Free Yoga Across the U.S.

  • Yoga To The People

    Have less to spend on yoga classes, but still want to keep that mind-body-checkbook balance? Here are five free alternatives.   With studios in New York and Berkeley, Calif., plus a brand new studio in San Francisco, Yoga To The People is yoga "for everyone." The free yoga classes are funded by donations. Classes can get crowded according to some, but that’s a small price to pay for free. For those in other cities, they also offer online courses via Blip.TV. (Photo Credit: lululemon athletica)
    Yoga Today
  • Yoga Today offers a free weekly streaming yoga class to registered users, and a library of over 165 downloadable classes for just $3.99 each. The site’s three instructors (Adi, Neesha, and Sarah) keep the videos fun and engaging.   (Photo Credit: a4gpa)
    "Free Day of Yoga"
  • "Free Day of Yoga" has a schedule of classes for the annual “free day of yoga” which started in Austin, Texas, and has since spread to other cities in the state including Dallas and Houston. The most recent event was Sept. 7.   The event is sponsored by a number of local yoga studios, including: Bikram Yoga Austin Yogagroove, Black Swan Yoga and Breath & Body Yoga. (If you are fortunate enough to live in or near Austin, Texas, there is also a “Free Pilates Day” similar to the yoga freebie.) (Photo Credit: mezone)
    But Is Free Good?
  • But Is Free Good?

    New York private yoga instructor Claire Larsen believes that although “whatever you can do to maintain a consistent practice is helpful,” there are certain benefits experienced only when receiving in-person yoga instruction from an experienced teacher.Larsen told MainStreet that “hands-on adjustment and an understanding of proper alignment” is important and also reminds prospective yoga practitioners that the techniques are most effective when done correctly.  She also likes the heritage behind one-on-one yoga instruction, pointing to yoga’s roots in ancient India where a mentor would pass techniques and poses on to the student. “There’s something about a private session that's special.”   (Photo Credit: lululemon athletica)
    Free Alternative Exercises
  • Free Alternative Exercises

    For those not quite ready to start up their yoga practice, pilates offers another compelling workout routine. Companies such as Gaiam and The Firm provide a number of lessons on DVD (free if you have a library card and low-cost otherwise). In addition, Ultimate Pilates Workouts offers a number of free lessons to “basic” level subscribers.   (Photo Credit: adria.richards)
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