Insane Hotel Deals: 25 Cent Rooms!

  • Best Fall Hotel Deals

    The New York Times recently ran a feature on 100 hotels for under $150, but we’ve decided to one-up them by highlighting seven luxury hotels you can check into for less than 50 bucks a night. There are some general rules to remember when scouring for cheap rooms. Hotels are always cheaper when paired with a flight. And many hotels are now trying to entice travelers to stay longer by offering discounts on multiple nights. Hotels in Hawaii, for example, will give you the second and third nights free.Beyond this, some hotels are resorting to desperate measures to attract customers. Stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles and you get to drive around a Mercedes, Porsche or BMW convertible for free. Or stay at the Hilton in Las Vegas for two nights and you will receive “a $300 voucher for a round-trip flight on any airline, a $100 dinning coupon, two free breakfasts, and two free cocktails.”Don’t wait too long though. Prices for many destinations are expected to increase in the year to come, and as the global recession eases, the travel industry will likely ease up on deals and start playing hard to get once again. Photo Credit: Stinkie Pinkie
    The Virgin Islands
  • The Virgin Islands

    To celebrate the minting of a new quarter dedicated to the Virgin Islands, 11 hotels and resorts are offering rooms for 25 cents a night. Yes, there is a small catch: you need to book the hotels with airfare from LaGuardia Airport in New York. But unless you live on the islands already, you’d have to fly there anyway. Also, the offer is only good for a stay of three nights or more. Hell, for a quarter a night, why not stay a month? You’d save on rent. You can book the hotels here. Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik
  • Singapore

    If you’re pressed for time and want to cram in an extra city on your world tour, then take advantage of Singapore’s Fabulous Stopover Deal. Stay at any number of hotels for one night only and pay as little as $1. Plus, you get free transportation around town and admission to parks and museums so you can see the most of the city in your stay. The deal is good through March of next year, but you have to book it before November 15. (If you happen to fall in love with the city, you can book an additional night for $51. Photo Credit: judhi
  • Dublin

    Apparently, the Irish capital hasn’t seen enough green this year. Hotel prices in Dublin have fallen by 44% compared to last year. We recommend staying at the Temple Bar Hotel. They’re located in the center of the city and if you and your special someone can book through their Autumn Leaves Package for 65 Euros per night in November and December. That works out to be $48 per person. Photo Credit: gpoo
  • India

    If you’ve felt your spirit draining in the last few months, why not replenish it in India? Visit holy sites and take in the country’s incredible beauty. Ginger, a hotel chain with locations in all of India’s major cities, offers rooms for as little as $40 a night. Best of all, they come equipped with a gym and flat screen TV. Because it’s nice to spend a few days away in a remote part of the world, but it’s even better when you can catch The Price is Right… in Hindi (we’re not sure if The Price is Right is actually on in India, but sincerely hope it is). Photo Credit: voobie
  • Malta

    This Mediterranean island is a unique mix of African and European cultures. And did we mention it’s in the Mediterranean? So enjoy the beaches after you check out the cool architecture. Stay at the Bayview Hotel, a three-star hotel start, for just $9.27. It’s near the main shopping areas, has a nice swimming pool and each room comes with a private terrace. Photo Credit: Heini Samuelsen
  • Thailand

    Thailand offers a number of hotel rooms for less than $50. Stay at the three-star Royal Paradise Bangkok Hotel, where rooms start at 32$ and guests are provided with complimentary limousine service. Or try the Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel and Resort for $33 a night. With a little practice, you might actually be able to pronounce the name of the place to your driver. Photo Credit: RussBowling
    Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas

    In case you feel like travelling, but want to stay within the continental U.S., why not try a weekend in Vegas? Sin City isn’t getting enough love these days, so luxury hotels are pulling out all the stops. We already mentioned the handouts you get at the Hilton. Now, you can even get a room at the famous four star Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for just $48, as long as you stay for at least three nights. Best of all, the rates only get cheaper with each extra night you stay. So you can spend all week long gambling the money you saved on the craps tables. Photo Credit: http2007
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