Get the Hell Out of the Country

  • Get the Hell Out of the Country

    Let’s be honest: at some point you’ve probably considered leaving this country for better shores. For some it was the moment Sarah Palin was announced as the Republican candidate for VP for others it was the prospect of socialized medicine in the homeland. Whatever your reason for sticking around, a new survey of global job markets by Manpower, an employment network, may put the thought back into your head. The good news is that the United States is not at the bottom of the list (that spot went to Japan); the bad news is it’s not in the top 10 either. Manpower surveyed 75,000 employers in 35 countries to determine which places in the world have the best hiring outlook. “Employers in 31 countries reported weaker year-over-year forecasts,” according to the study. Despite this, a few places are looking pretty good right now. Here’s your travel guide for employment opportunities:
  • Brazil

    Brazil was ranked number two on the list, but gets our top vote for combining job growth with some of the world’s best beaches. The only downside is you may spend too much of your hard-earned money on rum. WHO’S HIRING: More than a third of employers in the services sector are looking to hire.
  • India

    India was ranked the number one place in the world to find a job. Big cities like Mumbai are booming with opportunities. Just remember not to drink the water if you want to work there for a while. WHO’S HIRING: The retail sector is your best bet. However, if you’re looking to get your hands dirty, the mining sector is also improving here.
  • Canada

    Canada snuck into the top ten best markets to find work. It may not be the most exciting place for Americans to relocate, but on the bright side, they are one of the healthiest countries in the world and it won’t cost you too much to fly back if you get homesick. WHO’S HIRING: Construction companies are expanding as are finance and real estate industries.
  • China

    Hong Kong recently declared their recession was over and the rest of the country’s economy is perking up, too. WHO’S HIRING: Employers here are very optimist about the finance and real estate sectors here, also.
  • Washington

    If you do want to stay within our borders, consider moving to the nation’s capital, where there are six jobs posted for every one person looking. WHO’S HIRING: Everyone. Take your pick.
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