DIY Costumes: Last-Minute Halloween Options

  • Halloween Cometh

    One week to go until Halloween, friends, and I’m sure many of you still have no idea what you will be dressing up as. Chances are you won’t really start focusing on it until Friday or maybe Saturday at roughly 3 p.m. Well, fear not. There are plenty of super-easy, and reasonably respectable do-it-yourself Halloween costumes that can be thrown together at the last minute. Don’t worry. We’ll repost this story on Friday. Photo Credit: shermeee
    Cardboard Box Man
  • Cardboard Box Man

    All you need is a cardboard box, scissors, tape and if you’re feeling fancy, maybe a magic marker and ... presto! You are some sort of cardboard superhero robot from outer space. As you can tell from this photo, the key to pulling off this costume is your stance. You’ve got to be thinking world-domination – oh, and speak in a loud monotone voice. Photo Credit: rebelcan
    Social Commentator
  • Social Commentator

    This costume also requires cardboard, though much less of it. In general, this one takes almost no effort. Just pick your favorite social or economic malignancy, and figure out how to play it for laughs. This guys is pretending he bought a bunch of now worthless credit default swaps. You could just as easily have a sign that says, “Will work for swine flu vaccine.” Photo Credit: drcornelius
    Use Your Baldness
  • Use Your Baldness

    Bald men have a great canvas with which to work for Halloween. Just paint something on your dome, and you’re transformed. It can be totally random. It doesn’t matter. People will be tickled. Photo Credit: skpy
    Play Nurse
  • Play Nurse

    Girls always have the option to play the sexy nurse. All they need is something white, and find a spot to paste a red cross. Unfortunately, this is an example of gender inequality in the world of Halloween costumes ... wait a minute ... Photo Credit: joeltelling
    The Male Nurse
  • The Male Nurse

    This one might take a bit more work for the average fella, but if you can pull it together, you’re sure to delight. You can also go with the knife-wielding psycho nurse option, but that would require still more effort. No disrespect to actual male nurses. Those guys take a lot of  guff, unfairly I might add. Photo Credit: amamitomo
    The Ghost with the Most
  • The Ghost with the Most

    Hey, if it worked for Shaggy and Scooby, why not you. If you’ve got an old sheet you’re willing to part with, dressing up as a ghost is an easy and totally respectable option. Some consider it a classic. Plus, people won’t know who you are so you’ll have an air of mystery about you. Photo Credit: Goldberg
    Cardboard Croc
  • Cardboard Croc

    I’m not gonna lie to you. It looks like putting together this crocodile costume would take some real artistic talent. That said, it looks like it consists of nothing more than some cardboard, packing paper, white paper for the teeth and yellow tape for the eyes. If you’re up for it, it’s definitely worth a shot. Nicely done, cardboard croc boy. Photo Credit: L. Marie
    Toga! Toga!
  • Toga! Toga!

    Along the lines of the ghost costume, a toga costume is simple and classic. Plus it doesn’t require you to cut holes in your sheet. You should obviously be comfortable walking around half naked for the night, which the guy pictured seems to. His buddy, Super Mario, however, looks just elated. Photo Credit: ivanx
    Sporting Goods
  • Sporting Goods

    If you’ve got your old team uniform stashed away somewhere, pull it out, add a machete and suddenly you’re a blood thirsty hockey player. The guy pictured here does not appear to have a machete, but he is traveling with a pimp, which makes the machete unnecessary. I checked the rule book. Photo Credit: mrwynd
    A Little Fake Blood Goes A Long Way
  • A Little Fake Blood Goes A Long Way

    Unfortunately, if you’re thinking of using ketchup, think again. It doesn’t really look like blood. There are plenty of fake blood recipes online though. I’m thinking about using one made with Jell-O mix, water and food coloring, because I’ll have better viscosity control. Photo Credit: mrwynd
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