgeable about different areas of science, technology and engineering. Companies hire those with special abilities to interact with others to sell their products, services and ideas. According to CNN Money, woman sales engineers make an average of $89,908 per year to a man’s $62,660. The reason? PayScale points out that many men would rather get a sales pitch from a woman anyway, and women tend to have more developed verbal skills. Photo Credit: WikiMedia
    Financial Analyst
  • Financial Analyst

    If the field requires communication skills combined with technical knowledge and attention to detail, women have a chance to succeed, according to PayScale. Financial analysis is one of those fields. Women who look at finances, and provide analysis are more likely to earn about $69,004 while men earn about $58,604. Photo Credit: mahalie
    Utility Meter Readers
  • Utility Meter Readers

    Another profession that gives the earnings edge to women over men is utility meter reader. Female utility readers make, on average, $36,348 a year, while their male counterparts make $31,668, according to CNN Money. In many cases, meter readers don’t even have to get out of the vehicle to take readings, since they are sent to the vehicle electronically as it drives by. Photo Credit:  WikiMedia
    Corporate Director
  • Corporate Director

    As the glass ceiling in the corporate world sustains more cracks, some women are finding that they can climb the ladder — and make more than their male peers. U.S. News and World Report mentions that female corporate directors make a median annual salary of $131,400 while male corporate directors make about $117,300. Women are still very outnumbered in the boardroom, though. Photo Credit: WikiMedia
  • Baker

    If you like to show your baking skills, you could earn more as a woman than as a man, according to U.S. News and World Report. Female bakers earn a median of $466 a week as opposed to the $448 weekly median earnings of male bakers. Photo Credit: WikiMedia
  • Lifeguard

    Get a little sand and sun as a lifeguard. And, if you are a woman, you can also get a little extra money. CNN Money reports that female lifeguards make about $19,188 a year. However, male lifeguards make about $18,356 per year. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s enough to encourage a few female lifeguards to keep saving lives. Photo Credit: WikiMedia
    Automotive Technician
  • Automotive Technician

    Like to work on cars? Woman auto mechanics and technicians can make a decent wage. Females doing work on cars make about $40,664 a year, while men make about $31,460. One reason, reports PayScale, is that women in this field are "pioneers." Photo Credit: Seattle Municipal Archives
  • Pharmacist

    There have been a number of studies regarding pay disparities between men and women in the field of pharmacy. Medscape offers an overview of some of the more interesting results of these studies. One study, from the National Salary Survey by Drug Topics, found that while men make higher hourly wages in independent pharmacies, and wages are the same in chain pharmacies, women make more money in hospital pharmacies. So it does matter where you work, and not just what you are doing. Photo Credit: WikiMedia
  • Dietician

    This is one of the fields in which there are significantly more women employed than men. The Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that women outnumber men five to one. As a result, it is assumed that women make more than men as dieticians, since women’s median earnings have been higher than the median for both sexes in this category. U.S. News and World Reports points out a direct comparison is impossible since there aren’t enough male dieticians to make an analysis statistically significant. Photo Credit: WikiMedia
    Money Can't Buy You...
  • Money Can't Buy You...

    Even when women do make more than men, they face other challenges. One of them is the psychological and relationship issues that come when women make more than the men in their lives. Psych Central offers some tips to help female breadwinners and their families get through the traditional role reversal:
    • Remember that you are a pioneer in a society that still largely sees men as breadwinners.
    • Work together to determine how everyone can help at home, rather than focusing on what you think the other person should be doing.
    • Leave money out of talks about who does household chores.
    • Keep the lines of communication open.
    • Share in financial decision making for the family.
    • Get professional help if needed.
    Photo Credit:  WikiMedia
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