Incredible Winter Cruise Deals

  • Come Sail Away

    A cruise is the ultimate in vacation pampering and convenience, like a floating hotel with a full buffet that goes on for weeks and transports you from one beautiful vista to the next. Plus, there’s karaoke 24-7. The price tags usually seem big (though everything is included), but this year, they have dropped significantly. Like most of the travel industry, cruise companies struggled to attract customers in 2009. Even booze cruises tanked in the recession. All the pirate attacks on cruise liners over the last 12 months didn’t exactly help the business either. With all that in mind, now may be your last chance to book heavily discounted cruises for early next year. Don’t wait, the global recession has technically ended already and the cruise industry may start improving soon. Photo Credit: joiseyshowaa
    Where to Look
  • Where to Look

    You could take a page out of the New York Times Frugal Traveler’s handbook, and get super discounted rates by actually working on the ship. But then again, what kind of vacation is that? Luckily, there are still tons of deals left to take advantage of this winter. All you have to do is look in the right places. We suggest using, as well as faithful travel sites like Orbitz and Travelocity. It’s also useful to peruse the Web sites of cruise companies like Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises. Here is our list of some of the best cruise deals. Each of these cruises cost less than $100 a night per person (don’t forget, that includes food and activities.) And all of these cruises leave from ports on the continental U.S., so airfare should not add much to your bill. Photo Credit: jimg944
    The Transatlantic Cruise
  • The Transatlantic Cruise

    Sometimes you don’t just want to get away, you want to get away for a long, long time. Just imagine, 17 days on the high seas. That’s like the premise to a scandalous but highly entertaining sitcom on Fox. Though it's called the Transatlantic Cruise, it doesn't actually sail you all the way to Europe, but it does take you nearly everywhere else. It leaves from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and island hops from there, stopping at St. Maarten, the Barbados and Malaga, among other places. You can get a two-person room for as little as $1760 (about $880 per person, including all taxes and fees). And did we mention it’s for 17 nights? That means you're paying just over $50 a night, which gets you food, entertainment and some sweet views. Source: Photo Credit: Steve Beger Photography
    The Caribbean Sampler
  • The Caribbean Sampler

    If you’re looking for a shorter (and cheaper) cruise, try the three night Caribbean Sampler. Like the previous cruise, this one departs from Fort Lauderdale and will take you to the Princess Cays resort in the Bahamas. Rooms start for as little as $500 for the trip ($250 a person), with ocean view rooms selling for just $600. Best of all, it leaves this December, so you don’t have to wait long. This could be your much needed Winter weekend getaway. Source: Princess Cruises Photo Credit: Philip Larson
    Mexican Riviera
  • Mexican Riviera

    Remember Mexico? Many people have avoided it this year because of the swine flu scare, but there’s plenty to enjoy, especially along the country’s Riviera. This 7-day cruise leaves from Los Angeles and makes stops at Puero Vallarta, Mazatlan, and, of course, the fabulous Cabo San Lucas. Prices start as low as $400 per person, but I would suggest paying an extra $50 and getting an ocean view room. There are several cruises leaving in early January. Source: Princess Cruises Photo Credit: Lisa Andres
    Alaskan Cruise
  • Alaskan Cruise

    This week long cruise leaves from Seattle, so you can soak in the city’s grungy atmosphere before your adventure, sailing along the northern pacific, past the great glaciers and up to the last frontier of America.  You'll see British Columbia, Juneau and Alaska's Inside Passage. Plus you can consider this an international trip, since you should be able to see Russia from up there. Prices start at $588 a person. Source: Royal Caribbean Photo Credit: jimg944
    The Panama Canal and Beyond
  • The Panama Canal and Beyond

    It's a rite of passage for cruise enthusiasts to sail through the famous canal that cuts through two continents. If you act fast, you can snag a great cruise this winter, in January. The cruise lasts for 9 nights and basically hits every port you could ask for. Panama? Check. Costa Rica? Check. Honduras? Check. The cruise leaves from Miami, and starts at $589. That works out to be $65 a night. If you want to splurge, you can get a room with an ocean view for $700. Meals, entertainment and some drinks are included. Source: Travelocity Photo Credit: lyng883
    Hawaii Cruise
  • Hawaii Cruise

    This 15-day long cruise costs $1300, which is less than many round trip flights from the continental U.S. to Hawaii, plus you get better views and better food than the lousy airline variety. The cruise leaves from Los Angeles, and there are dates available in February and March for as little as $93 a night per person. Source: Expedia Photo Credit: MPD01605
  • Bahamas

    There are incredible deals still available for the Bahamas. We found a 4-day cruise for as little as $120 per person. The cruise leaves from Miami and though this particular deal is for early December, similarly priced bargains are available into January. Plus, there will be French gourmet restaurants on board and poolside barbeques. Sounds like a blast. Source: Orbitz Photo Credit: caseyhelbling
    Cruise to Nowhere
  • Cruise to Nowhere

    This is the kind of cruise we imagine the cast of Seinfeld would take. Why is everyone going somewhere, why can’t we just go nowhere? In all seriousness, the Cruise to Nowhere is a great option if you just want to get away for the sake of getting away, and not for any particular destination.  According to, this kind of cruise is usually very short and “puts the entire focus on the shipboard experience” with an emphasis on “non-stop activities” like dancing and dining. CruiseCheap is currently advertising several cruises leaving from Los Angeles, New York and Tampa over the next few months, with some starting for as little as $100, and most cost less than $200 per night. Source: Cruise Cheap Photo Credit: MPD01605
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