A Golf Fanatic's Dream Mansion

  • A Golf Course for a Front Yard

    It wasn’t so long ago that a poor boy from Oregon, turned timber titan, turned property pasha Tim Blixseth and his wife Edra were billionaire jet setters who owned three private planes, a fleet of luxury cars and a handful of exceedingly opulent estates around the world. However, a bitter divorce and a pending bankruptcy by ex-Mrs. Blixseth has necessitated the liquidation of many of their assets and most of their posh properties. Porcupine Creek, the former couple’s resort-like primary residence in Rancho Mirage, Calif., comes complete with its own 19-hole, par-72 private golf course and a stroke-inducing asking price of $75 million.
    A Private Golf Course for a Backyard
  • A Private Golf Course for a Backyard

    The main mansion is approached by way of a 1,700-foot-long palm tree-lined driveway that winds through and around the fairways and greens to a massive circular driveway. At the center of the driveway is an electronically controlled fountain that shoots water 80 feet in the air.
    A Desert Oasis
  • A Desert Oasis

    Previous reports put the Blixseth’s palatial pile in the desert at about 30,000 square feet with separate wings for children and guests, a beauty parlor, prayer room, a bedroom suite imported from the Vatican, a movie theater, spa facilities and a gym. The lavish couple filled the quasi-Mediterranean style mansion with French antiques and Italian tapestries, much of which will likely be sold or auctioned as part of ex-Mrs. Blixseth’s bankruptcy proceedings. Photo Credit: Bing
    Golfing Heaven
  • Golfing Heaven

    The 19-hole course, complete with sand traps and water features, was built as a recreational folly by Mr. Blixseth and came at a blistering cost of about $40 million. The tee for the 15th hole is cut into the mountains while the green lies 247 feet out and 200 feet below. The 16th hole features a waterfall, wishing well and castle turret and there is an actual 19th hole in addition to the proverbial 19th hole, a deluxe clubhouse with full bar and kitchen facilities.
    Acres and Acres of Perfection
  • Acres and Acres of Perfection

    In addition to the golf course, Porcupine Creek includes 249 acres of meticulously manicured lawns, greens and gardens smack in the middle of the scorching Coachella Valley. There are eight guest cottages and casitas, a swimming pool guarded by bronze lions, several outdoor kitchens and an amphitheater.
    What Else Is Up for Grabs?
  • What Else Is Up for Grabs?

    The erstwhile couple’s other residential real estate holdings include Chateau de Farcheville, a 14th-century castle just outside of Paris with 18 bedrooms, 31 bathrooms, a moat, private hunting grounds and a helipad. The property is currently listed at $57 million.
    A Caribbean Getaway
  • A Caribbean Getaway

    The couple’s Caribbean hideaway, a private island in the Turks and Caicos called Emerald Cay, is also on the market with an asking price of $48.5 million. The island is accessed by a remote-controlled swinging bridge and includes 30,000 square feet of interior space, a private marina, a tennis court that jets out into the crystal clear water, an infinity-edged swimming pool and a driveway paved with Turkish marble. Porcupine Creek Photos: Christie’s Great Estates Emerald Cay Photo: Grace Bay Realty Chateau de Farchville Photo: Viviun
    On the other hand...
  • On the other hand...

    If, on the other hand, you cant afford a $50 million golfer's paradise, take a look at our recent article about golf options for people on a budget. The article notes that, "While high-end daily fee courses and exclusive private clubs have been hitting shanks, the good news is that there is more good, cheap golf to be had than any time in recent memory. Plus, if you’ve been laid off, you can even take advantage of midweek rates and courses even emptier than usual." Check out the whole article here. Photo Credit: sfslim
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