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    The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo was held last week and, as anticipated, all three of the major video game retailers — Sony (Stock Quote: SNE), Microsoft (Stock Quote: MSFT) and Nintendo— revealed some fancy new hardware. MainStreet has put together some of the highlights so that hardcore, moderate and potential gamers know what to expect over the next year. Photo Credit: angryjuliemonday
    Microsoft Kinect
  • Microsoft Kinect

    Formerly known as Project Natal, Microsoft’s answer to the Wii has one obvious distinction: no controller is required. The peripheral, which is an add-on that connects to most existing Xbox 360 (hard drives or memory units must have at least 175 MB storage available), uses 3-D sensors to respond to a player’s body and voice. You can read more about the technology Microsoft used to power the device here, but, basically, when you move, so does your corresponding avatar. Microsoft Kinect is slated to be released Nov. 6. No price has been officially named, but thanks to online listings from various retailers, rumor has it the Kinect will cost about $150. Microsoft expects to release 15 launch titles with the Kinect. Six were announced at E3, including Kinectimals (which lets kids play as baby animals), Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride (a racing game), Kinect Adventures, Your Shape (an exercise game) and Dance Central. A Star Wars game is slated to be released in 2011. Photo Credit: popculturegeek
    Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360

    Microsoft honored its silent agreement with hardcore gamers by simultaneously announcing an upgrade to its popular Xbox 360 console. Its slimmer, sleeker of the Xbox 360 has a 250 GB hard drive and features built-in Wi-Fi so you can easily connect to Xbox Live. It’s also “whisper quiet,” unlike the earlier versions of the console, which have loud fan systems. The best part is you can buy it now for $299.99. Photo Credit: Gamer’s Guide to Life at E3 2010
    Sony Move
  • Sony Move

    Technically, Sony’s new hardware, though distinctly funny-looking, is nothing new. The Move mimics the Wii in that its motion sensors are dependent on a controller, which is read by a camera called the Playstation Eye.  However, of the three major motion-control peripherals in existence, Sony’s version has received the most praise from critics. The controller, outfitted with traditional Sony buttons, is more responsive than the Kinect’s motion detector and, unlike the Wii, it calibrates itself as you play (so there are fewer game interruptions.)The Move will be available Sept. 19. Playstation plans to release a Move bundle, which will include the Eye, a controller and a game, for less than $100. Photo Credit:
    Cool Add-Ons
  • Cool Add-Ons

    Move’s controller orb topper can change to more than 100 colors and will do so on its own to prevent blending in with your surroundings. It also serves to differentiate one player from another so no controller will be the same color when you are entertaining friends. Photo Credit:
    3-D Sony Games
  • 3-D Sony Games

    Sony announced that it plans to release more than 20 3-D games for its Playstation 3 by next spring. This includes “Gran Turismo 5,” already set to be released Nov. 2.  “Killzone 3,” “The Sly Collection” and “NBA 2K11,” which will be compatible with the Move, will also be released during the next year. The games are expected to retail for $60. However, you should only buy these games if you have a 3-D television and accompanying glasses as they are necessary to see the 3-D imaging. Photo Credit: sklathill
    Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo 3DS

    While Nintendo has yet to update the popular Wii, it did reveal its latest handheld console, which just so happens to be the first portable handheld 3-D gaming system. The aptly-named Nintendo 3DS has a 3.5-inch screen on top, a touchscreen on the bottom and uses new graphic technology from Japanese company Digital Media Professionals to produce 3-D effects, no glasses required. Those interested in learning more about the PICA200 chip that powers the device can check this DMP press release. No official price or release date has been set, but Nintendo did confirm that the 3DS would be out before March 31, 2011. The current Nintendo DS retails at $129.99. Analysts are estimating the 3-D version will cost between $249-$299. Photo Credit:
    Advantage Nintendo
  • Advantage Nintendo

    Nintendo countered its lack of a Wii upgrade by releasing the most comprehensive list of games for its existing motion control system. A new Legend of Zelda game called “Skyward Sword” was announced as was “Donkey Kong Country Returns,” “Mario Sports Mix” and “GoldenEye,” a James Bond first-person shooter game. Shaun McInnis, associate editor of, told CNN, "Sony and Microsoft don't really have that [on motion-controlled games]. There's (sic) no big, familiar games." Photo Credit: phil g
  • Steam

    Online cloud gaming system Steam announced that it would be releasing Portal 2, a first-person action/puzzle video game in 2011 on most major consoles. The game is a sequel to the popular 2007 PC Game Portal.  Steam makes over 1,100 games available online to purchase, download and play from any computer. Steam also announced a new partnership with Sony that will allow Playstation owners to save games in progress and access automatic online updates through its online network. Photo Credit:
    iGUGU Gamecore Controller
  • iGUGU Gamecore Controller

    Winner of E3’s Most Innovative Gaming Product of 2010, the iGugu Gamecore controller allows users to play PC video games the same way they would with popular gaming consoles. The wireless controller, which looks very similar to Microsoft’s Xbox controller, is compatible with your home computer so you no longer have to play online or PC games with a keyboard or a mouse. The controller is currently available on iGUGU’s Web site for $80. Photo Credit: ginnerobot
    The Greatest Inventions of the Last Year
  • The Greatest Inventions of the Last Year

    Are you a fan of innovation? Learn more about the greatest inventions from last year. Perhaps some of the new video game tech will make next year’s list!Photo Credit: farleyj
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